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Joe wrote on November 8, 2022
Hello! Im a relatively new watcher, I have some tapes I want to send but there is one I want back. It’s a copy of Kids WB Saturday morning lineup circa 2001. My best friend gave it to me and would love it to be archived in some way but it’s has sentimental value to me. So would that be a possibility? Thank you for the entertainment my wife and I really enjoy your videos.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Joe!
I appreciate the thought, but I'd rather you didn't send anything with sentimental value my way, especially if you want it returned. Not that it's a bad idea, but I am very slow and forgetful and don't want to end up forgetting to return something important to you.
If you *really* wanted to send that tape my way, perhaps you could duplicate it?
either way, thanks for thinking of me!
masoKissed wrote on November 7, 2022
Hello, the iAn!

Longtime fan and VOD watcher here. I was browsing through your art gallery and wanted to know which character is your main sona? I see a raccoon, a cat, and ofc the moose. Would love to send some fanart your way.
Admin Reply by: ian
raccoon is the main one, but the moose is probably the more on-brand and recognizable choice.
doesn't matter that much to me, though! sonas come and go. as long as i know it's me i'll be stoked
vi wrote on November 7, 2022
hi ian,
my friend introduced your content to me a couple weeks ago and i really enjoy it! keep up the good work.
Admin Reply by: ian
thanks, vi!
me wrote on November 6, 2022
when will you be related to kevin macleod?
Admin Reply by: ian
only time will tell, i suppose....
rolly polly wrote on November 6, 2022
didn't know you were a furry! 😮 but your art and vids are awesome, keep up the good work bro
Admin Reply by: ian
thank you rolly i will try
kaibaman69 wrote on November 5, 2022
if brutalmoose was a yugioh card, what would it be?
Admin Reply by: ian
Lord of D
me wrote on November 5, 2022
are you related to kevin macleod?
Admin Reply by: ian
i am not
maddy wrote on November 4, 2022
hey ian! I've been sick for the last week and your nance and barbie game stream vods really made being stuck in bed with a fever a little more fun, thanks! hope to catch a stream sometime soon
Admin Reply by: ian
i hope you feel better soon, maddy!
brutalmoosefan wrote on November 3, 2022
u the goat bro
Science Fan wrote on November 3, 2022
Frankly appalled that brutalmoose.com/science isn't a working page
Admin Reply by: ian
It was at one point back when my .com pointed to my tumblr, i think? but it didn't make the jump to wordpress.
Spencer wrote on November 3, 2022
Dear Chef Ian Brutalfoods,
We have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty. Please call us. Please. We can't leave until you call.
themanwithoutaplan wrote on November 2, 2022
if you could learn/acquire/have/whatever any talent/skill/hobby/interest/creativeoutlet/whatever you wanted AND it magically had no impact on your schedule, what would it be?

also email this message to your 5 closest aunts/uncles or your ghost crush will not kiss you and you will die at an undisclosed date
Admin Reply by: ian
This is going to sound lame but I'd love to magically learn the art of time management. I already have so many hobbies/crafts that i like to partake in, i just wish i was better with my time so i could create more stuff
Jenny wrote on October 30, 2022
hey ian! long time fan of ur content, and i just wanna say that even the older stuff still makes me laugh all these years later! have you ever considered going back to making video game review type stuff or would you rather keep that in the past?
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Jenny!

I'm definitely not opposed to making gaming reviews again, I honestly just stopped gaming for a while and lost my interest/passion in the topic. I've been playing/watching a lot more games as of late, though, so perhaps it's only a matter of time.
Passport.mid wrote on October 25, 2022
I've been watching a lot of LGR lately at the same time I've been backwatching a some of your VODs lately, and you brought up the LGR computer. It got me curious about how you met LGR? And would you ever do a video with him on your channel? I know the content he makes is super different from yours, but I think it would still be cool to see my two favourite tubers (not the potato kind) riff on an old DOS game or something.
Admin Reply by: ian
I honestly don't remember how LGR and I met! If I were to guess, I probably reached out to him for help regarding retro computering. He's a very knowledgable fellow, and I do hope we can work together some time.
mj wrote on October 25, 2022
meow meow meow meow
Admin Reply by: ian
imposter. this isn't how mj types at all
Ocool wrote on October 25, 2022
Just found out about this site and have been watching your vids for a long time. Just wanted to say hi from Canada , so hi. 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Hi Ocool!
phillip wrote on October 24, 2022
is this a fever dream do i actually exist why are they watching me
Admin Reply by: ian
Steve from Manitoba wrote on October 22, 2022
Hey BM (bowel movement) I'm from Manitoba and I'd just like to say I enjoy your content, especially the editing. I love the green screen content, the little sound bites you add in (or your editor? does) calming voice, not obnoxious or loud needing to yell for attention.. all around good content and editing. Me and my brother both watch your content and buy random foods you recommend in your brutalfoods videos. Keep it up! Love from Manitoba. (The narrows of the Great Spirit)
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Steve!
I have no editor over here, it's just me!
Hello Fresh Ad Enthusiast wrote on October 21, 2022
I just wanted to say that I’ve had a rough go of it lately, and one of the things that has brought some serious light into my day has been rewatching your videos for the millionth time. Especially rewatching Mystery Tapes. That show fits so perfectly into my weird hobby niche. Thanks for making such great stuff all the time. Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ll watch it all! 🙂
(P.S. can Mystery Tapes be sent via PO Box? I’m a frequenter to thrift stores and would love to send some findings in the future, if it’s cleared with you.)
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks so much! I hope things turn around for you soon.

I'd absolutely love to get some tapes in the mail! Big yes from me, thanks for even considering it!
goated with da sauce wrote on October 20, 2022
Hey moose, been a big fan of your videos. I started watching you for mystery tapes, but now enjoy all your vids! Your latest VHS stream was amazing. Once I understood what Cartoon All-Stars was going to be, I got high and strapped in for the adventure. Thanks for showing it and definitely thinks it deserves a spot on the shelf.

P.S as a web developer, I absolutely love how you maintain this website and the cool design for it. I miss when everyone had their own personal unique websites.
Admin Reply by: ian
thanks so much goat!
i definitely plan on watching Cartoon All-Stars a little less sober the next time I pop it in the VCR. a new favorite of mine.