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Aaron wrote on March 18, 2021:
Hello Ian! Your mystery vhs videos are amazing! I love vhs tapes and the old commercials on them just like you! I hope your upcoming video will be great like all your videos you have made!
johnnie wrote on March 18, 2021:
hey ian, i got really good news for you.

there are new breakfast banquets at the local dollar tree so i figured you should give them a try cause you know, youโ€™re the expert
K Gibbler wrote on March 18, 2021:
Hey Ian, I just noticed that your most recent gaming video (Entering The Virtual World) is over a year old. What's even more notable, is you've broadcast 14 wonderful Brutalmoose programs since then.

As a fan from the pre-Hidden Block era, I've been oddly gratified by your move away from gaming videos. I get the sense that that's more a result of your expanding interest in other topics, and not necessarily an intentional break from gaming. But that's what gets me excited about web tv. Folks (generally) have the freedom to follow their muse and do what makes them excited to make content, which makes for better content, and tend to only be beholden to their audience. Or at least *less* dependent on structural aids like networks and advertisers. I'm inspired by your versatility and the disposition you bring to your work; it's actually really hard to make a well-shot good-sounding high definition television program that ALSO communicates immediacy and authenticity, and you've got it down pat.

What I'm driving at is; on top of the videos being stellar for the last few years, the trajectory of the channel has been very gratifying to me. Even as a fan of Televoid and its strange world, I find it really satisfying that it's this tasty little nugget right in the middle of the Brutalmoose Canon that reverberated into Mystery Tapes and brutalmoose.com . As an audience member, it looks to me you're exactly on the right track, and I'm demonstrably not the only one who thinks so ๐Ÿ™‚
Nick wrote on March 17, 2021:
Seeing all your old game reviews got me nostalgically reminiscing back to my stack of late '90s CD rom games. You've already covered some of my favorites like Pajama Sam and Road Rash. I'd love to see you do 'Fisher-Price Great Adventures: Wild Western Town' and 'CatDog: Quest for the Golden Hydrant'. The latter being a genuinely great game that I'm sure still holds up to 2021 standards.
Sage wrote on March 17, 2021:
Oh hey I didn't know this was over here until today.

I love coming to your website Ian. Always interesting to hear your thoughts and see detailed updates on your videos/stream.

Wanted to say I love the music you did for Danny's website, the Halloween one was great to. Love seeing you two work together on fun stuff.
Jack Nicholson wrote on March 17, 2021:
Hello Ian, itโ€™s me Jack Nicholson, who you may know from such hit films as The Departed, The Shining, Batman, and Heartburn. I just wanted to drop in and let you know that the Diet Coke video was really cool and I appreciate the work you do. Now if youโ€™ll excuse me, I gotta get back to eating hoagies on a boat and continuing to be Jack Nicholson, star of beloved classic Heartburn.
julia wrote on March 17, 2021:
hey ian! i love watching your videos. the way you edit and the videos you come up with are very unique to me. a lot of your videos reopen memories for me of things that i had completely forgot about which is another reason i love your content ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope you have a good day
Nick wrote on March 16, 2021:
Hey Brutalmoose guy,
Have you ever thought about putting all those VHS tapes you've used in Mystery Tapes on like archive.org so we can watch it too?
Admin Reply by: ian
I honestly worry about uploading VHS tapes because most contain full episodes of shows or entire movies... Maybe if I cut those parts out?
Thomas wrote on March 16, 2021:
Hey Ian! Iโ€™ve really enjoyed your videos for a few years now and just wanted to say thanks for the quality entertainment over the year.

Also wanted to mention two games to ya. Muppet Treasure Island and the Pink Panther: Passport to Peril. I enjoyed humongous entertainment games and these two I feel are worth a look since you enjoyed games like that.
Bonnie Louise wrote on March 15, 2021:
Hi Ian!!! I just wanted to say that my boyfriend and I love you and your videos. Weโ€™re long distance so we always watch you on our discord date nights!! Also, I work in produce so every time I see a cosmic crisp apple I automatically think of you.
Madeline wrote on March 15, 2021:
Hi Ian! I love your videos and your editing always cracks me up. I have been really enjoying rewatching your VODs, and I love the Episode streams! Please make more! Your voice acting never fails to cheer me up and make me laugh ๐Ÿ™‚
Scott & Angela wrote on March 14, 2021:
We love your videos. My personal favorite was the road trip video. I feel like you do an exceptional job at showing your viewers the world from your eyes which is a trait very few content creators actually possess.
John Stemos Out of Prison wrote on March 14, 2021:
Me and my 47 1/2 children enjoy this website very much and 12 of them just turned 30. it is very nutritious. I only rate it a 3.8/10 though, because I don't like ONIONS ON WEBSITES. I am furious of these heinous crimes. I would like a full refund on 69 of your pages.
Check out my full review via carrier pigeon.
Socks wrote on March 14, 2021:
I've been watching you since your Crisis City video and I love the stuff you do today! Always glad to click on your videos no matter how long its been.

Also visiting from a Windows 98 VM inside an XP VM because I was bored and it works ๐Ÿ˜›
Hoggle wrote on March 13, 2021:
Started watching you a few weeks ago and quickly loved your chill attitude to your videos, as well as the over-the-top editing. Can't wait for more, as I've run out of content.
Aoife wrote on March 12, 2021:
Yo Ian! Just wanna say that I'm a MASSIVE fan of your videos. I got a few questions right here for you here.
1. Do you plan on making more VHS reviews? Especially old, obscure kids media like Dream Bunny, there's just something that fascinates me. Hopefully when this whole virus thing is over we'll get more travel videos as well (like the road trip and cosmic crisp video) - they're my second favourite type of Brutalmoose video!
2. Any plans on making a Youtooz? Several other content creators I watch either have one or are coming out with one (Caddy, Chad, PBG, etc). It would be awesome to have a tiny vinyl figure of you to stare into my soul.
Thanks again!
Aoife ๐Ÿ™‚
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Aoife!
1. Definitely more VHS reviews. I have more Mystery Tapes planned, and I'm always open to covering obscure stuff if I come across the right thing. I also want to do more of the travel/arcade videos as well once the world opens back up!
2. I'm not sure about a Youtooz! I think they would probably be up for it if I asked, but I'm pretty wishy-washy when it comes to making my own merch. I'm just not that into the idea for some reason.
henry wrote on March 11, 2021:
hi ian, i'm a huge fan of yours and have been for like 5 years i think.

i just wanted to ask, do you think televoid is ever gonna come back/be completed? i know why you stopped, and i totally get it, but i really would like to see it return.

if it has no chance of ever returning, can i ask where you wanted the series to go?

Kazarian wrote on March 11, 2021:
Hey Ian. Just wanted to show you some love dude. I found you back in the day during to PBG and since, I've loved every piece of content from the videos, to the art, to the music. One of my favorite creators. Keep doing what you're doing man!

Best regards,

Jesse wrote on March 11, 2021:
Hey Ian,

Hope you're doing well! Always enjoy your videos, hope you keep up the good work!

cat wrote on March 10, 2021:
fellow Seattleite here - love your videos and creativity, and thank you for introducing me to the Cosmic Crisp! hope you're well ๐Ÿ™‚