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Joseph011296 wrote on November 29, 2022
Hello Mr Brutalmoose, and thank you for all the wonderful content over the years.
I only have one question, have you ever considered putting full recordings of some of the mystery tapes up on Archive.org or someplace similar?
Admin Reply by: ian
I probably won't upload full tapes with shows included, but I did recently start a YT channel to archive some of the stuff that I find while Mystery Tapesing.
I just posted a compilation of bumpers and ads from the latest episode, if you'd like!
brutalmoose fanhuman wrote on November 29, 2022
hey, is this the real Ian? if so i would like to say that a couple of months ago i decided to watch the Instant holiday dinner video after seeing one of your most positive reactions to a frozen TV dinner being the meatloaf. At the time i was about to go to one of my friends house and though i should bring the meatloaf for him and i and my god were you absolutely correct. best frozen meal ever had in a long time. its practically a tradition for me to bring the delicious meatloaf everytime i visit their house. and for that i thank you ian brutalfoods for the amazing tradition and also your other videos are amazing
Admin Reply by: ian
this is one of the real ians, yes
i'm really glad you enjoyed the frozen meatloaf! reading this post actually made me hunger for one.
Wiggity Wizard wrote on November 29, 2022
Yoyoyo, sick website bro! The new Mystery Tapes was radical.

Ever thought about doing some arts and crafts videos?

Web 1.0 for life!!!!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Wizard!
I actually *have* considered doing arts and crafts videos before... there's a specific one I've wanted to make for a while and haven't done it yet. Maybe I'll give it another thought....
Collin wrote on November 28, 2022
Hey Ian, I just wanted to let you know that over the past couple of years Ive been watching your videos (I’ll literally watch through past videos until a new one drops). Your humor and style are needed in the chaos of everyday life. I watch through your catalog when I feel down and it always raises my mood. Keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks man.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much for watching, Collin! I'm really glad my videos are able to cheer you up even just a little bit.
videobanana wrote on November 28, 2022
hello ian/moose! sorry to ask another question so early, but i was wondering specifically what mic you use for your videos such as your VHS/Movie reviews? (such as the newest Mystery Tapes)
Admin Reply by: ian
it's a Rode Reporter!
Tyler wrote on November 28, 2022
hey Ian,
first i just wanna say i love your mystery tapes series. in the newest one i saw your tattoo the "&" and i was just wondering if there was a story behind it? thanks
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks Tyler!

I got my & tattoo when I first moved away from my home in TX. My sister and I got matching tats in the same spot because we're good pals
Zach wrote on November 27, 2022
Hey ian! I don’t know if this is the right place to put this but just wanted to say thank you so much for opening my mail on stream recently! (I sent the cryptoville comic, a fanart painting and a painting of my characters.) I really hope you enjoy the comic! The 2 paintings are indeed watercolors done on index cards. Just wanted to let you know, in the fanart I put your characters in the world of betrayal at club low where your lizard guy is wearing big moe’s coat and the fox guy has the pizza backpack.If you ever get the chance to read the comic I’d love to hear your thoughts! Your videos, comedy and general relaxed vibe have been a huge inspiration and source of calm for me for years. Its an honor to know you have my art. I hope to one day post stuff like you do but I have no idea where and the idea of doing what you do alone stresses me out lol.
Admin Reply by: ian
hey thanks again so much for the art, Zach! the piece you did of my characters is hanging on my office bulletin board, it's super good. i love the club low references, too! i didn't catch those at first glance.

i haven't had a chance to read your comic, but i've flipped it through and the art is really slick! i'm really happy to have inspired you in some way - seeing all this cool shit you made is an inspiration to myself.

i hope you find a place to share your work! and don't let being a solo creator keep you down, there are a lot of joys in doing things by yourself. you always end up learning a lot when working alone!

thanks again, Zach!
keep creating!
G Man wrote on November 27, 2022
Hey Ian, your videos have been on my mind forever. I’ve been quoting you for weeks, you’re awesome lol
Admin Reply by: ian
thank you very much, g man! you are also awesome.
conspiracyman wrote on November 23, 2022

You ever wonder why we don't get game review videos anymore? How about why we don't see the mysterious "name tag" Ians such as those seen in the first Pajama Sam video. Well, I'll tell you why...


