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amxwolf wrote on September 15, 2021
Hey Ian. Can’t send you enough appreciation for your recent stream as well as video activity. Our entire household loves watching new AND rewatching previously released content of yours. It’s a daily ritual around here because your videos are just insta-classics. It has been wonderful to watch your popularity grow and grow over time and you’ve earned every single gain you’ve smote. Give MJ and absolute squeeeeeeeeeze for me because she is 10000% lovable. I’m never one to smatter requests on youtubers, but my dude...share that love of Mission T.H.I.N.K. When you released a video on that a few years back I about died with nostalgia-joy. What a edutainment game. What a soundtrack. It was incredible to hear my favorite streamer giving love to my absolute favorite game as a youngster and I will straight up send you my copy to make it happen.

Regardless, you are amazing man. Keep being you. We love everything you do. You are iconic and great no matter what you do. I’ve not seen such bravery ^_^
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much amx!! I'll keep Mission THINK in the back of my mind for a stream, for sure. I haven't touched that game since... well, since I made that video on it like 5 years ago haha! I've still got my OG copy from way back when, so it could be fun to go back and re-discover my love of old edutainment titles.
Micah wrote on September 15, 2021
Hey Ian. So happy to see you streaming nance again.
Your stream today (09/15/21) was probably the best, most wholesome and enjoyable stream I've watched live... ever... from anyone.

Ps. You mentioned lgr and edutainment month, I think It'd be a great idea to contact him about a collaborative project. I know he loves those videos but can't justify dedicating a month to them. I think a edutainment video with both of you or a set of videos for the month of April would be hugely enjoyable. Just a suggestion and I'm sure you a have plenty if them.
As always, keep up the awesome work
Skip wrote on September 14, 2021
Mooseman! I've been sick so I've been rewatching a ton of your videos, your duo movie reviews (Summer School, Killjoy, The Thirteenth Year etc) are really fun! Do you ever think you'd ever do another one?

P.S. I have been absolutely DYING to know what song you use at this timestamp https://youtu.be/ZptGrhxsb28?t=707s , I start jamming to it hard whenever you use it in a video 😅
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm absolutely planning on doing some more collab movie reviews down the line! I've actually been thinking recently about how I could kind of spice up those styles of videos.

Unfortunately I'm not sure of the name of that song! It's one of the many jazz tunes I use from Epidemic Sound.
Billy wrote on September 13, 2021
I hope you are doing well Ian. Your videos are really good and I am looking forward to seeing what will be coming up next. Would you ever consider exploring different local coffee shops in Seattle (such as mom & pop places rather than a Starbucks)? I think it would be cool to find the “best coffee in Seattle” for a video, as I know you enjoy drinking coffee. Or even just featuring some really interesting mom & pop stores in the Seattle area. It’s a topic you have not yet covered on your channel. It’s just a suggestion though - I would only want you to make the videos that you would want to make.

Oh, I also loved your Televoid series. There’s a small part of me that thinks it will one day return. But only if you want it to return.

Please take care and I hope that MJ has recovered from her surgery!
Admin Reply by: ian
I definitely think that visiting/touring shops would be really fun to do more of, since I only really did it in my apple video. Right now I'm still pretty Covid-careful, but hopefully in the future I can go back to doing stuff like that.
quartz wrote on September 12, 2021
Hope everything is going well! Give MJ our love. I liked the new vid very much, it was a nice n' easy look at the updates in the coin game, made me want to buy it. Another poster said the it was cozy, and I agree. Whatever type of video it is, it's good and can be used for a lot of other topics. Do whatever videos make you happy, the quality shines through in them. And the sponsored portions are also entertaining, much better than the ones on TV.

Also, I recently found a 2004 APEX analog TV/VCR/DVD combo on the side of the road... and I took it home. i'm gonna try to fix it up to play my old VHS tapes. You made me do this, talking about the warmth and funky wonder of 90's tech, and i also have some absolutely ancient Godzilla tapes and home videos just waiting to be watched.

Thanks again for creating content! Lots of people appreciate it. Take care of yourself, stay sane out there. -QQ
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks for the message, and good luck fixing up that TV!
Blom wrote on September 10, 2021
Wow a Brutalmoose website? It looks very retro like too. Like it's from the early 2000s. I love mystery tape!
Storm wrote on September 9, 2021
Hi Ian, hope you're doing well. Im a game designer who is currently studying for a Masters Degree. Your earlier videos have been a source of entertainment and inspiration to look at stranger games to study for a while. I understand your decision to try out new things and finding a new passion, i just wanted to let you know i really appreciate you.

One more thing, i recently binged your older videos again and got a little curious about your Space Dude video. Particularly when you couldn't find any copies of Spacekids. There is a webpage i use to study older games, and they had Spacekids in their archive ready to be played online. https://playclassic.games/games/educational-dos-games-online/play-spacekids-online/

Wish you the best
Electricwarlock wrote on September 8, 2021
I really enjoy the mystery tapes videos that you do. Sadly you only have four or five episodes would you consider making more? That would be great thank you for your great content have a good eve
Admin Reply by: ian
I absolutely plan on making more Mystery Tapes videos! Just gotta find some more tapes...
CheapMiami wrote on September 8, 2021
Hey, love your videos. Hoping to recommend a game to you: Hypnospace Outlaw. Its right up your alley. A 90s internet simulator....its bizarre and beautiful. Thanks for the content
Will wrote on September 7, 2021
Awesome videos
moses mead wrote on September 3, 2021
amazing music, amazing videos, amazing art...never stop being you, never stop being amazing. i know that sounds cliche, but i mean it.
emily 🙂 wrote on September 3, 2021
hi ian! i have been a fan of yours since 2015. your videos have always provided me comfort and happiness when i've been feeling down. thank you for making such quality videos!
Kyle wrote on August 29, 2021
Love love LOVED the new coin game vid. Your videos are the epitome of cozy, with nothing but good vibes. I’d love more virtual tours of various places.
Markus wrote on August 29, 2021
Hey Ian!

Just wanted to say that you´ re videos are the definition of cozy to me.Just love the whole vibe you create.Long form content sadly doesnt get the love on Youtube it deserves,but i hope you know its worth it to put that extra time in,we viewers really appreciate it!
Anyways,i hope you´ re doing well,and i hope MJ is well too.:)
Greetings from germany!:D

p.s.:I love the oldschool vibe this site has,especially with this guestbook ^^
Sam wrote on August 29, 2021
Hey Ian, I looked through the guest book and saw a reply of yours talking about opening a PO box for tapes when you are vaccinated. Now that are vaccinated I reckon that would be a good idea, it would save you having to wait for good ones to appear in thrift shops etc. I know for sure I have hundreds of tapes as far back as the 80's packed full of shows, old adverts, movies etc. Keep the good work up, you've kept me sane during recent hurt
Razor wrote on August 29, 2021
hi ian!!! i've been a fan for 6 years (since i was 11!!) and i've always wondered what kinda jazz you play in the background of your videos . my partner recently joined me on the search for this mysterious genere/artist but we haven't been able to find anything remotely close . please oh PLEASE give me at least a hint . i'm beggin over here !!!
Chloe wrote on August 29, 2021
Hi Ian 🙂 I love your videos, I wish you posted more often. I would even be willing to pay for a Patreon or something to get extra content.
Adam wrote on August 28, 2021
Many big thabk oka6 so laugh
CC wrote on August 28, 2021
hey ian!
thanks for always putting out great videos! my bf and i love watching the new vids when they come out together and i can always put on a video of yours to cheer me up if need be. so glad you are revisiting the arcade series and happy MJ is doing well. 🙂