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wooge wrote on June 3, 2021
did you just beat us at mario kart 8 coin runners overwhelmingly
Admin Reply by: ian
I don't think so
J. wrote on June 3, 2021
Been an avid fan for years! Just randomly thought about how much joy you and your videos have brought me in life and wanted to drop some positivity somewhere. Hope you're doing well!
Alex wrote on June 2, 2021
Hey Ian. Love your content, you inspired me to dig through my grandparents VHS collection to see some cool stuff(found a tape filled with gulf war era 24h news cycle stuff that was very propagandish)
Will your Next video ever come back up? Looks like it was taken down, obviously viacomcbs can't handle the dicky.
Admin Reply by: ian
That's great Alex! I hope digging through those tapes was as much fun as it is for me.

I'm not sure if the Next video will come back up but I hope so.
Kyle wrote on June 2, 2021
Hey Ian! Just wondering where the “NEXT” dating show vid went? Easily one of my favorites just due to the absurdity of the show, but it seems to have been removed from YouTube.
Admin Reply by: ian
Unfortunately its been blocked on YT because of a copyright ID match! Hopefully I can appeal it I just haven't given it a shot yet.
Camwoodstock wrote on June 2, 2021
Say, whatever happened to the Brutalmoose video on MTV's Next? I tried to find it, but I suddenly can't find it. It wouldn't surprise me if YouTube auto-copyright shenanigans are in place and it just flew under the radar, but on the off-chance something else went down, are you allowed to say it and can you say it?
Admin Reply by: ian
Unfortunately Viacom recently blocked the Next video because of a Copyright ID match. I haven't requested an appeal yet so there's a chance that it could get put back up, we'll just have to see. Definitely against my wishes, though, the few videos that have been taken down/blocked from my channel have all been because of copyright matches.
Ayana wrote on June 2, 2021
Hi Ian!
Hope you are doing well and that June brings lots of joy to you and MJ! Also, happy pride month!!
G wrote on June 1, 2021
Looks like your Next video got taken off YouTube. Hope it comes back soon!
Admin Reply by: ian
Yeahh bummer! We'll see.
Caleb M wrote on June 1, 2021
I was inspired by your videos and bought a bunch of sold as black VHS tapes. Did not find anything too interesting just a few local commercials and and old news cast from 1993. Do you buy every tape you see or do you pass on some. I saw a few labeled as wedding footage, but thought it was creepy to buy them.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Caleb! I definitely don't buy every tape I come across, some tapes just don't seem like they're worth the investment. I'm not sure that wedding footage would make for a particularly thrilling watch, I'd probably pass on that one as well.
Alexis T wrote on May 31, 2021
hi, love your brutalfoods videos

k thanks for making them really hope you have a great day
Payton H wrote on May 29, 2021
Hey man, I hope you’re doing great. Your videos are really the only ones on YouTube that I have to stop and watch. Every single video is a treat. Also wondering, what’s your favorite fast-food burger place?
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Payton!
And wow, that's a tough question. I like different fast-food burgers for different reasons, but the one I end up eating the most is almost definitely Wendy's. It's either Wendy's or McDonalds.
Easton L. wrote on May 29, 2021
Hi Ian! I just wanted to say that your video style is incredibly unique and fun, it’s the reason I’ve decided to present you with this question. I’m currently in a program at my school that gives me access to camera equipment, premier pro, and all the film equipment I could dream of. I think I’m fine with cameras, but when It comes to editing, I feel like I have a harder time creating what I want. Next year, my capstone project will be a 30 minute short film, and I’m trying to get better at editing so that I can produce something I’m proud of. And although I am always trying to improve my skills, I always feel like I’m working really sluggishly and not producing something that could be such a better product. Do you have any general tips on how to edit more efficiently and just better in general? I know my way around the basics but I’m still relatively amateur and am open to any help.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hmmm that's tough! When it comes to editing for film, I was taught that the best edits are the ones that go unnoticed. Unless it's intentional, you want to make every cut "feel" normal, and you want to choose shots that the viewer isn't going to be jarred by. But how do you actually learn how to do that? Toughie. Along with watching tutorials and reading books about editing, I'd recommend watching movies/TV shows that are similar in "feel" to the kind of movie you want to make. But instead of watching the movie for fun, really pay attention to the editing of the movie. What edits do you like, and why do you like them? What about the ones you don't like? You don't want to directly lift ideas from another movie or anything, but studying how other people do things is a great way to get inspiration for yourself.

