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BeeWitched wrote on September 14, 2023
I'm just discovering this website after being a fan for like 4 years, I am full of the happy chemicals
er hr wrote on September 13, 2023
You should add more ram to the 98 machine.64 megs won't cut it for more intensive games.Maybe also more hdd space would help as well
sonic06ohyeah wrote on September 13, 2023
with all this unity hullabaloo, you should really consider switching to the havok engine!!
Admin Reply by: ian
you know im all-in on havok
reviewboy12 wrote on September 13, 2023
i know youre a sonic man, but are you also a mario man? if so, what's your favorite game, besides his parties of course!
Admin Reply by: ian
i am not much of a mario man, honestly. i never really followed him into the 3rd dimension beyond his Parties and Mario 64. Super Mario World was always one of my favs.
James Again wrote on September 12, 2023
7.8 on IMDB is some bullshit. I'm gonna talk to their manager.
Admin Reply by: ian
i think 7.8 is pretty generous
James wrote on September 12, 2023
Thank you for your Change of Heart! It arrived today, which is also my birthday. Pretty cool coincidence. Party on.
Admin Reply by: ian
sorry it took me so long to mail out, James! thanks for the trade!
Golden wrote on September 12, 2023
I used to watch your brutal foods as a young lad and thoroughly enjoyed your style of content and the benevolent gods at youtube recommended one of your old vids and I'm delighted to see you've kept the same style and still make great videos. Was also low-key overjoyed to see you having nice consistent views and haven't just died out hope you live a long fulfilling life Ian
Admin Reply by: ian
grandpa emoji
Jay wrote on September 12, 2023
was just wondering if you'd ever consider doing another episode of Treasure Hunt?
Admin Reply by: ian
i'd love to, actually.
i definitely have some formats that need revisiting.
3coolguyz wrote on September 11, 2023
What up!!! We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who wanna hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual. Dudes in good shape encouraged, if you're fat you should be able to find humor in the little things. Again, NOTHING SEXUAL.
mister mr wrote on September 11, 2023
Have you played The Neverhood? It seems like the type of game you would like to play.
Admin Reply by: ian
i have not, though i am aware of it!
Adrian Shuckley wrote on September 11, 2023
Please add Chips Vol 3 to the brutalfoods playlist
Admin Reply by: ian
i will after i make some more food vids. i pulled it from the playlist because it actually made that playlist perform significantly worse, i think because of the dubbing that i never actually explained. live and learn.
:)) wrote on September 10, 2023
where did you find your website's background :0
Admin Reply by: ian
probably on gifcities
plutarch wrote on September 9, 2023
I've been watching your videos since captain bible, it's been really incredible to watch your art evolve and change over the years, everything you make is so personal and stylized. Keep up the great work. 💖
nora :3 wrote on September 8, 2023
hi! just wanted to say your videos have helped me through life for several years and I appreciate it! also I convinced myself that we look alike, at least slightly, so there's that 😀
the wrote on September 7, 2023
Did you ever think about buying old digital or samplers synths from roland,korg,yamaha,kurzweil,emu and the like? It seems like something you might be interested in and they aren't massively overpriced like old analouge synths are
Admin Reply by: ian
I pretty much buy exclusively VSTs these days. I honestly just don't have room for physical units, I'm not sure that I ever will. I'd love to get some old digital synths, it's just not realistic for me.
tallyho wrote on September 6, 2023
Hey Mister Ian - about how often do you do Fanmail Fridays? Do you have a set schedule, or wait for a certain amount of packages to arrive, or does MJ decide?

(No pressure to rush you, but I do love watching you open all your goodies!)

You'll probably be long done with the trip by the time you see this, but have fun picking out flooring! (Watch out for the laminates: our bedroom flooring is water proof, but the identical-looking stuff in the kitchen... is not. Very inconvenient!)
Admin Reply by: ian
Fanmail Fridays happen whenever fate (and MJ) allows. There's no set schedule for them, but I'd guess that I'll probably do another once I'm done with Sonic 06.

And thank you! I did find a flooring that I like, thankfully. Hopefully the contractors and insurance people OK it.
Tom wrote on September 6, 2023
Hi! maybe someone's asked this before, but do you have a archive of the vhs tapes you've watched on mysterytapes?
Admin Reply by: ian
Not a full archive, but i've uploaded some odds and ends to youtube.com/@mysterytapesarchive
pizzatime wrote on September 6, 2023
ian i just got some motherfuckin' domino's tonight can i get a hell yeah??
Admin Reply by: ian
heeell yeeee
C.I.A wrote on September 5, 2023
Where is hellodicous freshlin? We know you're hiding him and we kinda need him for questioning about a certain incident from 1976 he was involved in.I think you know which one we're referring to
rose wrote on September 2, 2023
holy crap your website looks so nice and clean, i havent gotten the hang of html yet. me and my boyfriend like your videos we usually watch them together we think you're cool.
  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40