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Ethan Langsdörf wrote on December 30, 2022
Hi Mr. Brutal (Or do you prefer Mr. Moose?)

I love your content. My grandson showed me your videos. I'm a bit over the hill and love the old time style of your videos. I don't have much time left on this earth but I'm glad to have known you on the web. Thank you. Stop texting okay done writing thank you period.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Ethan!
Scroobert wrote on December 30, 2022
Yo Mr. Moose, stay real. Respect.
Admin Reply by: ian
thanks scroobert, i'll try
pktrauma wrote on December 30, 2022
hi ian hope all is well
Admin Reply by: ian
doing alright thank you!
Confessions of Saint Augustine wrote on December 29, 2022
I must confess, the vibe is immaculate and that’s a really great cat. Your stuff got me hooked on outmoded media formats.
Deezy wrote on December 29, 2022
Hey! I have a 1965 Mystery Date game I played as a child. I’m 34 but damn does this game have good memories. My mom “gave / burdened “ me with it this Christmas. My husband promptly won two rounds. This game is in playing condition but not great shape. Do you want it? I don’t want to publish my email and my twitter is f***ed so DM my insta @dianarice. I never post anymore but I’ll update my notifications for you. If you want it. Free of course and I’ll ship it for free. Lols love your vids my friend
Admin Reply by: ian
Appreciate the offer, Deezy! If it's not in great shape, though, you might want to hold onto it. I'm a little picky with the condition of my collectables hah! Thanks again!
carrot wrote on December 27, 2022
this is epic! 😛
yami bakuri wrote on December 27, 2022
hey ian! remember the bakura funko pop you found in your mall video? well on the side of the box it says "yami bakuri" instead of bakura LOL the disrespect..
and youre right about the lack of bakura merchandise.. im going to be selling art at cons soon and ill make sure to have bakura at my booth!
Bakura wrote on December 27, 2022
My millennium ring led me to this site, tell me Ian is it possible you may be a keeper of one of the seven millennium items...? If so get ready to duel in the shadows Ian..
Admin Reply by: ian
oh shit i'd love to you're my hero
David Hastings wrote on December 27, 2022
Any plans on ever writing a cookbook? I am sure you get asked this a lot..
Admin Reply by: ian
Haha no, probably no cookbook. I already taught you guys my only recipe.
Jacob Zalk wrote on December 26, 2022
Just wanted to say that your videos are amazing and I genuinely appreciate what you do. I hope you're doing well and had a great time during the holidays 🙂
ZatsAttacks wrote on December 26, 2022
I love watching your videos at 3am when I can’t sleep. Very soothing and entertaining. You also have a very unique video style. Have a Happy New Years
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you and happy new year Zats!
Peaches wrote on December 26, 2022
Man I have been watching ur videos since the very beginning, I love what you do!! (Also ur editing skills are amazing, I'm teaching myself to edit but it's a struggle)•́⁠ ⁠ ⁠‿⁠ ⁠,⁠•̀
Admin Reply by: ian
Best of luck learning how to edit, Peaches! You can do it!
Alexis wrote on December 26, 2022
Please kiss MJ on the head for me, she is the most precious
wyrmbelly wrote on December 25, 2022
Hello to my favourite chef, Ian Brutalfoods

I hope you are having a lovely holiday season, and enjoying the celebrations that come with.
Mark M wrote on December 25, 2022
Merry chrishmash
ian wrote on December 25, 2022
what did you wish for this year, little one?

meri kuri (sumasu)
to you, one ian macloud.
happy, happy, happy.
Admin Reply by: ian
I wished for death.
Maybe next year...
Ani wrote on December 24, 2022
Hi! I can't believe I just found out this existed considering I've been watching your videos for years! Right now, they're helping me get through my first year of college, and frankly, you've been keeping me going through all my schooling. I love your unique sense of humor and editing style! I don't have too much of substance to say, sorry about that, but I just got so excited finding this website (especially since it's got a retro look, I didn't have much experience with older websites; the closest I've seen to them is the Hypnagogic Archive). Sorry for the long post, thanks for all the amazing content you make!
Admin Reply by: ian
Hey thanks so much Ani! I hope you're having a good first year at college!
Heraldo wrote on December 24, 2022
It's time for saaaantaaaaa.
Admin Reply by: ian
My Santa traps are ready. This time I'm gonna get him.
me wrote on December 24, 2022
WHY are you so AWESOME??????
Admin Reply by: ian
i eat my vegetables
xXxPR0-F1GHT3RxXx wrote on December 24, 2022
This website is pretty cool, mind if i link it in myspace?
Admin Reply by: ian
Please do!
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