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Thomas wrote on May 1, 2021
Hello Ian hope you are doing well.
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm doing fine!
Claire wrote on April 30, 2021
Hey moose! Sick website! Thought I'd stop by and take a look around the place. About twice a year, I sit down and rewatch every video on your channel, and they still haven't gotten old after 3 years. I show your Town With No Name video to, like, every cool person I know, and it's still one of my favorite videos of yours! Before I go, I'd like to know, what's your favorite kind of snack cheese? I'm a mozzarella string cheese kind of girl.
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh yeah if I'm going to snack on a cheese, it's probably going to be a string cheese, I agree with you there. Babybels are also pretty good. Beecher's has a cheese stick that doesn't peel, but it is very good cheese. Overall, though, definitely the string cheese.

Thanks so much for watching/writing, Claire!
beck wrote on April 29, 2021
hi! ive been watching your content since about 2016 and i still find myself going through and rewatching old videos of yours after catching up on new vids. you're absolutely hilarious and a big inspiration of mine for a lot of things. i hope things are going well!
FOCUS wrote on April 29, 2021
Hey Ian!

So I've been a fan since 2015-ish and fell in-love with your videos and more recently your streams ever since, Your editing style in combo with your personality is IMO perfect! also switching your format to be more variety base definitely separates your voice from other creators forsure, I hope you don't stop anytime soon! I'm sure working in this field puts some if not allot of stress on you but I hope you know you're truly giving people inspiration happiness and just something to watch. hmm maybe that is also stressful to think about lol welp im sure you'll be fine. on the other hand got any suggestions for shows? anything you been bingeing on? Hope you and brutalBF are doin well and staying safe ๐Ÿ™‚

Best of wishes - Focus
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks for the kind message Focus! I know I've been a little slow lately but I definitely don't plan on stopping videos or streams any time soon. And brutalBF and I are getting by just fine these days, thanks for asking!

Lately I've been binging Ozark on Netflix! I'm not a big Jason Bateman fan but it's been a lot better than I expected and it's making me like him a little bit more. Super long episodes, too, which is cool. Pretty good watch if you're a fan of like Breaking Bad crime stuff.
Datathrash wrote on April 29, 2021
You absolutely crushed it with the snackables video. Pure surreal goodness done with incredible skill. You are the hero we don't deserve. <3 <3 <3
satchel wrote on April 29, 2021
dang ur pretty cool i dig ur videos + music and stuff

would be cool to do music things sometime!

be well.
Jame Bond wrote on April 28, 2021
Ive been watching since around 2015 and have loved watching your progression, the amount of effort you put into your videos is insane! keep up the good work
hachikosyndrome wrote on April 28, 2021
i could really use a soda
Dylan S wrote on April 28, 2021
Hi Ian! Iโ€™m generally a lurker in communities, but I finished the lunchables snackables video and saw this site at the end and figured it was a sign to post/comment 😅

Anyways, after I found you through the early brutalfoods videos, I binged so many other videos because itโ€™s just my perfect kind of humor. I find myself saying โ€œplopโ€ randomly even while at work, so I thank you for that 😂
I love the VHS videos too! I have a ton of recorded tapes I want to go through to see if I find any commercials ever since seeing your videos, tons of nostalgia there!
Anyways, thank you for the many years of laughs!
Nina wrote on April 28, 2021
Hey Ian! I've been watching your videos for a long while, and have done two of your recipes before (the pizza dip and the peanut butter surprise) and had a blast doing them! All of your videos are seriously entertaining and they always make me smile. I'm sure you get this a lot, but they help a lot with my depression and anxiety, you're just so funny and calming to watch, and your editing skills are amazing! I hope everything goes well, and please give MJ some pats for me!
Spam Risk wrote on April 28, 2021
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Lulu A wrote on April 27, 2021
Hello! My sister and I have enjoyed your videos for a couple of years now, so thank you a ton for being so entertaining. I found your site from a mention in your most recent video's comments and decided to take a quick rendezvous and it's pretty neat here. Hope you're doing well, LA
Katarina Y wrote on April 27, 2021
hi iAN! love your videos, ive been watching since 2013. just wanted to pop in and say, if you've never heard of the film "Tales From The Quadead Zone" you may want to look in to it. seems like something you may enjoy. ily hope youre having a great day <3
Dan wrote on April 27, 2021
Hey Ian! I've been watching your videos for years, didn't know you had a website though. I came here for one purpose, and that's to tell you Chuck Cheddar from Pajama Sam 3 was named after the actor Chuck Connors. Love your videos!
jacob wrote on April 27, 2021
Below is a post that I posted on the Brutalmmoose subreddit and was subsequently informed of the guestbook.