When it comes time to actually edit your film, try not to like... look at it too long? Which I know sounds hard to do. But you need time to look away and rest your eyeballs. Look at a different scene for a while, or a different movie altogether, that way you can look at your own project with fresh eyes. You want to be sure that you're editing it for people that are seeing it for the first time, which can be hard to do when you're looking at it 24/7.

I hope some of these tips were helpful! Like anything, editing is an area that you'll get better with over time, I feel like it's just something you have to do a bunch to develop that inner gut feeling that helps guides you on edits. Best of luck with your short film!
Caerid Lock wrote on May 28, 2021
Heeeelloooo, just popping in to thank you for being a wonderful artist. You are true to what you want to be doing at the time, and obviously invest heaps of time and effort into the videos you put out.
-And I respect that a lot.

I hope everything is good for you and yours, in whichever part of the world you are currently in.

Thanks for all you do for us rowdy lot, - cheers.
Person-on-internet wrote on May 28, 2021
Ancient viewer here, been watching since the Polar Express video waaaaaaaay back when. LOVE how the channel (and your style of editing lol) has evolved.
Here's to the BMBS outlasting cable television
Much love, my dude ^-^

PS: Pet MJ right this second, or I'll torture my kidneys by eating 3 Hungry Mans at once
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much, person! I've delivered MJ a number of pets for you.
JTRnorefills wrote on May 26, 2021
Yo Ian! I've been watching your channel ever since 2018, keep up the good work dude!
Marcus and Lorna wrote on May 26, 2021
Just wanted to tell you we love ya Ian. Whenever you drop new videos, all of our plans shut down for the evening because we have to crack beers, grab snacks, and watch. All our love and support to you from 2 fellow Texans (Wylie here),
Marcus and Lorna
Ryan wrote on May 25, 2021
You've been a huge inspiration for me to start following my dreams (and growing out my hair) the last couple years. Thanks for doing what you do! 🙂
charlie wrote on May 3, 2021
hi ian!! i love all your videos very dearly. i return to them whenever i'm in need of a laugh. i can quote the twinkie cookbook video line for line at this point. but my all time favorite is the cosmic crisp video. that video is so comforting to me and also the phrase "room-temperature Randy" has become a catchphrase in my household. thanks for everything! 🙂
Neema wrote on May 3, 2021
This website rules, i hope this guy is actually a profession food critic. i want him to destroy my future restaurant, rip it to shreds and compare it to a Banquet Frozen Dinner
Ahmed wrote on May 3, 2021
Chef Ian Brutalfoods, as an aspiring to be content creator, I am constantly thinking of concepts and ideas for videos. I’ve watched all your videos and love them dearly, although something dawned upon me as of late. Your food videos have a heavy theme of either being nostalgic throwbacks or processed foods overloaded with salt. That being said, where’s the Spam Ian? It not only harkens back to WWII, it’s been a staple in American pantries since. Not to mention it is also a processed food with an abundance of sodium. Not to mention the countless recipes that exist with Spam, some being even iconic. One might think at this point that I love Spam, that’s not really the case, this is all just an idea born from brainstorming my own concepts. Where is the Spam Ian?
Admin Reply by: ian
Haha you know Spam is not a bad idea for a video! There are a lot of things you can do with Spam. I'll keep it in mind, thanks Ahmed!
Grayson Smith wrote on May 2, 2021
Hello Ian!

I’ve been an active viewer since the first living books video.
To say that you have had an impact on my life would be an understatement.
I started watching you in middle school. and watched your videos on loop throughout high school and now. I watch them as a college student.
In a sense, as you have grown as a youtuber. From going from game reviews to film reviews than food reviews ETC.
I myself have grown from a young kid into an adult!
So, I thank you. From the bottom of my heart.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so very much, Grayson!