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Tiana wrote on August 28, 2021
Hey Ian!

Your videos are a pure joy and light in my life. My father passed away in October, we are losing the house, and my relationship of 5 years ended yesterday. Your videos give me little joys to look forward to and take me out of all the craziness in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you dude! P.s. Yummy Milk Ian is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen. The editing, persona and confidence of Yummy Milk Ian is what I aspire to be xD
Cody wrote on August 28, 2021
Hey Ian, long time fan here! I’m glad to hear that MJ is recovering well and hope you are well. I just finished your recent Coin Game video and you mentioned you might want to do more “virtual space tours,” and I think you might enjoy a game that may or may not already be on your radar. It’s called Tower Unite, it’s the standalone game version of the old GMod Tower servers. Multiplayer, social/casual gameplay. Features an arcade, mini game worlds like mini golf, go kart racing, a ball race, and a couple action VS games. There are in game theaters and what not. It’s also from an indie dev team, albeit larger than the Coin Game’s single dev. They recently updated the arcade and added several new games as well. I’m not sure if multiplayer is your scene but I think at least the gameplay element might interest you! Keep up the great work, I’m always so excited when I see you’ve uploaded! Stay safe & healthy!
Cameron wrote on August 28, 2021
Hey! I watched your recent video on The Coin Game's new location, and you mentioned off-handedly you have a book about hotel lobby design. I'm actually genuinely curious--what book is it? It sounds like it could be a surprisingly interesting topic if it has a whole book about it, and I actually may be interested in seeking out a copy.

P.S. I hope MJ feels better soon!!! <3
Travis wrote on August 26, 2021
what comes after "I don't know what I should do; bleed out everywhere."? I've been wondering for like 5 years
Leah wrote on August 26, 2021
Hi Ian!
I have been isolating for the past few days and to pass the time I have been doing 3 things: drawing my webcomic, playing Hades and watching VODs of your streams!
Your VODs are so calming and make great background noise although I keep getting distracted from drawing because I want to see the funny stuff that's going on. I especially love the Episode VODs- they are hilarious!
Thank you so much for being a seemingly genuine chill gamer- that's so rare these days!
My boyfriend introduced me to your Youtube channel maybe a year ago and I've been hooked ever since! I will just say this: your review of Lego Island 2- I disagree with it. That game is stupid and hilarious and something I have that particular childhood nostalgia for (so I'm definitely biased).
Lots of parasocial love,
Chad wrote on August 26, 2021
Hey Ian, how’s it going? I’ve been watching your videos nonstop for the past few months. I’m a huge fan. My favorites are the BrutalFoods reviews. I had a few suggestions for a possible future video. Let me know if you are interested. Stay Safe.
Daniel wrote on August 22, 2021
Hey Ian you're one of my favorite creators, your videos bring me so much joy and I regularly watch and re-watch them whenever they pop-up in my recommended. I can't make it to the streams but I do watch the VODs and they're always nice to keep on while I'm working from home.

One of your videos, "Quest for the Cosmic Crisp", is one I've been rewatching a lot recently. I enjoy the sights and shops of the Pike Place Market even though I've never been myself being from a small town in Texas. Anyway I'm bringing it up because that style of video really speaks to me. The cosmic crisp video, arcade videos, and even the road trip video are seriously my favorite of your videos. I really enjoy the videos of you talking about places you've been and showing us the little things you notice while traveling. The narration and chilled out vibes really does it for me and the little trivia you pepper in or life stories you share really make me happy.

So, to my point, I recently learned of a new weird fruit and thought I'd mention them, cotton candy grapes! They're made by a company called Grapery from California but they distribute accross the country. I've never had them so I couldn't say if they're any good but knowing you have a sweet tooth and an interest in weird food (not an insult), I thought, who better to hunt them down and give them a shot than Ian? Now, I know a whole video about some grapes probably isn't in your wheelhouse since the cosmic crisp video was more, "hey check out Seattle with me and oh here's a new fancy apple", but I just figured I'd at least make you aware. Maybe next time you're in the produce section you can keep your eyes peeled and give them a shot.

Love the vids, glad MJ is doing well after surgery, and I hope you're in good health.
Abbey wrote on August 22, 2021
Hi Ian!

I absolutely love your videos and I was wondering if you were planning to upload any more videos of you out and about? Be it food reviews, thrifting or whatever! (Honestly I feel like you could just upload a video of you walking around a supermarket and it would be a hit!).

