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Spunky wrote on October 20, 2022
Hello Ian!
Glad to see that the PO box is open, I have had somethings hanging around my room for a few years (Must be pre Seattle/Texas/Seattle move) that I picked up with you in mind. I know you have a clause about cookbooks on the page, and I know you've mentioned it many times before on stream. So before I send them, I figured i'd see if you are interested.

I have a "Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking" book. Nancy isn't the first person I would turn to for cooking, but maybe she has a few secrets up her sleeve? As well as a "Garfield; Recipes with Cattitude" cookbook that has some fun stuff included in it.

Regardless, if you have any interest in either of these titles I can send them your way. 0 pressure at all, I know you don't want to make food your sole thing and, man doesn't it start to get irritating when you get pigeonholed. Always enjoy the videos, no matter what type they are. 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
You should go ahead and send them my way, Spunky! It's more of a guideline than a hard rule. Thank you for thinking of me!
lukas wrote on October 19, 2022
hello ian! again! this is a technical question but how does this guestbook work? i really enjoy this sorta stuff so i've been trying to figure out how to implement it into my website but most of the solutions have been subpar.
Admin Reply by: ian
it's a wordpress plugin called "gwolle guestbook"
i definitely couldn't code a website myself, i do not have the brainpower.
Josh wrote on October 18, 2022
Having your own website is so gangster. The best part is that it seems very well kept. The guestbook is also a killer feature. I think the more people with their own website the better, even if they don't really have much to say.
Admin Reply by: ian
bring back websites! it's definitely nice to have my own corner of the internet, even if i dont always use it regularly
Dan wrote on October 18, 2022
Hey Ian,
When are we getting the official BM SFX soundboard?
Admin Reply by: ian
lmao i'll keep you posted
bread t. loafington wrote on October 17, 2022
Hi Ian BrutalMoose, I'm just writing to say, as one long-haired bro to another, keep rockin' on! it looks like it suits you.
Seriously though, i think your videos are cool, I'm a big fan of the VHS aesthetic you've got going. Thanks for showcasing The Coin Game, I've become hopelessly addicted to it.

Cheers! - bread
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks very much bread!
I'll keep the long hair for as long as it wants to stick around.
Nick wrote on October 16, 2022
Hi, Ian!

I always love the jazzy background tracks in your videos, do you have a playlist of them or something? Much love from Germany!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Nick! I don't have a playlist of them, they're all music from Epidemic Sound
JIA wrote on October 16, 2022
Hey Ian! Been watching your videos since 2014, I wanna say first that I absolutely love how you’ve changed as a person, and your changes in subjects, and editing is always entertaining to watch!

From one musician to another, I’ve always wondered how long you’ve been writing for, and if you have more plans to in the future. 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much JIA!

How long have I been writing music?? I dunno, that's tough! I dabbled a little back in like jr high when I was still taking piano lessons, but dropped off for a long while. I was going to guess 5 or 6 years ago but i just checked soundcloud and my oldest stuff there is 5+ years old... must have been 8 or so?

I dunno for sure, time is an illusion
kevinorsomething wrote on October 16, 2022
Favorite band/artist?
Admin Reply by: ian
timetravellingprototype wrote on October 16, 2022
I am so thrilled you decided to include a guestbook feature on your website, I love how even when I'm just looking to reach out to you I get nostalgia of some thing that I have experienced in my life before. You're very good for that. Thank you for being you iAN
Admin Reply by: ian
thank you so much!
Lilac Wafers wrote on October 15, 2022
I love your videos and streams! I especially love watching you play coin game! I recently discovered a little gem of a game that’s a lot like coin game! It’s called arcade paradise, essentially your tasked by your father to manage a rundown laundromat, but your secretly turning it into an arcade on the side! Has a ton of fun mini games and a really interesting story! I think it’s a game you would really enjoy and wanted to put it on your radar! Thanks again for all the wonderful content you make!
Admin Reply by: ian
I've heard a lot about Arcade Paradise! Definitely want to give it a shot at some point, it sounds like it would make for a good stream game.
KT wrote on October 13, 2022
I was looking at my YouTube history, and realized you were the first person I subscribed to in 2015 (aside from my sister three years earlier). This website is wonderful. Absolutely love the flaming logo - very Badass.
Admin Reply by: ian
hey thanks you, KT!
Prolly wrote on October 11, 2022
Heya Ian! I only recently found out you make music after you mentioned it on stream, and now I'm completely hooked. Do you have any plans to put your music onto some streaming platforms? I personally use Spotify and would love to have hellodicus freshlin, gone, and our heavenly bodies on my playlists just to name a few.

