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Cylone wrote on May 28, 2022
hello ian
how did you make the hello fresh box monster man
Admin Reply by: ian
He has always existed.
Skinny Pete wrote on May 27, 2022
YO i just wanted to thank you 4 your overall existence in general umm i get episodes of crazy anxiety sometimes and your videos are some of the few things that really help me come back down to earth! i really fuck with the videos of u just walking around and doing shit but all of ur stuff is great fr i appreciate every era. but yeah longtime fan, wanted to say hello, keep doing what you're doing and i'll be sure to continue tuning in!

PS. i had no idea u were an artist YOUR ART FUCKS!!
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks Pete!
Ionic_Robot wrote on May 26, 2022
Hey Ian, your vids are really good. Keep up the great work :]
Kela wrote on May 24, 2022
Hey Ian!
Love your channel, especially the obscure nostalgic stuff but it all cracks me and my family up. I was curious if you ever played the super solvers game “midnight rescue”. It was huge in my computer lap in middle school back in the 90’s and it seems up your alley. It’s free online these days. Thanks for being the awesomely weird guy you are.
Admin Reply by: ian
I don't think I've played that one, though I did play a couple Super Solvers games. I'll have to look into it!
avie wrote on May 24, 2022
hey again ian! thanks for answering my previous question, even if you didn't remember the joke i mentioned, haha.

got another q though; considering you have a "mystery tapes archive" channel for putting up the cool obscurities found during the creation of the show, would it be possible to see some compilations of the unedited ads cut together from a bunch of the digitised tapes including ones you didnt put in episodes? thanks!
Admin Reply by: ian
I probably wont go back and add stuff from previous episodes, but now that I have the archive up I'll try to preserve more stuff when I work on the next Mystery Tapes episode!
Sam wrote on May 23, 2022
Hey Ian,

My fiancé and I are eloping in Portland this September and we hoping you'd consider being our witness. Not sure what he best way to contact you would be.
Admin Reply by: ian
Portland is a bit far for me to just swing by, but I hope you two have a great elopemant!
Sam wrote on May 22, 2022
is it weird that i use the mystery tapes series to sleep every night? It just gives off that vibe of being young and trying to stay up late watching TV and falling asleep to the sound of commercials
Admin Reply by: ian
I don't think that's weird, no!
ArktikAlice wrote on May 22, 2022
Hi Ian, long time viewer, first-time writer.
Just wanted to say that I loved your video on The Everett Mall, my local mall. I never expected to see you give our little town a visit on your channel, and if you're ever in the area again, there are a few things going on towards the downtown area lately that you might be interested in, such as our Farmer's Market (Every Sunday in Spring/Summer), Cruisin' on Colby (Memorial Day car show), Funko HQ (idk if you like Funko Pops, but the building really is like a small amusement park), and a few smaller thrift stores, video game and toy stores (Next Level Video Games & MyMyToy Store), and some good eats (Brooklyn Bros Pizza if you fancy a good New York slice)

I hope you visit again, Everett is a pretty open area with stuff to do kinda peppered around in weird areas.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks for the recommendations! I'll try to check these places out some time!
Alexis wrote on May 21, 2022
You should check out the mall in south hill WA, it’s kinda similar to everett but it’s opening a round one soon and has this kinda cool board game shop ! so maybe visit when the round one opens lol
Isabelle wrote on May 21, 2022
Hi Ian! Love your videos. I remember discovering your channel through the ramen cookbook video and have been watching ever since
Chris Kistner wrote on May 20, 2022
BrutalMoose, I am a huge fan! I was just watching your potato chip primer (part 1) and was reminded how great you are! My favorite reviewer by far! Is there anywhere I can send some potato chips for you? I go to England at least once a year and they always have some wacky flavors like ham or kfc. I really like the kfc one.
Keep up the great work!
Admin Reply by: ian
There's no way to send me actual chips, but you can always send me the name of a brand or a specific chip to try out! I like to obtain them myself.
I will be seeking out the KFC chips...
Drew wrote on May 19, 2022
Hello, Ian, I figured I'd stop shouting into the void and shout into your guestbook for a while. I've been subscribed to your YouTube channel for a while now and just want to thank you for the funny and interesting videos. Your off-kilter editing style and sense of humor are always a refreshing change of pace from the insanity of daily life.
I hope you and yours are well and I appreciate the work you put into your craft. Anyway I'll go off and find something else to shout at. Thanks.

-Drew in TX
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks, Drew!
Nikkole wrote on May 18, 2022
Hi Ian. My boyfriend recommended this website to me because of the aesthetic and what kind of content you post. It's relly comforting and nostalgic. I love that you have a guestbook and I love all of the things you do. Keep it up! 🙂
Nogi wrote on May 18, 2022
play hypnospace
Admin Reply by: ian
already did
Abraham Lincoln wrote on May 17, 2022
Corn brownie
Admin Reply by: ian
Liam Niewohner wrote on May 17, 2022
Hey Ian!
Just wanted to share that I love all you do. Been keeping up with ya for about 6 or so years, and your content never disappoints. Right now I have the flu and am going on a binge through your videos, and I think we forget sometimes how much effort you put into them. Just wanted to say thanks! You rock.
Crazy wrote on May 16, 2022
Hi Ian,

Just watched your most recent video on the Everett Mall, and I just wanted to give you a commendation more vocal than a Like on YouTube.
You always knock it out of the park when it comes to either Food or Travel related videos, but your latest video was fantastic! Please give us more like that, it was immensely entertaining.
Your editing and use of sound effects really elevate the videos beyond just a simple review, and adds to the comedy.
Great stuff all around really, keep it up!
Roy Perezmarte wrote on May 15, 2022
Hey Ian! Just finished watching your boston market review and I love that Hello Fresh ad you put in the end. Hope we get to see more of that cool box fellow in the future.
Spencer wrote on May 12, 2022
Your videos and streams have gotten me through a very rough time in my life. Amazing fore and background noise for when I need a laugh, or just to chill out. I am not a fan of idolizing famous people, so I will simply say I think you're a really cool dude who plays vidya games. I hope to be a twitch subscriber soon when I catch a live stream!
Griffin #2 wrote on May 12, 2022
Such a coincidence that the last guestbook entry is also someone named Griffin!

I found your BrutalFoods reviews a few weeks ago on the ol' YouTube and binged a bunch. Then I found the Mystery Tapes and was thoroughly entertained! So much to choose from and it's all quality stuff. Your videos and commentary is delightful and I often find myself literally laughing out loud, no cap.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all that you create and share 🖤