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Yungtown, also known as Luke Sizemore, is a hip-hop artist and part-time Santa from the United States of America (also known as USA).

Luke got his start making hip hop songs in ACID Pro 4.0, a premium music making software that 15 year old Luke downloaded illegally. 18 years and tens of thousands of dollars of music college debt later, Luke is still going after it.

Nothing But Love

Late Night Thoughts

Jimmy Bully Hopkins

Official video by Yungtown performing “New Chapter” – available everywhere!

Official audio by Yungtown performing “Feeling So Lofi (feat) Lorenzo de Sequera” – off his new album ‘Nothing But Love’ available now!

  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40