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Havi wrote on April 19, 2021
Hi Ian,
I really like this website design, especially the flames. They are pretty neat. Your videos make me feel relaxed and I enjoy watching your opinions, especially for how strange the Diet Coke ads are lol.
I look forward to future content.
Have a nice day!
Macks wrote on April 19, 2021
Hey man, big fan of all your endeavors.
I've slowly been converting all my friends in Michigan into Brutalmoose fans. Also, love the diet coke video, I think it is definitely worthy of the main channel. Keep up the good work man, hope all is well!
Admin Reply by: ian
Haha thanks, Macks! Things are good over here, hard to complain too much!
Darwin wrote on April 18, 2021
Looking forward to your next video love watching them thanks for everything keep it up
StardustRaccoon wrote on April 17, 2021
Hello Mr. Moose!

I hope you're doing well. I've been following you for 5 years now but this is my first time writing to you outside of a stream. I just wanted to thank you for getting me into Shenmue. I've bought the Shenmue 1 and 2 pack as well as Shenmue 3 on Steam and I'm planning on playing them as soon as I have some free time.

Your videos have been so fun to watch (and re-watch!) and your art has inspired me to do better with my own art. It's been one year since I decided to seriously focus on art and digital drawing and I'm slowly improving! Speaking of which, if we ever want to send you fanart is it ok to just send a link to an imgur post since you won't be using Twitter as much?

Stay safe and thanks for everything!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Stardust! Glad you're enjoying Shenmue, I'm always happy to spread the good word of Baby Boy Ryo. And hey way to go on working on your art, that's always great to hear. I haven't drawn in a hot minute myself, but I should really get back at it some time soon.

And yes! An imgur link would be totally fine. I'm hoping to get a fanart gallery on this website at some point so it'll be easier to submit that kind of thing since I've disappeared myself from social media lately.

Thanks again!
Ludmarus wrote on April 17, 2021
Hello! It's my second time writing in the guestbook (I hope this isn't illegal!) but I had to tell you that your "Road Trip Reviews" video (the one where you move from TX to WA) has helped me a lot with anxiety for some reason.

I don't know if it's the music, the scenary, or everything, but every time I watch it it makes my day more pleasant and calm. So... thank you!
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm really glad you like my road trip video! It's possibly the most personal video I've made, so I'm happy that it struck a chord with you!

I'd love to make a sequel some day. Maybe not for a cross-country move but just for something fun. Thanks again!
Josh C wrote on April 16, 2021
Hi Ian!

Been watching your videos and streams for about 4 years and love nearly every single video you ever put out. Just found this guestbook page so wanted to just tell you that your videos always make me smile, have helped me cheer up when feeling down and also to just say I hope you're healthy and safe during these shitty times. Look forward the next video/stream!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Josh!
corn wrote on April 15, 2021
ian u da man
Noah Clevinger wrote on April 14, 2021
Hey there, Ian! I hope you've been doing well lately. I'm just now getting around to checking out your website and it's really cool. I love the old-school feel you got going on and it definitely reminds me of the early days of the internet. I very much enjoy your content and I'm super-stoked to see what you have planned for the future. My favorite video of yours is definitely the road trip one. I'm hoping you can make similar videos to that one because it was just super interesting to hear you talk about traveling, U.S. geography, and food reviews all at once. Keep up the amazing work and have yourself an amazing day!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much Noah! I'd definitely love to make more videos like that at some point, I really enjoyed putting that one together.
WLP wrote on April 14, 2021
Hey Ian, I just wanted to suggest an incredibly bad but still enjoyable movie to you and anyone else interested if you can find it. Max Magician And The Legend Of The Rings. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it seems up your alley with some of the movies you make videos about. Specifically reminded me of The Fairy King of Ar. Hope everything is going well!
MetalBruce wrote on April 13, 2021
Hiya Ian,

Yesterday, I was getting worked up about Dr Pepper's terrible history of ads, thinking how a monkey with a typewriter could do better (just check https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dr_Pepper#Marketing for some samples). And then today I checked your channel for the first time in weeks, to see you made a video on awful Coke ads 😀

At the end you said that you don't do so many videos "complaining about stupid stuff that bothers you" anymore, and ask what we think. So here's my 2 cents: I love all your content (of course!), but the "complainy" stuff (TV dinner reviews, cringe ads, etc.) is the type of content that I can share with my friends and family knowing that they will join in my mirth. So if you want to be making more such content, please don't hold back!

Bruce \m/
Stephen wrote on April 12, 2021
Please join my minecraft server.
Admin Reply by: ian
Sorry, I'm more of a Roblox guy.
G wrote on April 11, 2021
Hi Ian! I've been a subscriber ever since 'Bad Milk' and your crossover with Caddicarus. I kept meaning to send a message to your P.O. box but nervously procrastinated for too long, so I'm glad I found this Guestbook!