I hope you're having a fantastic day and thanks for all the great content! :))
Admin Reply by: ian
I absolutely want to do some more out and about videos! Right now it's about finding places that I can safely out-and-about to, but it's definitely on my radar!
Ashley wrote on August 21, 2021
Hey i absolutly adore your vids and adore the food content youve been making lately! I was wondering tho if you would be intrested in some chips for the next chip video from here in scandinavia cause id love to se your reactions to them 😀
Bobby wrote on August 19, 2021
Hello Ian. I love watching your streams. Can you stream more often, and announce when you are? Can you stream another Sonic game? Thanks! Your videos are awesome!
Admin Reply by: ian
Absolutely going to stream more! I'll see what I can do about announcing them ahead of time, usually it's just kind of whenever I can find the free time for it. We won't do another Sonic game right away, but for sure we'll do more at some point down the line!
Alec wrote on August 18, 2021
Hi Ian! My boyfriend and I both love your Popstar video. Just wondering where you got the sweater in the video? It's beautiful 🙂
Stephen wrote on August 18, 2021
Hey Ian, first I want to say that your website is perfect. I could not have imagined anything that evokes the brutal moose spirit more. I started watching last year on YouTube. My wife introduced me to your VHS series and I immediately knew I would be in for the long haul. I think I have watched every video you've posted on YouTube at this point. You rekindled a lot of nostalgia for my childhood, made me laugh, and made me buy Pajama Sam again. Thank you for all the good times. I'll be here for the foreseeable future.

p.s. You absolutely MUST check out Neil Breen if you aren't already familiar. A director/actor for the ages!
Axelle wrote on August 18, 2021
Hello Ian!

I'm a longtime fan from Sweden that has been watching since, gosh, sometime around the Oregon Trail 2 review? And like the previous guest wrote, it's been fascinating watching you and your content grow and change and I absolutely love all your recent food and cooking videos! I honestly think you really shine when you put yourself in front of the camera because you're just so much fun to watch on your own!

Best wishes, Axelle.
Linda wrote on August 17, 2021
Hey Ian, I just wanted to see how you were doing. I go out nearly every night to see the fireflies and the stars. I was wondering if you have fireflies around you? Something about sitting out there at night is just so calming and incredibly beautiful.

Thank you for all your hard work and the time you have put into your creations, the love you give to your fans. I hope that you enjoy what you are doing, all your fans appreciate you a lot!

Stay awesome, and remember to enjoy life and everything out there, remember to look at even the smallest things with wander. there is so many things in life that we overlook or take for granted.

so thank you again, and i hope to see you on my screen again soon, lots of love from me from down in Louisiana
Oli wrote on August 16, 2021
Hey Ian ! I had no idea you had a site ?
Been watching your content for a few years now, no clue how I missed this.
Regardless, I hope youre having a lovely day !
Love your content, not even really into review vids but I could watch you talk about paper for 40 minutes and be entertained tbh. 11/10 would recommend to random children in the street.
Chris wrote on August 15, 2021
I just recently realized that you and Clint from LGR know each other! How's the Gateway treating you?
fuuuuuuuuuuuuuurby wrote on August 14, 2021
Hey Ian,
Just wanted to say thank you for all of your content. I have been a long-time viewer, I think maybe the first videos I saw were like when you were still with hiddenblock, I can't remember for sure but I do remember waiting for televoid installments to come out so that's probably a really long time! I have had a really difficult time the past few years trying to finish my law degree, and I've been so grateful for every video, I think I've watched all of them at least twice. Law school is awful, boring and stressful and to have something I knew would always be there and always make me laugh without fail was a blessing. I finally finished a couple of weeks ago and I graduate next month and have been inspired to start making my own content (once I can get a job and afford a premier sponsorship and a microphone and a desktop and software that will allow me to stream from my switch aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAA I guess my early videos will just be garbage oh well). You've also made me feel a lot more confident to start embracing being a nerd and just being myself, seeing your evolution from someone trying to make viral content for vidya bros to really hitting your strides and finding your own distinct style has just been awesome. I've read enough comments on your channel over the years to know that you've read a zillion comments exactly like this one. Anyway thanks a million mooseman!! Never stop never stopping.

PS idk if you used to have an FAQ on here that had what editing software etc that you used but I would so love it if it would make a return ˚hehehe (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿)
Stinkybutt :) wrote on August 13, 2021
Homestar Runner wrote on August 12, 2021
Dalton wrote on August 11, 2021
Hey Ian,
I'm a new fan (new meaning almost two year now) and I've really been enjoying your videos. Ever since my girlfriend (now fiance) showed me your videos, I've felt inspired to get back into video-making. Actually making them takes forever since I have a full time job, but it feels nice to care about video-making again.
I hope everything is going well for you and yours, and thank you for the smiles and the laughs!