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Gin. wrote on June 27, 2022
i love you
Jeve Stobs wrote on June 26, 2022
Question! In your Strange Kitchen Gadget Reviews video, there's just like, a photo of a random floor for half a second? (at 15:15) What's up with that?
Admin Reply by: ian
Just an editing oversight! A lot of the time i finish my videos during late night editing sprints and sometimes I'll miss something like that. I know it seems like an obvious mistake but it's honestly pretty easy to let stuff like that slip through when you work alone.
Chisken Nougat wrote on June 25, 2022
Hey Ian!
Just wondering, do you play any tabletop RPGs? I have a habit of mailing dice to internet creators' P.O. boxes, so I could totally send some your way.
- Holly
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm not much of a TRPG player unfortunately! Not right now at least. I do love dice though.
Ben (Cedrusel) wrote on June 23, 2022
Hi Ian!

Just hopping in to say I loved the new Costco Foods video! The ad at the end was a real treat to watch! You really nailed that 90's CD-ROM aesthetic, and I keep going back to watch it.

I hope life is treating you well!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Ben! I'm glad you liked that ad, it was actually a really fun one to put together haha
Eel Girl that Watches Eels wrote on June 22, 2022
What's your opinion on New Coke, vs modern Coke, vs Coke with Cane Sugar.
(Modern Coke uses corn syrup while old Coke used Can Sugar, which can still be found in certain countries like Mexico)
Admin Reply by: ian
Cane Sugar soda is the way to go whenever you can get it, for sure. I can't say that I've ever had new coke? But i do love regular coke as well, especially at Mc. Donald.
welp64 wrote on June 22, 2022
Admin Reply by: ian
Logan W. wrote on June 20, 2022
Hello Ian! in preparation for my families yearly family road trip I've been brushing up on your snack and road trip videos! always enjoy watching you, I was wondering if you had any interesting recommendations for a road trip, if the info would help, I'm driving from Florida to Tennessee, so probably things you would only find in your local Wawa or 7/11 gas station.
All The Best!
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh man, I hope your road trip goes well, Logan!

I don't think I have any wild or out there road trip snack recommendations today, but I will say that I've been really digging the beef jerkies that come with a stick of cheese as well. Jerky + Cheese, yes please.
Sam wrote on June 20, 2022
Hey Ian! Great new brutalmoose video! I can always count on you to make me feel like an insane person for laughing hysterically in my bedroom alone at 11pm. I've been listening to your song "gone" a lot recently and I was wondering if Hawaii Part II is an influence? Also, do you have any all time favorite films? I feel like you'd either love or hate Eraserhead.

Thanks for all the laughs and much love!
Admin Reply by: ian
Hawaii Part II (and most other Tally Hall and their spinoffs) are huge inspirations to me! Great ear.
I haven't actually watched Eraserhead (oops!). I'm actually not much for movies these days, I mainly watch television shows, but I always used to say that The Naked Gun was my favorite flick.
Seth Vander Laan wrote on June 20, 2022
Just wanted to say that brutalfoods has become one of my favorite YouTube shows. I have been a sub since the Hidden Block days, so my friend and I were shocked to see the Kid’s Cuisine video like 5 years ago out of nowhere. But him and I still regularly quote the foods vids and reference the edits, the corn bit from Kid Cuisine, “Plop” which has become one of my favorite jokes, as well as the pitched down “Texas Yum Yum”. Keep on doing your thing man, I’m always stoked when a new vid is out!
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thank you Seth! I'm really happy you're enjoying the foods! (also RIP Hidden Block, those were the days)

cody wrote on June 20, 2022
Hey Ian!!! I’ve been watching your videos for 6 years and I love them!!! It’s so nice to see your editing and your comedy grow as I’ve grown. It’s also nice to have your videos be a constant throughout my life. Also, I only recently discovered that you’re an artist just like me!!! Your art is amazing!!!!! You’re just a wonderful artist in general!!! Thank you for staying an awesome guy and continuing to pursue your passions for all of these years :DDD
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much Cody! I really hope I can work on some more art some time soon...
Loki, the Sh*t Movie Pusher wrote on June 20, 2022
Hey Ian! Just wanted to say that I still want to send you a copy of the worst movie I’ve ever seen, Max Magician and the Legend of the Rings! I have multiple copies and they can be bought cheap online. I’m not even requesting a review, I just want to share the atrocities. If you’re not Ian and you’re reading this, I’m willing to send a copy to you as well depending on my finances, or you can just look it up on eBay (they go for $5 or less). Thanks, and love the content as always!

