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Aaron wrote on July 20, 2022
Skittles has a original lime package out now. “The original Lime-Up!” This is your chance.
Admin Reply by: ian
They're apologizing about it like removing lime was some huge unavoidable mistake that I never warned them about.
Brianiac5 & Kid Talksick wrote on July 20, 2022
Hey Ian, about 3 years ago my 8 year old son found your videos and we started watching them. We were already MST3K/RiffTrax fans, so your game and movie reviews were right up our alley and we've watched just about everything on your channel, some multiple times. He's 11 now and planning on doing his own reviews/riffs of cheap games under the name Kid Talksick (he has one playthrough video up so far). I think it's safe to say you can take a lot of the blame for his aspirations. 😊
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man, that's so cool! Best of luck to Kid Talksick!
Potato wrote on July 18, 2022
What’s your opinion on myst clones?
Admin Reply by: ian
I haven't played any of them, really, but some of them look pretty intriguing.
Potato wrote on July 17, 2022
Hey Ian,I was wondering if you ever played Commander Blood.It’s a game that was made by Cryo Interactive(who is French) and published by Mindscape from 1994. Cryo games aren’t know for being very good,but this is an exception.The game is extremely bizarre and I like it a lot.Even though the gameplay is not all that good and way too easy, the characters are so insane that it makes you want to keep playing until the end.Also the game has one of the best soundtracks in a game I’ve heard.One of the only problems I have with the game is that the ending is kinda disappointing.It’s really cool but it kinda feels like they ran out of time and threw something together.Also it’s kinda obvious that the game was rushed as there are planets that has no one on it the entire game.This is not a request but more of a recommendation to try it out.The games only around 5-6 hours long and it’s easy to find on eBay and is not that pricey.Love your stuff.Ian!
Admin Reply by: ian
Interesting! I actually dont think I've even heard of this game before, I'll have to look it up!
rowan wrote on July 16, 2022
brutalmoose is very cool i think
Jordyn wrote on July 16, 2022
Hey there! I've been watching brutalmoose since I first learned swear words (Those two things being completely disconnected from each other) and I have just found this website. Cool. Hello internet!
TrappistOrder wrote on July 15, 2022
Hey! iAN,

Love all your content and can’t wait for some more Nancy Drew.
Bofa Dien wrote on July 15, 2022
Dearest Ian,

While browsing steam I have come across an intriguing game I think you would fancy. It fits right into your coin game liminal space niche and I couldn't help but think of you when I decided to purchase it. The game is called "The Long Drive" and is a procedurally generated driving sim. There really is no goal to the game other than to make your own story on the road. There's lots of Vehicle customization and wacky things you can pull off. There are also cases of rare anomalies you can run into on the road. I'm a huge fan of your old game reviews and thought this is something you'd want to check out. Anyway, thanks for the amazing content and I hope to see more soon!

Your number 2 fan,
Bofa Dien
Admin Reply by: ian
Man people keep telling me to play this one, so I might have to just cave and do it. Thank you!
Micah wrote on July 14, 2022
Congrats on the 1000 guest book entries. I love this little site and so glad it gave you some respite from twitter.
Question, do you have any other plans for the website, I'd love to be able to download your alerts as compressed files like back in the 90s.

(I make this while its at 970 but know you often post many at once so hopefully you've passed the 1000th by this point)
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Micha! It's pretty wild how many people have used this guestbook honestly, it's much more active than I expected!

I don't currently have any website-expansion plans, but it's something I should seriously consider... Let me think on it!
continuefan69 wrote on July 13, 2022
Blobbidy doo!
Admin Reply by: ian
Juice wrote on July 10, 2022
Hi Ian! My name is Juice! So awesome! Me and my boyfriend are both furries as we always enjoy watching your videos on YouTube! One day I curiously saw a retweet of someone who made a fursona of you as an actual moose, (I don’t use Twitter anymore as I looked you up on Twitter through google.).

Either way I asked my bf if Brutalmoose was a furry as I showed him the art, and after doing some research, we were absolutely excited! All this time we were watching a famous YouTuber, WHOS A FURRY! Anyways I just want to tell you how awesome it is that you don’t really hide your fursona, and again it really is cool watching a furry YouTuber. You have an awesome day, IAN!

