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Xey wrote on December 17, 2020:
Hi Ian! I found your videos at a rather depressing point in my life about two years back now. Every update feels super cozy, and no matter what content your videos hold, it always feels just right. Your editing is hilarious and your commentary is always just the right mix of soothing and funny! I've enjoyed introducing you to my friends and partners, and all of us really appreciate what you do.

Happy holidays!
Liam wrote on December 15, 2020:
Loving the website. I really dig your stuff and, as a fellow guy with long hair, I deeply respect your luscious locks. Just played HL2 Update and it was a nice surprise to hear you voicing some of the commentary.
Anyway, I really enjoy your work. Keep on doing what you're doing.
Fluffnight wrote on December 15, 2020:
Forgot to mention... I played a LOT of Squeeze. I don't know if it was because I had no other CD-ROM games at the time? I mean, I also played a lot of solitaire and minesweeper... But I remember playing a lot of Squeeze for sure! (Also, I've been meaning to get back some of my Magic School Bus and other child learning CD-ROM games from my friend, but they're currently lost in the black hole of my friend's daughter's room.)
Fluffnight wrote on December 15, 2020:
Happy holidays, Ian! Thank you for being so dang funny! My boyfriend showed me your videos maybe... 1-2yrs ago (oh, I guess when we started dating...) and we will watch them together whenever I visit him. I like all your content he's shown me so far. He has told me time and time again to get rid of my VHS tapes....then you released Mystery Tapes! Anyway, you playing old games (god, this guest entry will be long and idea jumpy) reminded me of an old CD-ROM game I used to play called Squeeze. I couldn't find anything about it on the internet. No gameplay, nothing. Just one or two old posts from BC Forestry as Squeeze was a game BC decided to make to....teach kids...about the lumber industry? Anyway, I have two copies (for some reason) and wanted to send you one. ...but I saw your PO Box is closed until this virus is over. So... I guess... Expect a copy of this game in the future. STAY SAFE!
Myles wrote on December 14, 2020:
Hey Ian! I love your videos, especially Mystery tapes. Me and my friend have started our own blank tape collection and have found some real gems. I was wondering if you had a public PO box so that I could send some of them. Just want to make sure their with someone who'd appreciate them ya know?
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Myles! Glad to hear you're collecting some cool tapes! I currently don't have a PO Box, but I've had one before and I plan to re-open it once the virus craziness has passed. Thanks for even thinking about sending me some tapes!
keenanstuff wrote on December 14, 2020:
Hey Ian, been watching your channel for about 3 years and I love this website. I wanted to ask whether or not you liked coding for web design like I do because your site looks slick.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thank you Keenan! No web design coding here. I used to kind-of know basic HTML (I'd make custom Myspace pages back in the day), but now I know almost nothing. I just put this website together in Wordpress using their web building tools. I'm glad you like it, though!
Spencer wrote on December 14, 2020:
Hey Ian! Big fan here, been watching your videos for quite some time and I often find myself going back to watch them over and over! I just found out that you make some music and it's super cool! I see in a previous post you mentioned you like electronic music and analog synth sounds, so I figured I'd say somethin. I have a whole bunch of gear (all I really do is make music in my free time) and if you'd ever want to include authentic analog sounds in your music, you could always shoot me over some MIDI and I could send you back some warm and crispy analog synth audio! You could also send over a master track and I could warm it up with some vintage tube saturators, good stuff :^). Also with your recent vocal track, I highly recommend you check out a VST plugin called Manipulator.... it lets you play your vocals with MIDI and is super rad. From your recent camera video I know you love experimenting with various flavors of things and music gear is the exact same thing for me, heh. Anyway enough of my ranting, either way I love what you do and keep up the good work! You've helped me and many others get through an awful year.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks for the offer, Spencer! I do love me some analog synth, and despite how good some VSTs are I feel like it's never going to be as good as the real thing haha. And believe it or not I actually already have Manipulator! Stillll trying to figure out how to work that one haha. Music plugins and such can be confusing.
Spencer (turtlespence) Kendall wrote on December 14, 2020:
Hey Ian! Huge fan of your stuff. From your days at Hidden Block to your Mystery Tapes and Frozen Food Reviews. Even the occasional stream. New to this website though and its really nice seeing this guestbook! Its always fun to see how many devoted fans there are got who go even further back!

