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Jimmy wrote on March 10, 2021:
Ian! I’ve been watching your content for so long now that I don’t remember when I started...

I wanted to point out that you can set your Patreon to only charge people when a video is uploaded. At least, I think that’s possible? I’ve seen other Patreon pages that do that. Just saying, it could be a good option for you, so you don’t have to feel as pressured, and we still get to support the awesome work you do. Keep it up, dude! I know things are really tough, but we can all pull through.
Olivia wrote on March 10, 2021:
Heya, Ian! Thanks for being you and doing your thing! You're crazy cool, and a really brilliant creator. You inspire me to get back into making art, in whatever medium feels right at the time. You deserve all the success and support you've earned, and more.
Ryan Russell wrote on March 9, 2021:
you should just start uploading raw footage, that would be amazing.

Josh wrote on March 9, 2021:
Hi Ian. My sister is holding me hostage with your videos on repeat. please stop making videos ):
rat wrote on March 9, 2021:
hey, ian! just wanted to let you know that i loved your new video on moose2 about diet coke, literally watched it three times. thank you for the content!
snooze wrote on March 9, 2021:
Hey Ian!

Just dropping you a line - hope you're doing well! I didn't have anything specific to say, just wanted you to know someone was well-wishing!
Rod wrote on March 8, 2021:
You are a very cool person!
Avery Felix wrote on March 8, 2021:
Hey Ian! Have some VHS tapes you might be interested in? Lmk:)
n86cc wrote on March 7, 2021:
Hi Ian - Thx 4 gr8 content 😀
worm wrote on March 7, 2021:
this website is delicious and it makes me feel good.
MaxWell wrote on March 7, 2021:
Hey, Ian. Thanks for the Diet Coke upload it was hilarious. Glad you didn’t keep it shelved.
Jack M wrote on March 7, 2021:
Hi Ian, I love your videos and have been a fan for a while especially the mystery tapes series as well as the cosmic crisp episode, the road trip video and the arcade videos. I can’t wait to see what kinds of videos you make next!
Zach B. wrote on March 7, 2021:
Hey Ian, hope all is well with you,
Been an onlooker for a long time, back to before the Hidden Block days. While I have always appreciated those videos, the new content is super good. There's something very... vibey to the new content.Not saying the old stuff is bad, I just think that the new stuff has a different feeling to it. Also, thanks for The Coin Game recommendation, picked it up as a destresser during Exams and I have been loving it.
El wrote on March 7, 2021:
hey ian, i really like your videos and how chill they are. i havent found a youtuber or streamer quite like you. keep up the good work and live on my man!
Salvo wrote on March 7, 2021:
I have seen many of your videos multiple times, the vibes are absolutely immaculate. Big fan, keep doing you boss. Also Cheese-Its or Cheese Nips?
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm inclined to say Cheese-Its, but I haven't had a Cheese Nip in years and years and years and years. So, Cheese-Its, but only because it's what I know haha
Stewart wrote on March 6, 2021:
Hi Ian! I have been watching you for a couple of years, had my friend recommend the televoid series to me, but wasn't at first interested and later re-discovered you without knowing it was you and have loved your stuff ever since. I really liked your camera video, and would like to see you do one on mics or other equipment you have.
All the best,
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Stewart! I'll keep that in mind. I am honestly still very much a novice when it comes to microphones, but I could at least talk about which ones are easier for me to work with haha
Cat wrote on March 5, 2021:
Any urge to make anymore music? I adore your other tracks, I actually listen to them while doing school work. If not that's okay 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Absolutely! Honestly all of the time I'd spend making music is right now being put into learning game development in Unity. But the dream would be to one day get to make music for something that I create in Unity. But we'll see. Either way, for sure more music from me some day.
Brent wrote on March 5, 2021:
Hey Ian, you're amazing. Just came on to say Paramount+ has a full season of NEXT for you to stream... just in case you wanted to do a follow-up on your last NEXT video!
Admin Reply by: ian
I noticed that! Man I think I saw so much Next once I learned about PlutoTV that I'm not sure if I can handle any more haha!
David wrote on March 5, 2021:
Hi Ian!

I only started watching your content in the last month or so, and just wanted to say I really enjoy your content. Been bouncing between old game reviews and newer Brutalfoods and it's all been genuinely great to me. I love your editing style, sound effects and the production and continuity going into Televoid is very cool too.

Thanks a lot for what's been a great viewing experience. Discovering your channel had been a real highlight of recent times.
Nate wrote on March 3, 2021:
Just wanted to stop by and say your videos have a vibe that actually stops my anxiety and terrible mental health issues I've been going through the past year. You and MST3K are my go-to's for making me feel better. Thank you, Ian.