This review was collected as part of a promotion and the opinions are my own.
Admin Reply by: ian
haha hey thanks Juice!
Some guy wrote on July 7, 2022
I know you rarely review games these days, but I think you should check out a game called "The Long Drive". It seems like something that would be up your alley. Might be worth a positive review like what you did for The Coin Game, which it reminds me of. Same potent atmosphere and vague eeriness and isolation but at the same time kind of comfortable
Admin Reply by: ian
I've actually been considering playing that game lately but haven't pulled the trigger... maybe I'll give it another look!
Cassie wrote on July 5, 2022
Hey Ian,

Love your videos! I watch them all the time, can’t wait to see what you post next. I have an interesting suggestion I haven’t seen you do yet; a Canadian food review! Since you’re close to BC, it may be easy for you to access Canadian foods :)! Would love to know what you think about Poutine, All Dressed Ruffles, Lays Ketchup, Coffee Crisps, Beavertails and Nanaimo Bars! Right now, Tim Hortons has Justin Beiber themed stuff if you took a trip to BC 😂😂 ! Love your brutally honest reviews, and your editing is always entertaining. Great way to relax and get some laughs in. Thank you for all of your hard work!
Admin Reply by: ian
That's a really great idea! It could be fun to go and do some super stereotypical Canadian things for a vid.
Deucebucket wrote on July 1, 2022
Hey Ian, coming by to tell you if you havent seen lawn mower man you have to. Your life will change. Also get you a mower that blows leaded gasoline exhaust into your face.
Admin Reply by: ian
I saw Lawnmower Man ages ago and remember nothing about it, it's really time for a rewatch.

Also my lawn mower is electric....
Tyler DiCizzle wrote on June 30, 2022
Hey Ian!

Your arcade series really helped me appreciate my local arcade scene. I live in South Jersey: famous for its boardwalks and family fun—or gambling and booze.

Our boardwalks boast small, yet hardy, local arcades. My favorite, Jilly’s in Ocean City, still has machines from the 90s. Although some of the 30-year-old pinball machines are chronically broken, their analogue movements are more impressive than any digital display.

I’m so happy I discovered your channel; thanks for the solid content!
Admin Reply by: ian
That's so rad! I really love doing the arcade series, I'm happy that it inspired you to get out and check out the local scene! If I'm ever in the area, I'll have to check out Jilly's.
MC wrote on June 30, 2022
Have you ever thought of producing a full-length (whatever that means to you) film? You editing style is fun and maybe we'd enjoy watching it. I assume, however, it would get as many views as any of your more easily produced videos.
Admin Reply by: ian
I haven't thought too much about a film, no! It could be interesting some day, but I'd definitely need some idea that I was passionate about to drive me forward with that one. Maybe some day!
Plopster9000 wrote on June 29, 2022
Hey Ian, I just found out this thing existed and I really wanted to say hi. Not really much else I had to say, but I really like your videos and I wanted to remind you that Popin Cookin exists.
Admin Reply by: ian
You know I still have a few Ploppin Cookin sitting around...
Allie the Okay wrote on June 29, 2022
just learned you have a website! you have always been a consistently really enjoyable and funny youtuber, be it with game reviews, food reviews, or hell even reviews of road trips you've been on. you're great!

PLOPping as always,
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Allie!
Wishes for Fishes wrote on June 29, 2022
Members of the Facepunch forums still remember when you posted there. Facepunch is survived by a successor forum, Knockout.chat. Every time a video of yours gets posted there, there will be two or three posts like "I miss Ian, I wish he still posted in our community."
Maybe drop by the forum sometime and say hello, we miss you
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh no way! I didn't realize Facepunch was living on somehow, that was the last forum I was ever active on. I'll have to check it out!

update: you know i tried forever to set up an account for the forums, but i couldn't get past the username screen! i tried a ton of different names and they all got rejected... i'll have to try again some other time, maybe the system is down?
Ian wrote on June 28, 2022
Hello, Ian! I am fellow Ian! Seconding the Tim and Eric. You would love it - it's completely absurd. And their company produced the Nathan for You series, so, it feels like a natural connection.

You used to talk about a BIG VIDEO™, which you said would be around SIX (!!!) hours. Has this become something else, or have you decided it was time to move on from it due to creativity flowing elsewhere? My wife and I love your videos, and we watch your VODs regularly. Keep being a chill dude.

And don't bring shame upon the Ian name.™©
Admin Reply by: ian
Hello Other Ian!

The big video has unfortunately been shelved for now, it just got too big... but maybe some time in the future?