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Veronica Z wrote on April 27, 2021:
Hi Ian!

I loved the most recent BrutalFoods. As top quality as the rest of your video! Was also a huge fan of the Coke video, was main channel quality!

Just wanted to mention that I was concerned about you putting your laptop on the soil in your latest video. Is the laptop okay?
Admin Reply by: ian
The laptop is just fine! Probably wasn't the best idea to put it directly onto a pile of dirt but eeeeeeh it's fine haha

Thanks Veronica!
Caroline Sunshine wrote on April 27, 2021:
Your videos always make me smile, whether I'm watching them all actively for a fourth time, or just putting them on for some soothing background noise while I sew. I love your gentle sense of humor and the good-natured attitude you bring to your cooking misadventures. Your kitchen mishaps and misunderstandings have brought me a lot of joy, and it's honestly delightful to see you persevere and try out new things. I haven't been able to find other YouTubers whose editing style gives me the same feeling as yours does, so I will keep eagerly watching your videos and awaiting new content!
Mooseloverfromcanada wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hi ian thank you for making great content. Been watching for years and every time you upload a video it brightens my day. 🐿
Mx. Calvin G wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hi! I'm a newer viewer and I'm already in love with your content! The love and attention that you put into your production is incredible, and brightens my day. I really loved the Lunchables Snackables video since the editing was phonemenal. I also really enjoyed hearing your thought process when you talked about how Ian McFlowerPotMan could have been a baby bird being fed... it was super similar to how I think when doing my own projects and was a relief to know other people are basically organized chaos haha. Keep it up at your own pace! I'll be excited whenever I see a vid from you 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Organized chaos describes my process pretty nicely, actually haha. Thanks Calvin!
Ashton wrote on April 26, 2021:
Your snackable, lunchable review made me laugh very hard in the back of my car where I sleep. (Don't worry, it's comfortable because I got a couch cushion at the beach next to a trash can that I cut up and repurposed with an exacto knife and now it's like sleeping on a cloud). ☁️

I wasn't aware of how void-like I'd become until you made me laugh repeatedly. Thank you for existing.

Your hair is also smashing. (I tried to swype "amazing" but that's what I got and you know what, it's better).

Do you have merch? Happy fishing! 🎣
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Ashton! Thank you for the smashing guestbook entry.

Unfortunately I have no merch to offer at this time, but maybeee one dayyy. Maybe. Don't hold your breath for it haha
Jaycif wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hi, Ian! New brutalfoods was phenomenal; your editing style is legit one of my favorite things ever and I hope you know all the time and effort put into it does not go unseen. Looking forward to enjoying whatever you put out next!
Beren wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hey Ian, I just discovered your guestbook. I’ve been a big fan for years. You’re a huge inspiration to me as a creative person. Thanks for your originality, and letting your personality shine through in your work! I hope you’re staying safe and happy during these COVID times, and feeling a little bit of the joy you give to other people to get through this stuff.
Lwl wrote on April 26, 2021:
I LOVED your, dare I say it... yes. I loved your Snackables episode! It really hit the spot. I was absolutely needing a zen moment in the woods with a welcome pal and his rusty, I meant trusty knife and some Snackables. You are a master of your craft and I bow to your greatness. All hail Moosey!
Rachel wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hi Ian! Just wanted to say I absolutely LOVED the new video! I loved the new approach and style to it. It made me think a little bit of Televoid with the “world building” I guess you could say. Definitely an instant Brutalmoose classic.
Reece wrote on April 26, 2021:
Ian!!! The video yesterday was insanely good and it came at a perfect time as I was stressed about finals. In 8th grade, I sat with my friend on the bus and she showed me your prison tycoon video. Ever since that day, you’ve been my comfort Youtuber and your videos made me smile during some rough times (now I’m a sophomore in college! Time flies!) I just wanted to reach out and say thank you and let you know that you’re doing a great job. I hope life has been treating you well. I do have a question though: while I’m skeptical that it will happen, there’s been talk about starting another campaign for Shenmue 4. Would you be on board?
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Reece, thanks for the kind message!