Your humor, graphic design, and the way your editing has developed over the years are all things about your videos that I very much respect. I coincidentally kind of 'grew up' with them: I started finding it refreshing to focus on the fun in 'bad' media around the time your videos did, and I can relate to moving about as someone who has moved 7 times in the past 10 years. (Though I've never left Texas myself but really wish I could, lol.) Televoid remains one of my favorite Youtube series, and your streams have gotten me through many stressful work days and anxious nights. Mystery Tapes inspired me to finally go through my childhood VHS tapes and watch some good ol' 90's commercials. And I gotta say, I really enjoy 'our heavenly bodies' too--inspires the right kind of chill and existential mood in me.

tl;dr: Thank you for the many years of entertainment and keeping it real. I wish you all the best wherever your life takes you! Please give MJ some pets for me.
Ronny wrote on April 8, 2021
Hey Ian, I always get excited to see a fresh new vid uploaded. You’re definitely my favorite reviewer by far!
My father in law just bought a house, and I noticed there were a bunch of VHS tapes that appeared to have some nostalgic tv shows recoded onto them (or so the labels say) if you’re interested, I’d be happy to send them your way if you’d want to add some more to your collection. Unfortunately, none of us own a VCR, so I’m pretty sure they will just be thrown out, and sadly never viewed.
Either way, stay awesome, keep bringing us great entertainment and information, and thank you for what you bring to us!
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey Ronny!
Currently I don't have a PO box for VHS tape donations, but it's something I'm hoping to look into once I get vaccinated. I don't know that it will happen any time soon, though, so I wouldn't hold onto a mountain of tapes just for me or anything like that. But hopefully eventually I will have a place for tapes to be mailed in!
Hank Hill wrote on April 7, 2021
Hey Ian! I hope you are doing well. Been a longtime fan since a long time ago; I really don’t remember. I think I found you while searching Oregon Trail 2 on YouTube. That’s probably my favorite video. I’ve stuck with you loving all your videos, from review to travel/blog to foods to mystery tapes. Gerbert is my favorite! I’m not a big fan of watching streams, preferring regular review type videos, but recently I’ve discovered your house flipper streams and have been watching them after work every night. I really enjoy the chill vibe and music, not to mention your conversations. I remember you mentioning possibly playing a Dr. Brain game. My sister had The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain growing up and man I’d love to watch You and Pushing Up Roses play it sometime. I wouldn’t mind seeing you play through Oregon Trail 2 too. It’d be like re-living my childhood as I can’t do that myself because I no longer have those games. Anyway, hope to catch you streaming sometime soon!
Ultraguardians wrote on April 7, 2021
Oh dear, I thought I had submitted an entry back in November of last year ^^;;.
Well uh, I just want to tell you that I appreciate your music on Soundcloud quite a lot! I'm currently in Senior Year of High School but I recall first listening to your tracks back in Freshman year, going back to these tracks gives me such nostalgia! My favorite tracks are definitely "snap out of it." And "parade (old demo)". I remember listening to them the most in my science class, whenever we would have tests I would just play your Soundcloud music through my headphones. Your new work has been fantastic as well! Keep it up, and hope you've been well :]
Squilliam wrote on April 7, 2021
Hi Ian, I've been a fan of your videos since 2014. All this time, I had no idea you were an artist (the art on your website is sick by the way.) Have you ever considered showing your art off in your main channel videos more prominently? Either way, hope all is well.
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks Squilliam!
Probably a no on the art-on-main-channel thing, the two interests (videos and art) just don't seem to intersect very often for me, I just typically don't have a use for drawings in the kinds of videos I like to make. I like keeping art as a fun side hobby for myself, anyway.
Saber Cat wrote on April 4, 2021
Hey Ian! Your videos are currently keeping me sane while I work at home so thanks for that! I also bought a bunch of prerecorded VHS last month and I half expect some crazy editing on them thanks to your VHS videos, haha. Hope you're doing good !
Philip Big Booty wrote on April 2, 2021
Hey Ian, love your content! The first video I saw was on Lego island, and I loved that game as a kid. I also love everything you do on humongous entertainment. I freaking loved pajama Sam and putt putt when I was kid, and watching your videos brings back so many fond memories. You're a funny guy, and you never fail to make me laugh! Thanks for being awesome! 😊
Sierra and Brandon wrote on April 2, 2021
Hi, Ian. This is Sierra and Brandon. We enjoy watching your videos and streams a lot. We're hoping to catch a stream live one day as we like the chillness you often bring to streams. Thankfully you upload them to moose2 later, which we greatly appreciate. All the support. Anything you do we love. We both wanted to say that while we're both excited for new content but we don't ever want you to get too stressed about it. We happily rewatch your existing videos and never get tired of the content you have made. Warmest wishes to you and thank you for adding this nifty guestbook to your website. Take care!
Chelsea wrote on April 2, 2021
I went to the grocery store and saw a cosmic crisp apple drink and thought of your quest for the cosmic crisp apple. It was a pleasant surprise. Anyway, I hope you have a rad Easter my dude! Cheers!