But anyway just wanted to say thank you for your work. No matter what it is, you always make it interesting and find the charm in it. I look forward to your videos, whatever they may be!

(also side note, would you happen to know where you got that brown hoodie from the Cosmic Crisp Pike Place video? Here's the image to save some time: https://imgur.com/a/mFYidH9
I know it seems a bit silly but I really like that hoodie. Is it a cool hoodie or is it a patch on a hoodie you had? And where could I get this hoodie/patch? )
Lucas (Necom123) wrote on December 13, 2020:
Hey Ian, I have been watching your videos for the better part of eight years now, absolutely crazy to me! Great to see a youtuber who has only improved and honed their craft over the years. I was there for your 100,000 subscribers, and I cannot wait to be there for the million!
Justin wrote on December 13, 2020:
Hey Ian! love your stuff. I laugh my ass off every time you make another brutalfoods, they're great. I'm also a big fan of the website! I wish more youtubers had blogs like you do. They're always super interesting to read.
Take care! :^]
Owen wrote on December 13, 2020:
Hey man!
Just wanted to say thanks for all the years of quality content, your videos have been a huge inspiration for me over the past 7 years, and has finally given me the drive to make my own videos!
Keep on keepin on, and I hope you're having a great day! 🙂
Richard n Camila wrote on December 10, 2020:
We are binge watching all your episodes. My wife loves the funny editing. PLOP. I connect with pretty much all your vids. I'm a nostalgaholic and your channel brings back all the good feels. Please never stop making videos.
Dani The Demon wrote on December 9, 2020:
Hey Ian! Hope you're doing well. I'm really excited for this big project you keep talking about I also hope you're able to stream again soon because I'd love to catch my first stream over there.
JesterDK wrote on December 8, 2020:
Wow, this site looks like it's straight out of 2002, but in the greatest way! Hahaha
Gotta bookmark this one. It's also cool being able to keep up with creative peoples' stuff online without like... Twitter/facebook. Big bonus.

Positive Vibes! Have an awesome day!
Kaz wrote on December 8, 2020:
Hi Ian! Hope you're having a fantastic morning. I've been a viewer for years but only finding out about your website just now. To describe how I feel about this revelation, in a word, I would use poobrain. Uh I dunno what to put next, um what's for lunch.
Snooze_cruize wrote on December 7, 2020:
Have you ever thought of adding a random video button to the website? Sometimes I want to watch something, but don't know what, haha. Excited for the Moose2 video, and glad that you seem so involved in projects you're excited for!
Admin Reply by: ian
Man, that is a really cool idea that I would have no idea how to make a reality. I'll Google around and see if I can find a way to do it! Thanks Snooze!
ArchAvion wrote on December 6, 2020:
Hey Ian! Thanks for getting me through college with the great videos.

Do you still own a VR headset by chance? The reason I'm asking is because I found a couple VR arcade games called Pierhead Arcade that really satiated my lack of arcades during these stay at home times. I figured as a fellow arcade lover you'd really like something like that. Keep up the great videos!
Admin Reply by: ian
I've actually heard of that game before! I don't make a lot of time for VR stuff lately, but it does sound like a pretty fun escape. Thanks for the heads up, I'm going to give it another look!
Jonathon wrote on December 6, 2020:
Hey Ian Thanks for always making stuff that bring my spirits up.
V wrote on December 5, 2020:
Hey Ian I love your content. I was curious if you would ever have a merch shop?
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks, V! I'm not opposed to a merch shop, it just haven't happened yet. Maybe some day!
Jake wrote on December 4, 2020:
Your videos fill me with such peace and calm and are genuinely entertaining and hilarious. Your editing and mixing is impeccable and ranges from subtly flawless to annoyingly blatant (in the best way). Ian brings me great joy!