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Will Toledo wrote on December 21, 2022
Hi, I'm Will Toledo of the band Car Seat Headrest and I approve this site
A Little Fella wrote on December 21, 2022
Is it me or dose something around here smell like poop?
Admin Reply by: ian
it is you
Max wrote on December 21, 2022
Wow. I cannot fully put into words the joy this brings me. Ian, your videos are always an event whenever they're released. Your second channel vid on that weird diet coke commercial still makes me laugh to this day. Please keep doing what you're doing as long as you can. This site perfectly encapsulates the energy that makes your videos so fun.

Much love

P.S. I will be forever disappointed I was unable to sample burstin' beads.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Max! I'm sorry you missed out on the burstin beats, but honestly you didn't miss anything worth experiencing.
Nicholas wrote on December 21, 2022
how quirky
a website
very cool
i love the stars
the flames remind me of eternal damnation
the videos are cool too i guess
Admin Reply by: ian
i read this like a poem
Shannon T. wrote on December 21, 2022
Dear Ian,

Thank you for always being your best self and providing the funniest videos on the entire internet.
Admin Reply by: ian
No problem, Shannon! Thank you!
lily wrote on December 21, 2022
Hi Ian! I gasped when I saw your website- positively wonderful and a marvelous little nook. A question- did you ever spend any time on browser games as a kid? And if so do you remember any particularly fondly?

Always happy when you put a new video out, thanks for being lovely.
Admin Reply by: ian
Man when I think browser games, I think of RuneScape Classic, N Game, and Aggressive Alpine Skiing. I played a ton of different browser games back in the day, especially during computer class, but those ones are always the first to come to mind.
dannijk wrote on December 21, 2022
definitely one of the most wholesome/chill people on the internet fr, love your stuff
Admin Reply by: ian
ty dannijk fr fr
May wrote on December 21, 2022
Good day! Greetings, been a fan for a long time. Since the "I've not seen such bravery." days. I liked a lot of game reviewers in those years, I love Nintendo all too much to this day. However you were the one I looked too for all my PC game content, something I wasn't familiar with. Thus, I mostly enjoyed the entertainment of it all. Since then I've stuck with you between moving, multiple accounts, and all the different lovely content you make. Especially love BRUTALFOODS got me back into cooking.

Happy Holidays, and well wishes!

Admin Reply by: ian
Wow thanks for sticking with me for so long, May! I hope to keep bringing you more watchable videos!
Dareth wrote on December 21, 2022
good morrow sir moose! i am currently watching your latest released video, snow day. this is amazing. i hope in the future people discover it and think that it was an e-card and bring it back retro-style
Admin Reply by: ian
please forward my snow day video to 10 family and friends for your christmas wish to come true
Andrew wrote on December 21, 2022
Hi Ian, I’ve watched your content for a while, and I love your style! The 80s and 90s are my 2 favourite decades and it’s great to see you’re still keeping the nostalgia alive.
Admin Reply by: ian
thanks andrew!
Grog wrote on December 21, 2022
Hey dude!
I have been watching you since your Legos Racers video That was middle school back then and now I'm about to complete my Masters in chemistry. Time flies Moose!

Admin Reply by: ian
Daaang! Congrats on the masters degree Grog!!
wyrmbelly wrote on December 21, 2022
Hello to my favourite chef, Ian Brutalfoods

Your videos and style of creation are incredible and I adore watching every new release. One of my favourite videos is the popcorn penguin creations, of Poppy and his son. Blessed be he, oh mighty penguin.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much wyrm! I actually think Poppy is one of my favorite brutalfoods episodes as well. Underrated!
A curious one wrote on December 21, 2022
Hello, i really like your website! It's both pretty, and very simple and practical... can i ask how you made it? What program or language did you use? Any general advice to share?
(i'm looking to make a website myself, but because i want something simple and a bit retro... it's rather hard, suprisingly)

Oh and, this guestbook thing is genius!
Admin Reply by: ian
I made this website in wordpress! No coding experience needed. My wordpress retro-themed site advice is just to find a really minimal theme to work with, then just mess with it a bunch. If you get lost just google things until you get an answer.
Locke_747 wrote on December 21, 2022
Hello, the collective known as Brutalmoose. Been watching since you were doing all those Hideenblock gaming videos. It feels like ages ago you were talking about "Lego Island", the transition from that to "Hidden Tapes" has been wild, but I am happy you've been making what you want to make. You're the first notification I look for. Happy Holidays and thanks for all the laughs.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you for being such a long time fan of ours, Locke!
Aaron B. wrote on December 21, 2022
A guest book! Oh how I missed these!

Thanks for all the great videos, Ian Brutalmoose. They always make me smile and I really appreciate the work you put into them.

Thanks again!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks aaron!
Aela Music wrote on December 21, 2022
Hello Ian! I've been watching your videos for a while now (now I gotta catch up on the stream archives haha) you've become part of a daily routine with me and my girlfriend watching your videos while we eat dinner. Thank you for being awesome, entertaining, and such a lovable personality! Here's to 2023 being another amazing year of brutalmoose! Happy holidays!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much Aela! Hope you enjoy the holidays!
Elizabeth wrote on December 20, 2022
Hey, Ian! Just wanted to drop by and say I appreciate you and what you do! I've been watching for years, and your style and how you conduct yourself sets you apart. Overall you're just a cool guy. Okay bye!
Admin Reply by: ian
thank you elizabeth!
dirtbike wrote on December 19, 2022
Will little ian ever come back or was he a one-off?
Admin Reply by: ian
i put him back in the jar and he died
Astro wrote on December 19, 2022
I like the web 1.0 feel of this website, Hope to see more videos soon!
Admin Reply by: ian
new brutalmalls should be out tomorrow!
Ren and Juice wrote on December 15, 2022
We sent you a package with some VHS tapes, I hope they have some interesting stuff ^^
Admin Reply by: ian
Looking forward to it!
I've got a big stack of fanmail that I'm going to open on stream very soon.
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