Thanks a ton!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you for listening Prolly!

Honestly I'm still pretty self conscious about my music, I don't really feel like it's good enough to hit spotify just yet... but maybe it is? I'll consider it.
Thegreatsazrah wrote on October 10, 2022
Hey moose! My husband and I love all of your content. Whenever a new video drops, we will watch it together over dinner. We love what you do and keep on keeping on! Love from Texas!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much!
Isaac wrote on October 10, 2022
Hello! I really love your videos and I've been watching for a pretty long time. I've only known about your website for a little while, though, and I'm loving it! Your art is great! Keep up the amazing work (you know, if you want), you're totally awesome!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Isaac!
Steve wrote on October 8, 2022
Hey Moose!

Quick question for you, with your workflow with video editing do you work on a strict schedule throughout the process or do you work better just powering through and doing it all at once as much as you can until you have a project completed?

Always was curious! Your videos are so hilarious and over the years they really have been my comfort go-tos on youtube
Admin Reply by: ian
Dude my schedule is absolutely fucked. It's one of the things I'm trying to figure out, currently. There was a point in my life where i basically woke up, created content, went back to sleep, repeat. 7 days a week. I was really crushing it and making a lot of shit.

But life happens, things change, and I no longer just exist in a vacuum to create for the internet. It's been hard to find the right balance of work/home life, and I'm still struggling to find out what works for me so that i can be my most productive.
Mysterious Guest wrote on October 6, 2022
Have you ever heard of Drowned God? It is another myst clone from 1996 made by Inscape(Who also made Bad Day on the Midway and The Dark Eye). It and it's creator is extremely to say the very least! There is too much too say about this game so I would just say to play if you can.Copies are kinda hard to find but you should totally pick it up.
The Ascended One wrote on October 6, 2022
I have now completed my binge of the Shenmue 1-3 VODs. This means that with everything fresh in my mind and having experienced the series twice now, I am the ULTIMATE authority of all things Shenmue. Therefore, I decree that the Bailu Village section of Shenmue is the highest point in the series. It has it all: gambling, fun characters (especially the old folk), cool story moments, face-off, titty twisting, an easy-to-navigate-while-still-having-loads-of-content-and-charming-as-hell location, and even fishing! The only things you can knock against it is the lack of a job a la forklifting and box moving and no Chobu-chans in sight.

Do you agree? Say yes to be right or say no to be wrong.
Admin Reply by: ian
I really liked Bailu!! It's a shame that Shenmue 3 seemed to get such a negative reaction online... there was a lot to like in that installment.
Mr. M wrote on October 5, 2022
Hello from North Dakota! Love your stuff man, the latest Gerber video I've watched like 6 times through already. Keep up the good work.
Andy Dershon wrote on October 5, 2022
Hello there!

I've been a long-time fan of your videos, but just recently discovered your art, and it's really good! I saw the recent racc version of Ian you posted, and I just wanted to say, I love the design!

Would you be ok if I drew fan art of him in the near future?
Admin Reply by: ian
Absolutely! Thanks for asking, Andy.
Ren Vulpes wrote on October 4, 2022
Heya ^^
Thanks for all the work you do. I love watching your videos. Your art is great too. I notice a lot of moments in your videos that are quite reminiscent of a ytp, have you ever made one?
That's all, hope you have a great day ^^
Admin Reply by: ian
I don't think I've ever made what i would consider to be a full-fledged ytp... i bet it'd be fun, though.