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A VERY Hungry MAN wrote on January 20, 2022
I regret to inform you that I have been advised by my healthcare professional to immediately cease the consumption of HUNGRY MAN (TM) brand ready meals. I have been found to be suffering from hypernatremia (high sodium presence in blood) and I will be donating my entire chest freezer full of HUNGRY MAN (TM) meals to the good Chef Ian Brutalfoods. Thank you for your attention.
No thappy wrote on January 19, 2022
Hungry man. Hungry man. I am a hungry man.
Keep up the god-tier content!
Norma wrote on January 19, 2022
Hello Ian :3

Can I just say that I am really digging the website! It would be cool even if you had stuff following the cursor. I have been watching your past 'Episode' live streams and you are really one of the funniest YouTubers/streamers to come across.

Thank you for such amazing content and the super rad edits!
Jabringus wrote on January 19, 2022
This is

is epic
Joolian wrote on January 19, 2022
Remember when websites had guestbook? Me neither!

Winna Calters wrote on January 19, 2022
Hey Ian, love your website. It made me feel very nostalgic for the old ones that I used to browse when I first started to use the internet. I hope you have a great dad and that you take good care of yourself. You're awesome. Can you say hi to MJ for me?
Admin Reply by: ian
I'll relay the message! Thanks Winna!
@yeahitsnooby wrote on January 18, 2022
I find your content entertaining and comforting to watch. It's just nice to wind down and watch a brutalmoose video. It doesn't feel like it is supposed to be cold and professional, but yet well executed and lively.
love it!!
xan wrote on January 18, 2022
I just discovered your channel today and I'm so glad I did. also this old school style guestbook is giving me life
Morgan wrote on January 18, 2022
Ian, I love your videos and have been a fan longer than I can remember. I just want to say congrats on 10 years of videos! I've loved seeing your work change and evolve over the years, as I have enjoyed seeing your hair change and evolve. I remember your first haircut like it was yesterday, and it was deeply offputting to a young me, to the point where I didn't even watch your newer videos for a while. Since then you've mellowed out a lot, and I've grown to appreciate your newer outlook on how you entertain. No matter what you do, your personality always shines through, even on this crazy website, and I'll always appreciate that.

Stay beautiful, Moosey boy
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks so much Morgan! Crazy to think that I've been doing this for 10 YEARS. I admit now that getting the haircut was a mistake, I can't defend it. I'm so sorry for the trauma, I just wanted to be employable lmfao

Thanks for watching for so long!
noëlle wrote on January 17, 2022
Dr D wrote on January 17, 2022
Are you, perchance, related to Kevin MacLeod?
Admin Reply by: ian
Not to my knowledge. Maybe through some far distant relatives? But not as far as I know. If only.
james wrote on January 17, 2022
cool website dude. your videos rock
Kyle wrote on January 17, 2022
I think you're a furry.
Mossy wrote on January 17, 2022
Jacob wrote on January 17, 2022
Is Ian (aka brutalmoose) a furry? I think it would be neat if he was 🙂
Matthew Sabia wrote on January 16, 2022
Hey Ian! Didn't find out about your website until today. It's safe to say you are my top favorite YouTuber. I've been passionate about edutainment games since they were a staple of my childhood from Carmen Sandiego, Oregon Trail, Pajama Sam, and others. The replays of your streams or playlists of your videos keep me company while I work almost every day. Thank you for everything you do and sharing our passion for this dead artform with the world!
Bill wrote on January 16, 2022
Hey Mr. Moose! Hope you're doing good, it's been so nice seeing you post new videos of such variety lately. Between binging your older videos, I've also been binging you're Chilltruck streams while playing it at the same time! Hope to see you hit the road a bit more in the coming year!

Anyways, hope you and everyone are all doing great!
Kaylee wrote on January 16, 2022
Mr. Moose!

Just stopping by to say, I think it would be great if you got a lime green shirt for your food reviews. I'm fresh off your Boston market video and the green screen backgrounds are probably my favorite part. I think it would be funny to see you as a floating head and arms with all the great backgrounds you do. <3

Sending love from Arizona
J wrote on January 16, 2022
Hi Ian!
Been a fan for quite a few years through Brutalfoods specifically. I was watching your return to Brutalfoods when I came across the website and wanted to sign! Hope all is well, and I hope you have a great and prosperous year!

I'm so glad I watched the video after I came down from tripping because that Hellofresh ad was fucking terrifying.
Sasha wrote on January 15, 2022
Hey Ian. The Hello Fresh song / ad is so catchy I wish it were its own singular video maybe on moose2 that could be enjoyed / shared on its own? I have some friends who would love that for it’s catchy editing and it’s harder to link the main video with a time stamp, imo. Or may be more beneficial to separate them… and HelloFresh probably might financially love such an idea… Anywho. Love your stuff. Looking forward to the next stream, I watch them to go to bed on moose2 and it’s quite comforting.
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm not sure if this is something I can do or not, but I'll look into it!