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Judy wrote on August 3, 2023
honk honk :o) this iz an amazing site!! XD will send link 2 all my friendz :3 keep being silly, ianz!!! :DDD honk honk
Jeremiah wrote on August 2, 2023
Sorry for this review since I love the T-shirts, I even got the Ian's flesh™ and grey shirts but after 5 washes the art work is falling off.. I was excepting it to fade but its just falling off it might be my fault but I haven't changed my laundry detergent. If you decide to put out any new shirt or whatever I would pay more for something that lasts. with that said I'm not mad at all I got what I paid for just wish I got a blatant warning on how to clean this without destroying it. Keep it real Ian thank you for the entertainment! <3
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks for the feedback Jeremiah! I'm sorry your shirt wasn't long-lasting. The quality of these print-on-demand shirt services has always been one of my bigger hangups when considering merch. I'll keep it in mind next time I make a shirt and see if I can't find something longer lasting.
austinzgifford wrote on August 1, 2023
Hi Ian, big fan of your videos, specifically the VHS deep dives, kinda what inspired me to work on digitizing all of my family’s VHS tapes, turns out some of those include old recordings of TV from the 80s & 90s. Would like to if possible to send the digitized files your way for future VHS deep dives if you needed more for the series. All good if you dont need more just wanted to get in contact with you to let you know if you need them i am more than willing to send them your way. Thanks
XxMatchaAngelxX wrote on August 1, 2023
Hi Ian! My husband, pet bird (Peaches), and I love watching your streams. I love Gerb and Uncle Nick's Magic Forest especially. Hope your day teeter totters up, up, up despite the mold issues. Take care!
Amitte wrote on August 1, 2023
Hi Ian! I first started watching your channel thanks to the video you made on Next - I've seen a few episodes of that show ~10 years ago, but mostly I felt like I was the only one who remembered it until your video showed up in my recommendations! I must have taken a liking to your brand of humor and editing style immediately, cause then I went and watched most of your other videos 😀

But most importantly, I want to thank you for your video on Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego?; your "Get a Clue" edit made me curious about the source and lo and behold, it was Prozzak! And now they're my absolute favorite band! Thank you so, so much ♡
Camryn wrote on July 31, 2023
Hi Mr. Moose, I’ve been watching your vids since I was 13! I’m turning 21 in November and your content is still so comforting & hilarious. Thank you for all you do!
Admin Reply by: ian
happy birthday camryn!
dog wrote on July 30, 2023
who is the brutalmoose bureau of taste. we need to know immediately
Admin Reply by: ian
i've launched an official investigation into this matter
Ria wrote on July 29, 2023
You are a beautiful man I just had to let u know
Rodney wrote on July 25, 2023
You're sort of video style got me back into video creation id just like to say thanks for the insperation!
Admin Reply by: ian
hell yeah. keep at it, rodney!
when was the last time you updated your cats internal software? v2023.3.9 just dropped and its got some new bug patches like the bug where your cat might glitch out of the map and respawn in the france football stadium.
Gerbert wrote on July 23, 2023
Pc specs?
Admin Reply by: ian
my pc does not wear glasses no
mel wrote on July 22, 2023
hey!! i don't really have much to say other than that i've been a fan for 9 years now, ever since you and caddicarus were "enemies" lmao. your videos are masterpieces!! <3
Brooke wrote on July 20, 2023
What is your favourite dinosaur? Mine is the diplodicus
Admin Reply by: ian
i can't say that i have a favorite dinosaur unfortunately but i bet the diplodicus is dope
Ben wrote on July 20, 2023
Hey! Love your vids and streams, keep up the good work. Anyway, I was wondering about your current retro PC setup. Windows 98, that sort of thing. Apologies if you've talked about this on stream before, if that's the case then you can just direct me to the appropriate archive. I know in the past you've used the HP Vectra line, is that still true? How do you send video from the retro PC to your modern one for streams? Is it emulated? All that stuff.

Thanks 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
the PC i'm using currently for my Windows 98 streams was built for me by the one and only LGR! if you search "LGR Gateway" on youtube, you'll find a video where he puts the PC together!

i'm not going to type out my capture process here, but i do try to avoid emulation at all costs. what you see on my streams is legit unless otherwise noted!
Emily Miller wrote on July 19, 2023
Hi iAN,

Love your vids, you are my favorite youtuber. My husband and I watch your streams all the time. Cooking, cleaning, sleeping, all done to the dulcet sounds of an Ian Stream.
Anthony wrote on July 19, 2023
Do you watch On Cinema at the Cinema? If so are you a Timhead or a Gregghead? (Assuming Gregghead)
Admin Reply by: ian
i don't! ive never really dived in to Tim and/or Eric's stuff. i get a ton of comments from people insisting i must be heavily influenced by their work, and for some reason that repels me from checking it out.

i will say that if i were to decide to give them a shot, On Cinema would be at the top of the list.
Skyler wrote on July 17, 2023
Do you remember Ragnarok? I'm just wondering what you thought about MMO's when they were more popular
Admin Reply by: ian
i sure do! i played a bit of Ragnarok after my first stint with runescape concluded. eventually my friends and i got burned out on RS and decided to try other MMOs. i think i played on a server called RebirthRO or something? something like that?

i remember Ragnarok as being one of the better free MMOs we tried, but i also had no idea how to do quests or anything like that. i basically just grinded combat until i got bored and went back to runescape.

i do miss that golden age, though. i play modern WoW now, which is fun, but i rarely have memorable interactions with other players. i was so cool to play online games back when chatting online was still a novelty.
Lionel wrote on July 17, 2023
what is sir ian brutalmoose’s preferred method of transferring VHS footage to his computer?
Admin Reply by: ian
currently i'm using an elgato Video Capture dongle to capture VHS stuff. i'm sure there are higher quality ways to do it, but this way is pretty simple and fairly affordable compared to other capture methods.
This stinky bitch wrote on July 16, 2023
Will you can Yungtown be making another movie commentary? I love them soo much!
Admin Reply by: ian
nothing currently in the works but i hope so!
mumrik wrote on July 16, 2023
  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40