Sounds crazy, right? Almost so crazy that it has to be true. That's because it is true. Think about it. Why are there so many new series? Because the name tag Ians couldn't agree on what the channel content should be. That's why we have Chef Brutalfoods and Ian McMystery. Each and every name tag Ian became a host of their own individual series on the now shared yet stolen channel.
Admin Reply by: ian
i can't confirm or deny these allegations
Not Levi wrote on November 13, 2022
Hi Moose, your video's and edit style are an inspiration and also I like your cat.

Admin Reply by: ian
thanks, not levi!
og_gf wrote on November 13, 2022
iAN! Just caught up on your stream vods and I'm so excited to hear that MJ loves the catnip dipped toys 😀 (She was adorable napping/face-planting on the top of your chair during stream) Hope you and yours are doing well and, as always, thank you for being you and for doing all that you do!
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man thanks again for the gifts og! MJ is still going crazy for the catnip-dip over here, she's bugging me for some right now actually.

Thanks again so much! MJ says meow, which I'm pretty sure means thank you.
cube wrote on November 12, 2022
hi ian i just wanted to stop by and say that i really do love your vids and that if i'm having an especially rough day and have an hour to burn that i'll spend it watching your vids, they always put a smile on my face :))
Admin Reply by: ian
thanks so much cube! i hope your rough days are few and far between!
DanTheMan wrote on November 12, 2022
Hi Moose! Just wanted to say how much me and my wife appreciate you and your content. We love having your VODs on while we get through cold and gloomy work from home days. Thankful for you and all you do!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much, Dan!
kaibaman69 wrote on November 12, 2022
yo ian, did you see that video of the guy who made a augmented reality yugioh game mat that made the monsters appear in 3D? it's really cool!
Admin Reply by: ian
i heard about that! the future is now
Kona wrote on November 11, 2022
Hello Ian brutalfoods!
Did you ever spend your 3621 arcade tickets? If so what did you get? Also please give gerbert a gentle kiss on the forehead for me!
Admin Reply by: ian
I haven't, yet! Haven't had a chance to go back to Round1 yet, it's a bit out of the way after my last move.
Gerbert says hello.
Apes wrote on November 11, 2022
My partner and I should be working right now, but instead we are watching you play Freddi Fish on VOD. shame on us!
Admin Reply by: ian
work can wait.....
Muni wrote on November 11, 2022
Hi Ian,
Your videos and Twitch streams got me through grad school! So I want to say thank you and support you by buying some merch, but I cannot find merch. How do I show appreciation if I cannot give you some of my disposable income in exchange for some tchotchkes? Should I sub to your Twitch channel? Do I call 1-800-808-IAN8 and thank you for your content (or perhaps chide you for not having merch)? Do I send you a few $20s to your PO Box? Help me out here.

Thanks again,
Admin Reply by: ian
ahhhh the ever elusive brutalmerch.
maybe some day, muni..... maybe some day.....
Mysterious Guest wrote on November 10, 2022
Hello, Ian! I'm glad to see that you got the gift! It would be cool to see it and the games you got sent from others in a steam or something like that.

Anyways, what are your thought of the replacement soundtracks they would put in old anime dubs? For some shows like DBZ and Yu-Gi-Oh, I think they are WAY better than the originals and are only versions I even watch. For others like Sailor Moon, it's kinda meh and I think the originals are much better.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much for the gift, Guest!

I don't think I have an opinion on anime replacement soundtracks, though haha. Not well versed enough in anime for that one
gottahavefaith wrote on November 9, 2022
yo ian, heard you on stream talking about maybe streaming faith. just popping in to say that i really hope you do cuz that game looks super cool but im too much of a baby boy chicken shit to play it myself lol
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna at some point, so stay tuned....
D.J. wrote on November 8, 2022
I'm a cop and I work long hours. I unwind with your videos and have been a fan for years! Thank you!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much DJ!