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(10/8) Early October Project Updates / Stream Schedule

Mystery Tapes #4
Mystery Tapes

Ian MacMystery is back to search through an unlabled VHS tape for hidden gems.

Hungry-Man 2: More TV Dinner Reviews

It’s the return of foods! In this video I review 3 frozen meals.

Freddi Fish: Full Series Playthrough
stream series

Watch me play through all 5 games of the classic Freddi Fish series!

Site Updates

  • Early October Project Updates / Stream Schedule
    Hey guys! So, I haven’t uploaded a video in months now and I’m officially freaking out about it. I’ve put so much effort into the Big Video these past few months, and it’s still nowhere near being done. Honestly that’s tough for me, it’s hard to put so much work into something that’s still incomplete […]
  • Project Updates & September Stream Schedule
  • The Brutalmoose Stream Guide v1.0!
    YouTube’s playlist organization tools are trash, so I spent all day putting together a more user-friendly guide to my stream VODs! …
  • no more twitter
  • episode guide update!
    Did you know that there are over 100 “brutalmoose Originals” videos? Recently I’ve been working on categorizing my videos a bit better, and although my efforts are still in-progress, the new episode guide is live! (Click on “videos” to get there.)

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