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John wrote on March 3, 2021:
Hey Ian, nowadays I love collecting physical media (DVD's and CD's in particular) because I think it's sad that they're becoming a thing of the past. I just thought I'd say that I love your dedication to keeping older forms of media (VHS's) alive in your videos. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the increasing presence of digital media like streaming platforms and the fading significance of physical media.
Raccoon Tycoon wrote on March 3, 2021:
Luck of the Irish is another D Com worth checking out. Its about a boy turning into a leprechaun. It scarred me. Anyways love your content <3
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh I’ve seen that one a million times! I’ve got it on vhs actually haha. Maybe I’ll talk about it some day, I’ve always wanted to!
Alex wrote on March 3, 2021:
Are you the older brother to Kurtis Conner on YouTube? If not, I'm sorry but you two are the same person-ish
johnnie wrote on March 2, 2021:
yoooo can you please make a movie review on killjoy 2 or one of the other bad horror movies you got :))) please & thank you
ben wrote on March 2, 2021:
Hey Ian, long time viewer first time guestbook writer. Been watching you since 2014 and just wanted to say I love your content! keep on doing what you're doing, or don't i'll watch it anyway
Chris wrote on March 2, 2021:
Hi Ian been a fan of your show ever since the kid cuisines episode. Thank you for the content I hope you are doing great and I can’t wait to see more stuff from you. Best regards
spaceboy wrote on March 2, 2021:
hey Ian, love your videos. do you think a pop tart is a ravioli? I think they are.

Anyway, keep up the great work.
Admin Reply by: ian
You know I'd never considered it before, but you might be onto something...
keenanstuff wrote on March 1, 2021:
Hey Ian, I was rewatching your old videos for the millionth time and noticed something you might have missed in "Bad Milk". The reversed talking at 7:35 is actually a reference to the Beatles song "Glass Onion" which features the line "The walrus was Paul". There's actually an entire theory relating to this that Paul McCartney is actually dead which is what i think the developers were referencing. The theory is obviously false and there's a really good documentary on it by the channel 'Quinton Reviews' that I think you might find interesting.
Ludmarus wrote on February 28, 2021:
Thank you for existing in my lifetime. Also, cool website
Abbey wrote on February 27, 2021:
Hey Ian! I just discovered your channel yesterday and I love your vibe. You’re hilarious and seem down to earth. Definitely slapped that subscribe button. Keep doing what your doing!
Travis wrote on February 27, 2021:
Hey Ian! I love your videos. I watch a couple every weekend. It makes me feel the way I felt watching Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Thanks for all the joy you create!
Amxwolf wrote on February 26, 2021:
Hey Ian,

Been a fan of yours for years, can't wait for the next video or twitch stream. Our entire household hopes you have had an excellent start to 2021, and we can't wait to see more from you and MJ. I just set up a new playlist on my youtube of all of your videos in chrono order to revisit everything you've done over the last decade and it has BEEN A BLAST. You are absolutely without a doubt our favorite YouTuber here in sunny Sacramento. We can't wait for your next twitch stream or video. Hang in there. Give much love and pets to MJ. Here's to another Brave year.^_^
Rex wrote on February 26, 2021:
Hey Ian,

I have an old 1970s cookbook from a Psychiatric hospital with recipes written by the patients. It was sold at the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Center Women’s Hospital as a fundraiser.

Some of the recipes include Chocolate Orgy and Magic Puff Tuna Sandwich. If that sounds like a good time, I can send you pictures of the recipes for a Brutal Foods episode.

Let me know
Admin Reply by: ian
Magic Puff Tuna Sandwich sounds like my nightmare. That cookbook sounds like a unique treasure! I think right now I have more brutalfoods ideas than I can handle, but I appreciate you thinking about me!
mae wrote on February 26, 2021:
hey! i've been watching your videos for like. years now. theyre pretty awesome
me and my friend were just rewatching some old ones together and i noticed on your twitter all of your tweets are gone apart from one? kinda sad but maybe i get it :]
u r awesome :]
Admin Reply by: ian
Haha, yes, I recently followed through with a mass Twitter exodus. It's just not a website I enjoy using anymore, in fact having a large presence there kind of makes me anxious. There's just so many people and I'm such an introvert hah!
Ace wrote on February 26, 2021:
Hi Ian, Ive been a fan of yours for a very long time. Sadly i havent been able to connect with your work since your last stream. Like many others i was really surprised at how you dealt with a discussion relating to JK Rowling. I feel like i cant be myself and feel accepting while being an active member in you stream chat anymore. I'm sorry for this, i still think you are awesome, i just wish you had clarified your comments after that incident
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Ace! Yeah sorry about that, I'm clearly not great when it comes to on-the-spot discussion of hot button issues, regardless of where I stand. I'm nervous enough to stream as it is, but when discussions get a bit on the serious side I just get super flustered and usually catch a case of foot-in-mouth. Which is why I try to avoid those kinds of topics on stream because I don't want to misrepresent myself, and is probably why I got so frustrated to see a lighthearted discussion of the IP turn into a discussion about the author's beliefs. I've since learned that to a lot of people that discussion is inevitable, but I've never really had a problem with separating the art from the artist and just wanted to chat about the HP series as a series. Which is probably what I should have said at the time, but instead I just babbled awkwardly, sat there awkwardly, and now here I am typing about it awkwardly.

So yeah I just didn't handle it well. For serious issues I really need time to write out my thoughts instead of just free-talking, because I get pretty anxious when I'm unprepared. (Honestly even now I'm anxious, coming back and editing this post just because I worry about being misread, you know? It's serious shit and I'm just so unused to talking about serious shit.) Trans people are rad, I don't really care about JK Rowling or what she has to say about life or anything like that, I just think Harry Potter is cool, and I'm usually not one to pontificate about my personal beliefs on-stream, so when I get put in that position out of the blue I get flustered and say dumb shit. Hope that clears my position up a little.

I'm sorry for making you uncomfortable! If it's of any consolation, I was also very uncomfortable.
Peter wrote on February 25, 2021:
I'm here, I'm queer and I love your show!

My partner and are living across the country from each other for the time being, but we make sure to watch any new brutalfoods and mystery tapes videos together whenever a new one comes out. It makes us feel less far apart. My partner always talks about what a great video editor you are.

Thank you for making videos that speak to you and happen to jive with a lot of us. I recently watched your latest Polar Express stream. However you and I differ, you're an aesthetic influence on me. I just hope you take care of yourself out there, moose. You do what you need to do.
Erik wrote on February 25, 2021:

The excitement my wife and I get when we see a new upload is through the roof. Even re-watching your videos after months after release is a special treat. You're on my living room TV as I type this, while the wife is watching you and the entertaining edits make a Texas Yum Yum.

We actually flew out to Seattle after watching your video last February, pre covid pandemic. I made it a goal to find a cosmic crisp, and ate one in the middle of pike place market. You take up lots of screen time in my house, and we appreciate ya. Hope this message finds you well. Until the next,

Erik & Kayla
i like wrote on February 25, 2021:
gravy chincken
Thais B wrote on February 25, 2021:
This website made me so happy 😀 really bringing me back to my HTML web designer classes back in the 2000's
Owen wrote on February 25, 2021:
Ian, your content is some of the most entertaining stuff on the internet. Keep up the good work