You know i'm always on board for more Shenmue. Yu Suzuki has said some things about updating/modernizing the series in the next installment which I'm not exactly jazzed about, but if he opens up a Kickstarter for Shen4 I'll be there day one absolutely. More gamble please.
Michael wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hi there, seccond time guestbook poster, first time seccond time guestbook poster. Came here to say I'm absolutely loving the new video, probably one of the most enjoyable you made in a while. 1000% worth the wait. Keep up the awesome work
Jake M wrote on April 26, 2021:
Hey Ian, just wanted to say your videos are some of my favorite, literally any video you upload I find super enjoyable, your humor is right up my alley lol. This is such a cool website too, I've yet to find another creator who has a site than fans can connect with so easily. Anyway, hope you're getting through the days, keep doing you man.
Daniel Squeedles wrote on April 25, 2021:
Dear Ian,
your new video was really awesome brotha. I did not expect the outdoorsy Ian nor the flowerpot Ian. Everything was spot on, you've outdone yourself once again! 🙂 I've been a big fan since 2017 so seeing you grow and grow has been so amazing. I consider you the best channel on youtube, the amount of work and love you put into every video really do make them timeless and uplifting. Sorry for rambling, just know that you are loved and your work is appreciated
William. N wrote on April 25, 2021:
Hey Ian! Watching your videos over the years has turned me into a huge nerd, in a good way! I now have a huge and growing collection of vintage electronics; from clocks and radios, to cameras and TVs. Thank you so much for awakening a huge passion of mine! Love the videos and always look forward to more!
Erin wrote on April 25, 2021:
Hi Ian!

I've been watching your videos for years and years and I cannot express how happy I am that you're continuing to upload. Your current content has been my favorite yet. I immediately smile when I see that you've uploaded. Thank you for continuing to share your creativity and fun with us!!
Ike H. wrote on April 25, 2021:
This is my first time using the guestbook, so I apologize if I am using it wrong and being stupid. With that said, I absolutly love your channel. Every new video makes my day that much better, and even while rewatching them, I find myself laughing at the same jokes time and time again. Your fried chicken recipe has become my go-to for chicken, and I find your Brutalfoods series makes a good listen while I'm going about my day. Keep up the good work.

Best regards,

shit my dog is about to pee on the vcr gotta go
Annamajam wrote on April 25, 2021:
Your videos always make me feel better on a bad day because they help me laugh even when it's hard. Thanks for your awesome videos that are chill yet hilarious.
Corovusin wrote on April 25, 2021:
Heya Ian! Just finished watching the latest Brutalfoods, and I gotta say, it is always a pleasure to see in my sub feed. I didn't even know Lunchables had those mini dessert packs, as we don't get much beyond just the cheese and cracker variety here. I may have to try some when I move to a bigger city soon! Of course, I can look no further than one of my favorite internet shows for expertly crafted analyses of which ones to try, and which to avoid.

Hope you've been doing well!
Jules wrote on April 25, 2021:
Hi Ian! I’ve been watching your videos for a few years (idk why it took me so long to write something here lol). Your videos have been a great comfort especially during the pandemic. I recently got the rest of my household hooked on your videos as well, so now every time you upload we all gather around with snacks to watch. My dad personally loves your VHS videos, since we also have a hobby of buying VHS tapes online and scrubbing through them.
I’m thrilled to know you’re also a big MST3K fan! Do you have a favorite episode (mine is Time Chasers)?
Also, have you been watching any good TV lately? I just finished binging Twin Peaks twice and I’m in need of more recommendations.

Anyway, keep up the good work! I look forward to every upload!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much Jules (& Dad)! Always happy to see some more VHS enthusiasts out there.

I'm not sure that I have a favorite MST3K episode, it's very hard to narrow it down... Time Chasers is an amazing choice though, I've seen that one a ton of times. I used to cite Girl in Gold Boots as my favorite but man I dunno, there are some real goodies out there.

Current TV... man I've just been watching trash lately. I've been watching a ton of Dance Moms. Absolute garbage, I love it. Other than that Ive just been rewatching shows, I'm in the middle of Breaking Bad again.
Adrian wrote on April 25, 2021:
Hello! I find you inspiring, thank you for the many laughs and keep doing what you're doing! Lots of love and support from Germany!