Watchthisshitmovie@gmail.com =)
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks Loki! My PO box should be re-opening by the end of the month.
I actually think someone might have sent me this movie? Either that or it's just very familiar... I've never actually watched it though!
Hungry Man Dinners Saved My Life wrote on June 20, 2022
You're a Tim & Eric fan, aren't you, Ian?

Thanks for the laughs.

Admin Reply by: ian
I actually haven't seen very much of Tim & Eric! People say I'd enjoy it, though.
Curtis T. wrote on June 20, 2022
Hey Ian!

Want to say thank you so much for the videos, especially Brutalfoods. Something about seeing a new video from your channel brings such joy. Your editing style and comedy meshes so well together and I'm always enthralled. I'm sure everything you put out is a tire but believe me it makes such an impact everytime.

Thanks so much again, take it easy.

Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Curtis!
Kara wrote on June 20, 2022
Ayee, just wanted to say I greatly enjoy your work, energy, content,, etc,, I’ve been binging all your YouTube vids cuz I woefully haven’t viewed them since Lunchables :/ but I’m catching up. I reside in 253 area and I wanted to say that your vibe emits/hollers PNW energy and I respect it greatly. Thank you for continuing to gracing the internets and it’s inner ether with your creative touch. Your insights on things are enjoyed and appreciated :>
Oh and I didn’t know what to put under website o.0 I don’t blog anywhere anymore
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Kara!
Schacob from Verizon wrote on June 20, 2022
I've been watching your videos since I was in middle school. Me and my siblings used to laugh so hard at your Bad Milk and Oregon Trail videos. All these years later, I'm still a huge fan and will watch a video or two with my siblings when we have the time. My favorite of your videos in recent times have been the Mystery VHS videos. Very fun and interesting watches.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much! I definitely plan on doing more VHS video down the line!
Eleanor W wrote on June 20, 2022
Hi Ian! Just wanted to say love the videos, love how your style had changed and evolved over the years. Started watching around the bad milk, captain Bible and crisis city time and I love how unique your style had grown since then, it's a real comfort watch I can't help but binge. If I watch one, I've gotta watch more. Keep it up!
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh wow those are some real ancient videos!! Thanks for sticking with me for so long.
Justin Grimes again wrote on June 20, 2022
follow-up on my previous post -

You should also look into the Arena Sports in Mill Creek, WA. It's half indoor sports (like soccer etc), but the other half is a full-blown arcade with awesome games. They even have a full-sized Lazer Tag arena with scoreboards and a 4-player VR experience. Climbing ropes, rock walls, the works. Definitely worth checking out! 🙂

Reach out via linkedin if you need any deets!

-Everett-ite? No, that sounds weird. Ah yes, I've got it! Everettonian! (pronounced ehv-reht-tone-ee-in)
Justin Grimes wrote on June 19, 2022
Hey there brutalmoose/Ian! Just wanted to say your content is dopetastic and keep up the great work. Also your walk-throughs of the Everett Mall and Round One were great. You should consider doing the same thing for the Lynnwood mall - they have a WAY better food court and arcade.

A fellow Seattle-ite (well, technically Everett area but whatever)
Admin Reply by: ian
Haven't been to the Lynnwood mall yet, I'm going to have to check it out!
Tristen wrote on June 19, 2022
Hey Ian, I'm a huge fan of your videos, my favorite when I was in high school was the one about Crisis City. Ever since you started Brutalfoods I had this question, do you plan your video editing ahead of time? Or is it more so whatever comes to your mind after you finish filming? I hope you have a great day!
Admin Reply by: ian
I usually don't plan editing ahead of time! I just film a bunch and then figure out the editing later.
Brayden wrote on June 19, 2022
Hey Ian! I absolutely love the channel. I just introduced my fiancée and she absolutely loves the videos as well. I hope you're doing well! Happy Pride month!