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Josh wrote on October 4, 2022
Hey Mooseman! I have been watching your videos recently (my friend introduced me and I'm so glad he did!) and I often notice your a MSTie! I work for MST3K as a PA, I wanted to know if you have been watching the new season? If so, your thoughts? If not, Would you be interested in doing so?

Keep up the great work.

Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man, that's gotta be such a cool gig.
I haven't gotten around to watching the reboot era of MST just yet, but I'm sure I will at some point!
LP wrote on October 1, 2022
Hey Ian. Your site is so fitting for your youtube content. I love that it sorta reminds me of a "new and improved" AngelFire website, or whatever those DIY webpages used to be called. It has a very personal feel and I love it. Anyway, thanks for providing me with ample soothing content to fall asleep to. I've been moving and been somewhat displaced for a few months and your content has offered me plenty of comfort. Thanks man.
kyle wrote on October 1, 2022
Hey there! Gotta tell you, I love it when I see a new video of yours pop up on my youtube recommendations. Sometimes the subject matter doesn't even interest me that much (arcade games) but the videos are always excellent. It's something about your sense of style and editing along with such a laid back attitude and sense of humor makes you my favorite youtuber. I only wish there were more main channel videos. Thanks for the entertainment! (fingers crossed for a halloween themed episode)
Grant G. wrote on September 30, 2022
Hey Moose!
I found your stuff about 2.5 years ago and you've become my undisputed favorite content creator on the internet. Thank you for everything that you do, and I hope you know how much you are appreciated.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Grant!
Markus wrote on September 30, 2022
Hey moose!!,
I just wanted to ask if you have ever thought about doing a video on the ernest movies? they are a really big part of my childhood and it would be great to see your comedic takes on it 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Not sure about Ernest! I know of him, not really sure if those movies would really fit my style.. but I do think I have one on VHS, so you never know!
videobanana wrote on September 29, 2022
hey ian/moose! im unsure what to write here since i've been a big fan of yours for so long, in fact, you're one of my favorites online! anyways, im not here to gush but instead to ask if you've ever considered making a video about you're microphones? (like the camera video on moose2) thanks a ton for reading!
Admin Reply by: ian
I honestly know way less about microphones than I do about cameras... but I'll consider it!
Danielle Maxine wrote on September 28, 2022
I decided to come here out of curiosity after watching one of your videos and I had no idea you were an artist!! Your art is super rad! Keep up the good work!! Love the videos as well!!! 😀
Andrew wrote on September 28, 2022
I've noticed that you're a big fan of MST3K, or at least were. Have you watched any of the new stuff that has come out, and if so, what do you think?
Admin Reply by: ian
I haven't watched much of the new stuff! Practically none of it, honestly, even though I kickstarted it. So I've no opinion for now!
Booker wrote on September 28, 2022

Just dropping in to say that I've been a huge fan for years and love all the work you do. Nothing makes me happier then seeing a notification for a new video! Also I've tortured all my friends with your Hello Fresh segments, so thank you for that.

Wishing you all the best!
Mysterious Guest wrote on September 27, 2022
It’s me again. I already mentioned this before but I really do think you should play Commander Blood. It honestly is something I think you will enjoy a ton for the most part. It would also make a great stream game as well.
Here is a bit of gameplay if you are interested:https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2wpPavr5-zI
I also put a eBay listing I found on the website thing as the copy I was going to send no longer works. I hope you at least try it out as it is really good!
Matthew wrote on September 26, 2022
Hey Ian! Just found this website after nearly a decade of on-again off-again watching your content. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your work, and how I will appreciate it for hopefully another long while!
SuperDarkAqua wrote on September 26, 2022
Heya there I-an the man! I just found out about this website, because I just never looked before! Oh how wrong and foolish I was! Love the site aesthetic! Also you're my comfort youtuber, so keep up the great work!
Helen Gonzalez wrote on September 25, 2022
Hello! How are you Ian! I’m a big fan and I was wondering if you have any other cooking videos planned… really enjoy the way you cook! Keep it up!
Admin Reply by: ian
Currently no cooking videos planned, but it's surely only a matter of time.
Lora G. wrote on September 24, 2022
I love the vids, the vods, the foods, the tapes, the gerbet, what can I say. Been watching for like 6 years at this point, still get excited for new brutalmoose.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Lora!
Mary wrote on September 24, 2022
Hi, Ian! I’m a super longtime viewer of yours; I’ve been watching since I was a teen and have now just turned 23! I like watching your videos and VODs with my girlfriend while I work on stuff for college or work. Anyway, someone on Tumblr thrifted and ripped this disk of royalty-free 90’s website GIFs and it made me think you may enjoy them. I put the website link in the little website box if you’re interested.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Mary!
Mei wrote on September 24, 2022
Hey Brutalmoose, I really enjoy your videos especially your food review videos. You have awesome content! I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a brutalfoods review of Marie Callender's and comparing it to your reviews of Hungry Man and Banquet. I would definitely watch that if you did.
Admin Reply by: ian
thanks for the suggestion Mei!
Totally not a Blue Apron Executive wrote on September 23, 2022
Do you know if Hellodicus Fresh was involved in the Blue Apron Massacre of 1976?
Admin Reply by: ian
no comment..................
Varman wrote on September 23, 2022
hi moose! I love catching up with this site as an alternative to social media. Is there an RSS feed for it? Is that even still a thing? Love the videos, keep up the great work!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Varman!

You know, when I first put together this site I installed a plugin to block the RSS feed because I wanted this to be a place where I could post without sending out notifications to anybody. But now I'm kind of re-engaging with the internet in different ways, and your post has inspired me to re-enable the feed. Thanks!
Austin wrote on September 23, 2022
Heya moose, I've been a lurker since waaay back in the pre hidden block days of your youtube, I think the lego island video was the first I saw, and I've also been lurking the streams since the youtube runescape days, though I'm usually a vod man now. Big fan of your humor, style and chill vibe, and I'm breaking my lurker code here today to give you a game rec - an FMV game from the 90s called Harvester. Not sure if its on your radar, but the game grumps played some of it yesterday and I immediately thought it'd fit perfectly as a moose stream game. Its got a spooky memory loss mystery vibe that could be nice for the hween season. I imagine you'd wanna pick up a physical copy to play it on your old pc, but it was put on steam recently if you feel like checking it out that way. Thanks for readin' and I hope you're well, I'll always be a viewer no matter what content you put out there, and I'll be checking out the betrayal at club low vod soon! Merry Hween!
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man thanks for watching for so long, Austin!
And thanks for the recommendation, I've definitely heard of Harvester but I've never played it... I'll keep my eyes peeled for a copy.
Astro wrote on September 23, 2022
Hey Brutalmoose, just wanted to leave my thanks for the years of entertainment! I've been watching since the early game review days (Remember Space Dude?) and have thoroughly enjoyed the transformation of your channel. Here's to another year and comfy vibes!
Admin Reply by: ian
Man I only baaarely remember Space Dude, it's been ages!
Thanks, Astro!