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Philip Big Booty wrote on April 2, 2021:
Hey Ian, love your content! The first video I saw was on Lego island, and I loved that game as a kid. I also love everything you do on humongous entertainment. I freaking loved pajama Sam and putt putt when I was kid, and watching your videos brings back so many fond memories. You're a funny guy, and you never fail to make me laugh! Thanks for being awesome! 😊
Sierra and Brandon wrote on April 2, 2021:
Hi, Ian. This is Sierra and Brandon. We enjoy watching your videos and streams a lot. We're hoping to catch a stream live one day as we like the chillness you often bring to streams. Thankfully you upload them to moose2 later, which we greatly appreciate. All the support. Anything you do we love. We both wanted to say that while we're both excited for new content but we don't ever want you to get too stressed about it. We happily rewatch your existing videos and never get tired of the content you have made. Warmest wishes to you and thank you for adding this nifty guestbook to your website. Take care!
Chelsea wrote on April 2, 2021:
I went to the grocery store and saw a cosmic crisp apple drink and thought of your quest for the cosmic crisp apple. It was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I hope you have a rad Easter my dude! Cheers!
Maddy wrote on March 30, 2021:
Heyo, just saying hi, hope you're doing well. Also, ice cream cake or cheesecake?
Admin Reply by: ian
Gotta go with the cheesecake. I haven't had an ice cream cake in some time, though, so I could be undervaluing them.
Elvis on a Zamboni wrote on March 30, 2021:
We all put on matching sweaters and gather around the youtubes to watch you as a family.*

*Most of this is true. Everything but the sweater part. And it's especially true that we love you and feel that you speak for all of us in our home when you try to eat Hungry Mans.
Max wrote on March 30, 2021:
What a rad site! I always browse on my phone, so I never saw the banner until now.
Logan wrote on March 30, 2021:
Hello. You are a very cool youtuber and one thing I really like about your videos is how rewatchable they are. I feel like every time I watch one I notice something new. Anyways, Thanks!
Yo mama wrote on March 30, 2021:
Yo mama
Sean wrote on March 30, 2021:
Hey Ian hope you are doing good. Here is a cool breakdancing video to watch whenever you are bored.
I am looking forward to your next video. 🙂
Emily wrote on March 29, 2021:
Hi Ian, I hope you see this. I love your videos. I have a childhood vhs recorded between 99-00, its all toddler/kid shows from nickelodeon and the like, its got tons of what I think are great commercials, and its 6+ hours long. I was wondering if you'd be interested in looking at it, I think you may enjoy it and it might be good for your vhs series. If you are interested, my email is emilymarie95@ymail.com
Thank you for all the laughs!
Admin Reply by: ian
I appreciate the offer Emily! Currently I don't have a PO box, but hopefully I can open one after I get vaccinated. I get a number of requests from people who want to send in VHS tapes, and I think it'd be cool to get to do some viewer submitted ones on Mystery Tapes so I'll definitely make that happen when I can.
Dennis wrote on March 29, 2021:
Hey Ian, my wife and I are big fans and love your content. We tried Smucker’s Uncrustable Ham & Cheddar Roll-Up and wanted to recommend them to you. They seem right up your alley. Thanks and keep up the great work!
Josh M. wrote on March 29, 2021:
Hey Ian,
I just wanted to say to keep up the great work. My girlfriend and I try to catch your streams whenever possible and love watching your videos -- we get so excited when we see a new one pop up on the screen.
I'm sure I speak for most everyone one, but if you're ever stressed for time or anything, don't worry about it, we'll all be here no matter what. You don't owe us anything.
Pholydota wrote on March 27, 2021:
Can't believe I've only discovered your website today. What a look.
Jporter99 wrote on March 27, 2021:
Hey Ian, I've been watching your content for about 4 years plus at this point. I love watching every upload and stream, however I just wish you'd be more consistent on uploads, don't upload too frequently, but I just find myself wondering when you'll come back every time we have a drought lol.
Admin Reply by: ian
I totally get where you're coming from, I wish I could be more consistent as well. It's just not one of my strongest traits, I guess! I'm working on it, but it's tough. Thanks for sticking with me anyway!
Miya wrote on March 27, 2021:
Hi Ian, I just wanted to tell you how much of an inspiration you are to me.
I hope that one day I also have the skills and drive to do what I love and share it with the world.

Your content allways puts a smile on my face, when it pops up in my notifs.

I wish you all the best and good health in this trying times! Thanks again for everything

Miya O. - germany
Corbin wrote on March 26, 2021:
Hey man, been following you for quite a while; proud of all the work you do. A new upload on the channel always makes my day. Best wishes to you, sir!
Makenzie and Rivers wrote on March 24, 2021:
love your stuff Ian! hope you start streaming again soon but more than anything hope you’re doing great and not stressing too much. give MJ a belly scratch for us.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much! I'm sorry for not streaming as much lately, but I hope to be back again at some point! I just ended up needing some more time away than I expected.
Kurryball wrote on March 23, 2021:
Ever since 2016 you've been unknowingly entertaining me through the great times and through the eeeeehh times. You continue to make great content and are very unique. I especially love this era with the VHS vids. I keep seeing sooo many old commercials that just bring me back, even the annoying ones like " MAMA'S GOT THE POWER" that just bring me back to them olden days as a kid just playing with legos in my room with the tv on, not knowing the impending doom approaching that is adulthood.

Also your brutalfoods vids have been great and inspired me to pick up cooking and film for my friends on Snapchat sometimes. Your editing style is so hilarious and is classic YouTube Poopish. Heck a YTP version of your brutalfoods vids would be just a regular vid of you just... eating and talking. Your editing skills are top notch and you are able to take a mundane thing like reviewing frozen meals and make it sooo freakin' entertaining. Personally I would like to see you as a Chef Boyardee Baby Boy and review some Chef Boyardee foods sometime!

Keep up the great work. I read your March update and saw how the lockdown n' such are getting to you lately. I hate to hear that but thanks for being real. If you need to take breaks, please please please do so, us fans will still be here. Heck, make a Gerbert stress doll and strangle the thing dang if you have to.

Keep on moosin' on.
Bram says hi from the Netherlands wrote on March 21, 2021:
Sup Ian, just started watching your video's again. I watched a lot of your vids a few years ago and then I basically didn't watch YouTube for a while. Stumbled upon your brutalfoods series a few weeks ago and I love them. Keep up the amazing work and stay safe!
NewtrlThoughts wrote on March 19, 2021:
Its been a while since I saw an old stream on moose2.
For a long time I had this very sad feeling thinking about rewatching them/Shenmue or Nancy Drew for example. Like watching the end of Community etc.
I felt like something was...over? Or just very deep hitting nostalgia. Man, the Uncharted streams were a blast!

Now I think the time has come to step out of this badness and sadness and start by rewatching that Shenmue!
Please enjoy at least a bit of every day. Or else...
just joking x'D

love you man