Holy Moly! The production on yesterday's BrutalFoods was amazing!
Ian's production and editing has always been top-notch while maintaining his zany antics and quirks in his videos, but yesterday's video was insane. Two things that really stuck out to me were the commitment to the transcendental escape into the woods bit and the audio track. First off, I really admired his escape into the woods bit, I think that provided an insincere, but comic explanation for his long absence from the platform. Second of all, I listen to everything on studio reference headphones (I have my reasons) and the audio on this video was a big step up from many of his previous videos. The effects came through so clean and were well blended and his voice came through really well, as well.

Ian: take as long you want on the videos. I know they're going to be worth it! I love your commitment to your craft.

TLDR: This was an amazing video. Well worth the wait. Ian knocked it out of the park again! Editing was insane.
Veronica Z wrote on April 27, 2021
Hi Ian!

I loved the most recent BrutalFoods. As top quality as the rest of your video! Was also a huge fan of the Coke video, was main channel quality!

Just wanted to mention that I was concerned about you putting your laptop on the soil in your latest video. Is the laptop okay?
Admin Reply by: ian
The laptop is just fine! Probably wasn't the best idea to put it directly onto a pile of dirt but eeeeeeh it's fine haha

Thanks Veronica!
Caroline Sunshine wrote on April 27, 2021
Your videos always make me smile, whether I'm watching them all actively for a fourth time, or just putting them on for some soothing background noise while I sew. I love your gentle sense of humor and the good-natured attitude you bring to your cooking misadventures. Your kitchen mishaps and misunderstandings have brought me a lot of joy, and it's honestly delightful to see you persevere and try out new things. I haven't been able to find other YouTubers whose editing style gives me the same feeling as yours does, so I will keep eagerly watching your videos and awaiting new content!
Mooseloverfromcanada wrote on April 26, 2021
Hi ian thank you for making great content. Been watching for years and every time you upload a video it brightens my day. 🐿
Mx. Calvin G wrote on April 26, 2021
Hi! I'm a newer viewer and I'm already in love with your content! The love and attention that you put into your production is incredible, and brightens my day. I really loved the Lunchables Snackables video since the editing was phonemenal. I also really enjoyed hearing your thought process when you talked about how Ian McFlowerPotMan could have been a baby bird being fed... it was super similar to how I think when doing my own projects and was a relief to know other people are basically organized chaos haha. Keep it up at your own pace! I'll be excited whenever I see a vid from you ๐Ÿ™‚
Admin Reply by: ian
Organized chaos describes my process pretty nicely, actually haha. Thanks Calvin!
Ashton wrote on April 26, 2021
Your snackable, lunchable review made me laugh very hard in the back of my car where I sleep. (Don't worry, it's comfortable because I got a couch cushion at the beach next to a trash can that I cut up and repurposed with an exacto knife and now it's like sleeping on a cloud). ☁️

I wasn't aware of how void-like I'd become until you made me laugh repeatedly. Thank you for existing.

Your hair is also smashing. (I tried to swype "amazing" but that's what I got and you know what, it's better).

Do you have merch? Happy fishing! 🎣
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Ashton! Thank you for the smashing guestbook entry.

Unfortunately I have no merch to offer at this time, but maybeee one dayyy. Maybe. Don't hold your breath for it haha