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Kimmy wrote on June 18, 2022
Chuck e cheese frozen and fresh taste test when!? Lol 🐀
Admin Reply by: ian
Does Chuck e Cheese have frozen food?
ali wrote on June 16, 2022
Hi iAN! I realize its not too old school but have you ever played the online game, Transformice? Ran across it today and its bringing back all the mems.
Have you ever shown MJ "cat TV" on youtube? Amazing stuff.
Admin Reply by: ian
I don't think I've seen Transformice before!
MJ does love a good bit of cat tv, though.
Gaz wrote on June 16, 2022
Love the vids man and I have an idea for your vhs look so do all of your edits on your pc then record to vhs then record that an upload that footage that is the best way I think you would be able to do a tellavoid vhs look
sm_liam wrote on June 14, 2022
I have a confession

In 2012 (maybe 2013?) I saw your Lego Island video for the first time. It was my first brutalmoose video and I got like, unironically pissed at the kids are dumb joke because I was 8 years old at the time. I didn't comment like a lot of other kids did, but that was mainly because I was, as you said, stupid and didn't know how to lmao

(Of course that didn't stop me from watching all your other content and then falling in love with the channel, leading to me still being a fan nearly a decade later)

Please forgive me 🙏
Admin Reply by: ian
all is forgiven.
we were all dumb kids once.
except for me, i've always been great.
Sam wrote on June 13, 2022
My local video store has tons of sold as blank vha tapes by the front door. I wish I could ship you some.
Admin Reply by: ian
The PO box is coming back very soon! Would love to receive some mystery tapes.
Also Named Ian wrote on June 12, 2022
Hello Ian! I really enjoy your works especially your music and videos. I love your videos especially the retro game reviews and the ones about this cursed chicken nugget called Gerbert. Is there any plan to make more Gerbert videos? Either way I'm looking forward to more of your works!
Admin Reply by: ian
i'm not sure when, but i bet there will be some more gerb in the future. i still have so many tapes that i haven't watched yet!
Nik L. wrote on June 12, 2022
Hi, Ian! I had my first baby in December and discovered your channel while I was on maternity leave. Your videos kept sane and gave me some much needed laughs during countless long nights of tending to a colicky baby. I felt a little sad when I exhausted the available content, but I always look forward to new videos and go back to rewatch my favorites from time to time.
I have a question! I noticed that in your early videos, your hair was cut very short, but it has progressively gotten longer throughout the years. (As hair does, I guess.) I was just wondering if you purposely stopped cutting it after you started your channel? Is there a story there? Or do you just like the looks? (It looks great, by the way!)
Thanks for the work you do to entertain us! Hope you’re well!
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thank you Nik!
About the hair - if you go back far enough you'll find that i actually had pretty long hair when i first started! I got it cut really short when i graduated college and wanted to look presentable so i could find a job. Then at some point i missed the long hair and the rest is hairstory.
David V. Kimball wrote on June 10, 2022
Big fan of your content. It's undoubtedly my girlfriend and my "comfort channel" and we have to click for every new moose of foods vid. It was really fun to see you visit an arcade at a mall we sometimes frequent! Hope you're still enjoying the pacific NW. 🙂
Tristan wrote on June 7, 2022
Hey Ian, when I was a child I also played myst. I rented it from the library. I was wondering if you had played Monkey island s, or lord's of the realm s. Your content is just splendid thanks again!
Admin Reply by: ian
I haven't played either of those, but I've watched a longplay of Monkey Island before! I really like to watch playthroughs of those games while I'm working. Great bg noise.
Xena wrote on June 6, 2022
Hi Ian!
I love your content. Brutalfoods is always a comfort watch!
I just watched the essential guide to chips vol 2 and I would like to suggest honey butter chips for vol 3. You can get them from the asian market and I think you would like them!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Xena! I'll keep an eye out for those.
Tari wrote on June 6, 2022
Hello Ian! I hope you and MJ are doing well. Is there any plan to make more retro VHS video? I really enjoyed them especially with your hilarious commentaries and edits. Have a nice day!
Admin Reply by: ian
Absolutely! I know it's been a while but I really should make a new non-Mystery Tapes VHS video.
Taylor wrote on June 3, 2022
Hey Ian, hope you're doing well. I just wanted to pop in and tell you that I really enjoy your content. I really enjoyed your video on the Everett mall. I used to be a semi-big mall rat, but not so much anymore. I might go to my local mall sometime soon. I feel bad for the people who collect monopoly boards that have to buy Roblox, SpongeBob meme, Fortnite, and other bad editions of monopoly.

Admin Reply by: ian
The cashier at GameStop actually thanked us for buying the Roblox Monopoly because apparently the Monopoly games weren't selling well and they had a stockpile of them in back...

Hope you make it to the mall soon!
Skye wrote on June 3, 2022
Ian, your videos are awesome! I recently watched the movie Standing Ovation, a 2010 musical film involving two groups of kids who go up against one another in a music video competition. It's really horrible! I love it! Would you ever consider reviewing this film for sh*ts and giggles? I think it would be up your alley. :] My mom and I are SUPERFANS!! Keep up the amazing work!
Admin Reply by: ian
I'll have to check it out, that sounds pretty funny actually!
Aliyah wrote on June 3, 2022
love u ian many blesses to you
Tristan wrote on June 2, 2022
Mr. Ian, Mr. Moose, Mr. Brutal Mooseian. Pleasantries through and through jolly good shows. The enjoyment you must get from the editing is tangibly perfect. Thank you for entertaining my house during our covid hell.
Tielesiti Eftu wrote on June 2, 2022

hi 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
hey there
Kevin wrote on May 31, 2022
Dearest Ian,

Are you still in Seattle? If so, what are some local places (bars, cafés, etc) that you hang out in?

Your pal,

Admin Reply by: ian
I'm not in Seattle anymore, and haven't been downtown in a few years now, so I can't really give any great recommendations right now. I do want to start going back there some time, though. I miss it!
jacob wrote on May 31, 2022
love this website! and i love your channel as well

always loved your videos, big inspiration of mine, keep it up man 🙂
golulubear wrote on May 30, 2022
Ian -- I was in a thrift store today, and saw this: "The Video Board Game: Nightmare" for sale. It appears to be a VHS-based table top game from 1991. I am a huge fan of your stuff, and immediately thought of you. Maybe you've already heard of it -- I would have bought it to send to you but it was $75! https://www.amazon.com/NECA-Nightmare-Video-Board-game/dp/B000E6JUQ0
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man that sounds really cool! I haven't played a VHS game yet, but I've had the Clue VHS game in my collection for quite some time. Just haven't gotten around to it... Hopefully some day soon, though!
anonymous wrote on May 29, 2022
Hello Ian

i was wondering what did you use to make the Brutal moose Broadcast system outro, what was the process
Admin Reply by: ian
I designed the logo in Photoshop, and then did the animation in Premiere!