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Maxime wrote on July 12, 2021
Hey ian! Just wanted to say congratz on the 800 k on YouTube. I know it's just a number, but round numbers are fun! And you deserve every sub you get.
Cheers for 100 k more 🙂
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Maxime! 800k is a whoooole lotta k's! Pretty wild, honestly
Nicholas J. Tillman wrote on July 11, 2021
I'm just here because I haven't wrote in a guestbook since 1998.

Seriously though, keep up the great work, Ian.
Julian wrote on July 11, 2021
Hi Ian I really loved your new video on chips. If you go forward with the series I found something interesting. Taco Bell has released Cheddar Crisps which are interesting to say the least. The best way to describe it is a Cheddar Pringle with a very small amount of Fire sause seasoning that leaves whispers of taco bell in your mouth. It is the kinda chip you regret eating a whole bag of
Spencer wrote on July 11, 2021
Hey Ian, are you a Juggalo? As a rep of the Juggalo Community I would like to let you know you are welcome in the family anytime you are ready. Whoop Whoop, and Godspeed Mr. Moose.
Admin Reply by: ian
I am not a Juggalo, but I'm glad to know that I would be welcome there! Juggle on, friend.
Braden wrote on July 11, 2021
Pelle wrote on July 10, 2021
Hey Ian! I started watching your videos in (mid-ish??) January, and just want to let you know i really enjoy your content and you have really helped me through these hard times. Appreciate you!
Scuzzy wrote on July 10, 2021
Watching through your Nancy Drew playthroughs again, they're always so funny and relaxing. Would love to see you play another sometime!
rudy wrote on July 10, 2021
hi ian!!!! i love your channel and your videos! i just finished watching your chip video (really great!) and your content never ceases to make me smile 🙂 ive been watching for a few years now and every video you upload is even better than the last. thank you so much for fun content and happy (super belated) birthday!!!!
Bug wrote on July 10, 2021
Hi Ian,

Silly question you've probably answered before - what are your pronouns?
I've been watching you since the trail videos days and your videos are still a huge comfort. Thank you for doing what you do!!
Anna wrote on July 9, 2021
Hi Ian!

I'm sure you already have way too many games in your queue to play, but in case you're looking for a suggestion, I just picked up Syberia, which is an awesome adventure game from 2002 featuring automatons. It reminds me of Nance, actually! Anywho, hope you're well!
Nathan wrote on July 8, 2021
Hey Ian!

I'm working on a feature-length superhero movie, and being a big fan of your stuff, I wanted to see if you'd be interested in acting for one of the roles. Could be anything from a major protagonist to a one-off cameo.

Would love to have you on the project! Let me know what you think.
TJ wrote on July 7, 2021
Hey, Ian! I've been binge-watching your videos for days and I blame you, lol. Seriously though, I love your channel. Have you ever wanted to review an experience like, say, rollercoasters or carnival rides? #RollercoasterTycoon
Maya wrote on July 7, 2021
Hey Ian,

I know you’re in the Seattle area -1) any recommendations for places to grab DVDs and VHS tapes and 2) have you checked out Scarecrow Video? I recently found out about it recently and have been renting a bunch of weird stuff to watch with friends. It seems up your alley, so I was curious

Thanks for the great videos! Rewatching your stuff helped me get through the early part of quarantine <3
Layton wrote on July 6, 2021
Hi, Ian! I'm back again to ask another Tally Hall related question. Is the & tatooted on your arm a reference to the Tally Hall song or is their a different story behind it? Thanks! Love the new videos!
Sara wrote on July 6, 2021
Hi Ian! I know this is a generic “I think youre pretty cool”, but I have to let you know!! You’re my absolute favorite content creator, your work makes me laugh and helps inspires my own art (gotta love them retro vibes). Watching the main channel uploads and the vods have gotten me through the last few years which haven’t been perfect. Thank you for all that you do <3
Eliott wrote on July 6, 2021
sup ian, i was wondering if you would ever open up a P.O. box, my local thrift store always has a ton of unmarked vhs tapes and i’d love to send you some
North wrote on July 6, 2021
Really just wanted to tell you i love the content. You have an amazing sense of humor and the insane editing skills it takes to really drive that home. Been watching you for years and i just appreciate you. You are my go to. I always know ill laugh when i see a new brutalmoose and im not easily amused. Keep it up!
Josh wrote on July 6, 2021
Hey Ian,

Back in March I was made redundant from my job and it put my life into a seriously scary place, not knowing if a new job would come soon and if I'd be able to keep up the payments on our home. It was a super tough time, but throughout these past few months, your videos and stream VoD's have been a constant in my life and have kept me sane with a smile on my face when I didn't know what life would hold next. Yesterday, I was told I'd successfully landed a new job I'd interviewed for and I start in August, so panic over!

I guess I just wanted to come and directly say thank you for everything you've ever done with your content. It's really helped this guy out over the past few months and I don't know how much worse things would've been without the hours of content to take my mind off things.

remy wrote on July 5, 2021
hi ian, i just wanted to say that your videos are very special to me and also i can’t stop eating 3D doritos please help me
Evan wrote on July 5, 2021
Hey Ian! I've been a fan for years now (and used to work with D!) Wanted to suggest a game from my childhood that seemed up your alley and have seen very little content creators talk about- "Stay Tooned" is bonkers and a fun time. Love ya bud!