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Ben wrote on July 29, 2021
Hi Ian,
I've been binge watching your vods lately - especially love the Nancy Drew series, but I've been watching your videos for many years. Was wondering if you still have any plans of creating a forum? I think it would be pretty cool. Excited to see what you put out next!
PestilentEL wrote on July 28, 2021
Hello Ian.

Your videos are quite entertaining and I appreciate the work you have put into them. Very well done.

Have you ever heard of 'Wacky -Zany Video From Kool-Aid Man'? I used to watch it all the time when I was young. Im not sure you would want to do a video on it (maybe you would) but at the very least I think it would be something you would enjoy seeing. Maybe you even saw it growing up? You can even find it on youtube if you don't want to track down a physical copy.
'Kool-Aid Man in Wacky Zany Video (VHS 1991)' Should get you to the video on youtube.

Thanks for the videos. Hope you are doing well.
Sam (dxlltopia) wrote on July 24, 2021
Hey Ian! I’ve been a fan of yours since i was 14 and in those 7 years you’ve inspired me and kept me going so thank u! Btw i love the mystery tapes series, i watch them almost every day
Shardz wrote on July 24, 2021
Hi, Ian! I’ve been watching your content for around a year now, and I think your editing style is very unique, I love it! I found out about your stream archive through your Popin Cookin Takoyaki video, and decided to check out the 500k stream. I noticed that during the brutalfoods portion, you briefly mentioned VR games, including one called Rec Room, which caught me by surprise because I play Rec Room often! I was wondering, did you ever get around to playing Rec Room, as well as any of the other games you had in mind? What were your thoughts on them, and would you ever play them again today given the updates and changes they’ve been through over time?

JKSNsensei wrote on July 23, 2021
Hi Ian! Just wanted to tell you that in the past years I have been introducing you to my students who are learning English because I find the way you speak to be very clear and easy to follow for my students, and your content is great insight for my students who are not familiar with western culture. The takoyaki video is my go to to show them, and a few of them have been watching everything they can find on the channel. If you see the growth of a small following of Japanese university students, some of them are probably my students. Love your stuff, and if you ever visit Japan, I would love to take you around Japanese arcades and bring you to try different foods!
Quinn Peel wrote on July 22, 2021
what are your thoughts on portal.
Charlie wrote on July 21, 2021
Hey Ian! You're a cool dude and your content brightens my life. Keep on shinin'
Isabela wrote on July 20, 2021
Hello, Ian! Just watched your Vice City Manhattan review (it had been in my "watch later" playlist since 2018...) and it reminded me of a game I used to play when I was a kid. It's called Megacity Challenge and it was a terrible Crazy Taxi ripoff, but the HUD looked a lot like Vice City Manhattan. So I think it might have been actually a Vice City Manhattan ripoff? No idea why I'm telling you this That's it. See ya!
Garrett wrote on July 19, 2021
Woah I had no idea you had a website I wish I found out sooner. I just want to say that you’ve been a huge inspiration to me in my video editing; your humor and style are so amazing and whenever I have a bad day I know what will cheer me up! Ok bye
juno wrote on July 19, 2021
first time stopping by the good ol brutalmoose dot com but I must say I'm having a great time keep it up and godspeed
tracotr wrote on July 18, 2021
hi,... I love ur videos and I look up to you a lot. I wish to be as creative and interesting as you are. love u xoxo
Jesse and Caitlin wrote on July 17, 2021
Henlo Ian. Thanks for the videos. Love all the videos. We are new fans, but we've had a blast going through the back catalogue.

Do you still play the SpongeBob coin pusher? And does it break down all the time? I've played that machine in like 5 different cities across the country and they always error out if you play them long enough.
Nani wrote on July 15, 2021
Finally out of the hospital after 3 weeks. I have to say thank you to you Ian, your nancy drew vods kept me alive.

I keep hearing about the famous haunted carousel one but cannot seem to find it. I assume this means it either wasn't uploaded or played - maybe someday!

Thanks for all you do.
Adler wrote on July 15, 2021
Howdy Ian, I've been a watcher since back in the days of reviewing stuff like Shadow the Hedgehog and I gotta say, it's been a crazy, fantastic ride seeing you grow from being just another game Youtuber to expanding to all sorts of other content in the past five or so years. And I think it speaks to your fantastic editing and lovable personality that, every time you switch things up drastically, whether it be with food or thrift store VHS hunting, myself and everyone else is still receptive to it and engaged with it!
My favorite videos of yours have to be the food stuff, particularly the jar cakes video. I kind of divide seasons of your cooking videos up by your kitchen- I think the one you did that and the Hungry Man/Banquet videos in is my favorite because it's just so comfy, but your newest kitchen is my second-favorite too!
Keep it up! In between the time of you uploading whatever comes next, I'll be rewatching the other videos for the millionth time.
Loulou wrote on July 15, 2021
Hello Ian!
Just wanna say, thanks so much for introducing me to Cosmo D games. I love them so much.
Do u have a favorite song by Cosmo D/ Archie Pelago? Mine is "Arcology" 🙂

All the best to ya, Moose!
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man I'm not sure that I have a favorite track... Usually when I get in a Cosmo D mood I'll just put on one of the game OSTs and listen to it from start to finish!
Austin wrote on July 14, 2021
Hi Ian "bad at eating" Brutalmoose,

I'm writing to let you know that I've employed your breakfast lunchables test into my weight-loss diet. "If it makes you feel funny, maybe don't eat it."

What do I ask myself whenever I'm about to eat? You guessed it; will it make me feel funny?

VforVioletha wrote on July 13, 2021
Hi Ian!

I saw the Popstar review and noticed how you commented about The Room, which I just watched very recently.

Would you make a The Room review? I feel like that would be the funniest thing to watch 😂

Love your reviews, no matter if it’s a movie or food, they give a lot of joy 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Maaaan I do love The Room, but I don't think I could say anything about it that hasn't already been said, honestly. It's been pretty thoroughly skewered at this point.

Thanks V!
SimonP wrote on July 13, 2021
Ian! Just saying hi and a huge thanks for your hilarious videos over the years. My gf and I watch & rewatch all the time and crack up at your silly edits. We say plop, chorp and deliscous in our everyday lives with a smile. Nothing on YT beats seeing a new upload. Keep doing what you do, we love you.
Trey wrote on July 12, 2021
Hi Ian! I wanted to bring to your attention the fact that takis have made made a strange mozzarella stick and pizza roll hybrid that can be found in the frozen food aisle. I simply must know if it’s worth a purchase. Love your videos and your editing is the best I’ve seen! 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Well that just sounds horrific!
Brandon wrote on July 12, 2021
Me and my gf looooove your videos. We even quote you constantly as inside jokes between us!

Is there a way we could get an autograph? Lmao!

Keep up the good work!
Admin Reply by: ian
I currently have no autograph operation, but maybe one day, haha! Thanks Brandon!