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Sean and Emily Kranske wrote on August 10, 2021

My fiance and I love to watch your YouTube videos. In fact, we just binged a few videos after doinking that oui'd. We're thinking about Seattle, WA for our Honeymoon this November [2021], hope to cross paths!!
Corrin wrote on August 10, 2021
Hey Ian, been a fan for 7 years. Wowza. Your content is so different from everything else, and I love how you just do whatever you want to do. Just been sharing your videos with my new roommate and thought I'd sign the guestbook. Keep being you. Your style of content is so freeing and unique. Also, have a favorite fmv style game?
Lando commando wrote on August 10, 2021
Hey Ian, can you make some more mystery tapes or really any kind of reaction video. Me and my girlfriend love your videos. Also, we decided after the cosmic crisp apple episode (we loved) you are the modern day Mr. Rogers.
Kaiser wrote on August 8, 2021
Hello Ian "The Official Brutalmoose" Brutalmoose

Loving the streams lately. I have a suggestion for a stream. I feel like you would like Team Fortress 2, if you haven't played it before. If it would be your first time you should stream it as well.
The game is a bit infested with bots and hackers, but you should be fine if you play community made servers.

Cheers and much love
Scarlett wrote on August 7, 2021
Hey there, Ian!

Have you ever listened to the band Tally Hall? Joe Hawley is one of my favorite artists, he wrote the more popular songs from the band, as well made my favorite music project “Miracle Musical”

I binge your videos constantly, they are all great, keep up the good work!
Jay wrote on August 6, 2021
Hi Ian, I don't have anything to say besides that I really like your content. Watching your strange food reviews is pretty fun honestly so I can't wait to see more of those videos. Also I think you are very cool
Oliver wrote on August 5, 2021
Woah i had no idea this was a thing! i've been watching since 2017 and the channel has changed so much in ways that i never could have imagined during those game review days. Your personality and editing always keep it fresh and have kept me watching even as my interest in most youtubers i watched back then has waned. Your content will always be a comfort to me
Top Banana wrote on August 5, 2021
Hi Ian,

Love your videos, fantastic stuff! Please check out Top Banana for Amiga circa 1992. I think it deserves your attention.

Keep going!!!
Top Banana
water wrote on August 4, 2021
Hi Ian! I love you O_O
Corn (tm) wrote on August 2, 2021
Hi ian! I really love your ranch dip video, the editing is a perfect mix of the old zany editing and the new one with the green screen. up to now i still love to watch the brutalfoods series because it's homey to me for some reason. a personal fave of mine is the chicken wings video, and the quest for the cosmic crisp. Thank you! you're one of my fave creators 🙂
Poppy wrote on August 2, 2021
Hi Ian, I first discovered you in 2018 and have been a fan since. Not only are your videos an absolute delight to watch, they also got me through several months of chemotherapy. Thank you for being so dang fun and entertaining, and I hope you continue to make more awesome videos.
rpghero46 wrote on August 2, 2021
i watch atleast once a month the littke itty bitty tine tiny Ian. i hope we can see that skit again. thanks for giving me some peace during the pandemic
megan wrote on August 1, 2021
please talk about your zodiac sign. not just that. your sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign as well. we need to know, sir.





I also consent to you taking this stroke of brilliance to make a video and get sweet sweet cash in ad revenue because people love to click on zodiac shit.

plz say hi to me in the video if you do!

and if you don't do a video.

and that would be a mistake.

reply to me here please.

I wanna know.

just another spooky texan wearing blue
Aj wrote on August 1, 2021
Hey ian you should make some merch. A brutalmoose shirt would be awesome. Anyway me and my gf love your content man cant wait for the next vhs video 📼
Bween wrote on August 1, 2021
You gotta try ranchers choice ranch. The cream of the crop.
Michael wrote on August 1, 2021
Hi Ian, I've been thinking about your love for simple games like The Coin Game and Broken Reality where you mostly just walk around and explore stuff. If you haven't already heard of it or played it, I HIGHLY recommend A Short Hike. It's a really sweet, easy, fun little exploration game where you're a bird and you go hiking. It's sick.

I also love games like this and I might make one someday, so if I do, I send it your way lol

Hope you're having a lovely day! See ya!
Rebecca wrote on August 1, 2021
Hey Ian! Me and my dad watch nearly every new video of yours together, and you're one of his favourite youtubers to watch with me. He says you're cute.

Anyways, I was curious, how is that big 4 hour+ long project you discussed in your Zenon and a few of your streams going? Did it transform into something else? Did it get scrapped? Or is it still hard at work? Hope ya continue to make great stuff no matter what!
JR wrote on July 31, 2021
Dear Ian, my brother and have been viewers and fans of your videos for a while now and we get together to watch new ones whenever we can. We just got done watching your latest ranch ranking video and as someone who finds ranch dressing/dip extremely discussing it was an interesting experience for me to say the least, I almost lost my lunch at one point. My brother who likes ranch enjoyed laughing at me the whole time while watching the video. Watching this one was especially entertaining for us. keep up the great work, we look forward to your next video.
Bridget wrote on July 30, 2021
Hi Ian! I’ve been a big fan for a while, and through a lot of changes to your channel! I just love your personality and the editing style! Whatever it is your doing is entertaining because of it!
Peter K wrote on July 29, 2021
Since you like coin pushers, there is a new board game that uses the same concept, "Kabuto Sumo" from publisher BoardGameTables.