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Thom wrote on January 1, 2021:
Hi Ian! Small question for you: do you off-handedly remember what the name of the music track used at around 10:05 in your peanut butter surprise video is?? You've used it in a few videos and it's regularly stuck in my head. Thanks!

(here's a link for convenience for you/anyone else reading)

tripaseca09 wrote on January 1, 2021:
sup ian! i was going through some random channels and i thought this may interest you:

those are stunning, stupidly high quality transfers from 35mm film, used on drive-in intermissions back in the day. watching that instantly reminded me of your streams.
hope ya had a great holiday and we await your return 👋
Hamber wrote on December 30, 2020:
Hi! Please make a brutal foods review on "Devour" frozen food. They're absolutely delicious and I love you and your beard. Thanks.
BJ Wanlund wrote on December 30, 2020:
Hi there Ian! I actually want to make a sizable contribution to your Mystery Tapes series (it'd be somewhere in the neighborhood of 30+ tapes sold as used blanks). How can I go about sending you that? You can go ahead and email me at bjwanlund(at)gmail(dot)com and we can get the logistics handled offline to protect your information. --BJ
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you for the offer, BJ! I currently don't have a PO Box to receive these kinds of donations, but I'm hoping to open one once the world re-opens a little bit more.
Nick wrote on December 29, 2020:
Hello Moose,

Been hanging around your channel since the brutalfoods things and have been watching you more with Mystery Tapes, great content dude!
bunny wrote on December 28, 2020:
king ian pls help im having yoinky withdrawals </3 (miss u!!! hope you're doing well!!! give mj a lil kiss on the head 4 me!!! 💕🫐🌷🦋)
Jeff C. wrote on December 27, 2020:
Hello there Brutalmoose.
I just wanted to say that your videos bring a fresh bit of relief to my life in these crazy times.
You've inspired me to dig through the boxes of VHS tapes I was left by my late Grandmother and start looking through them. It's crazy how many have lost their labels over time. Discovering what's been recorded to these tapes has been another pleasant way to distract myself from the troubles we've all been facing this year.

I did have a question though, I really enjoyed your Televoid videos. Is there any chance that more of those will be coming at some point?
JozephBox wrote on December 27, 2020:
Hey Brutalmoose! I love your videos and reviews. I don't think I have much to say except thank you for your content. Keep on being cool!

Quinn wrote on December 26, 2020:
hello mr moose i have been watching your videos since 2014 and it has been amazing to watch your style evolve and your ambition grow over time keep up the amazing work 🙂
nn rodroid wrote on December 25, 2020:
Loving that Xmas MJ! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Moose!
Jake wrote on December 25, 2020:
Thank you for the stream archive 😀
Patrick wrote on December 25, 2020:
Hi Ian,
Not sure where to post this but just wanted to report a small website bug.
On the home page on mobile view, the header links are overlapping each other.
Hope this is helpful!
Oh, and have a good Christmas
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thank you so much, Patrick! I hopefully have fixed it.
Chelsea wrote on December 24, 2020:
I'm too self-effacing to comment on your posts/streams/videos in general but just wanted to leave a message of thanks for helping me get through this year. Your videos are always enjoyable and I enjoy every stream. I always feel like saying thanks is never enough. Keep on being you! Merry Christmas! Stay safe!
Madeleine wrote on December 23, 2020:
Hi, Mr. Moose!

I have been really enjoying your videos of late, and especially sharing them with my family members, including my younger sister. She loves vintage stuff like the game shows and how-to videos you've showcased.

She likes your content so much she wanted me to recommend a show to you: Celebrity Bowling.
It's the most awkwardly produced, odd show I've ever seen. The bowling lanes appear to be floating in an infinite void of blackness. The audience is barely lit, but they're judging silently and half of them are old ladies. The celebrities have no microphones and they're obscure TV stars and has-beens (mostly) from the 70s. Literally everything that can go wrong usually does. The bowling is usually terrible, but on at least one glorious occasion it's AMAZING. I seriously think you'd enjoy it.

At any rate, thanks for all the cool videos about VHS tapes, cooking, and (the occasional) video game-themed one.
Oskar wrote on December 23, 2020:
Hi iAN! plop
Ann F. wrote on December 21, 2020:
Hey there Moose!
I just wanted to drop on by and tell you how much I love your current videos. I've been a fan since your hidden block days, and love how you're just doing whatever videos you want to do now, they're chill and relaxing!
Hope you have a good holiday season, and I can't wait to see what projects you make in 2021!
Brittney wrote on December 19, 2020:
Hey Ian, I just wanted to thank you for all the amazing content you have put out over the years. Your retro recipes videos really inspired me to get back into vintage cookbook collecting and I have even digitized a few in hopes to email them to you, though I have since learned you've probably been bombarded with enough cookbooks. In learning to digitize these old books I've really developed a passion for archiving old works and media and have finally changed my major to suit my passions. Without those videos I probably would have stayed in a bad field of studies and I am just so greatful for you and all the effort you put into everything you do. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season.
Robert wrote on December 19, 2020:
Tristan wrote on December 17, 2020:
Heya Ian, I noticed in the new post from the Island twitter account that you got Bob on your island. Did you get him the legit way or did you succumb to using the Amiibo card?