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Mysterious Guest wrote on September 22, 2022
Hey Ian.I was worried that the games in the CD-ROM pack I was talking about had disc rot.I opened it up and it turned out than they all had disc rot and they no longer worked:( Sorry about that.
Admin Reply by: ian
It's all good! RIP to the CDs though....
Dizzy wrote on September 22, 2022
Hey Ian! Just wanted to say that your channel is really cool to vibe to. I keep rewatching your VHS reviews, and everything else you put up is super cool, too. Your editing style is fun, and your streams are great too (though I usually just watch VODs... I've yet to catch you live)

(also, your website is really neat and I adore the aesthetic you have going on)
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you very much, Dizzy!
Zn wrote on September 21, 2022
Howdy mister Moose,
snazzy web site! Have you come around to liking frozen pizzas any more than a few months ago? I agree that they are a different species of pizza, but man, dusting them with parm before a bake and getting the cheese nice and toasted? theyre a guilty pleasure. crust can be a bit thin but theyre a prime munchie meal, like an extremely savory cracker. a title typically reserved for people like you. with that, i say this with utmost affection: please get back in the kitchen soon!
Admin Reply by: ian
I actually don't think I've had a frozen pizza since I finished off the Costco ones from the video! I think they're pretty good, though, in certain situations. I just think I'd always take a fresh pizza over a frozen is all.
Not Goro (Unfortunately) wrote on September 20, 2022
Yo, Ian, what's groovin' bro? I've been binging your Shenmue VODs and wondered if you have replayed the games since your initial playthroughs. If so, did you discover anything new that you missed the first time or do you have any new opinions?

Also, I gotta say it was really endearing to watch you basically fall in love the games live.
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh, you...

I have replayed some Shenmue, actually! I played through Shen1 all the way, and like half of Shen2. Haven't quite finished yet.

In my replay of Shen1 I actually used that store that I didn't find until the end of the game, and I also played a lot of billiards in the bar which I barely did the first time. Still haven't won that boombox, though.

In Shen2 I got to do the duck race! Not sure I remember doing anything else new...

Not a lot of new opinions come to mind, I don't think... Although Shen2 is WAY easier now that I'm already familiar with the map. Way less getting lost.

I'm sure I'll stream them again some day! Definitely one of my favorite series.
Emily and Daniel wrote on September 19, 2022
Hello from Minnesota!
We love your videos as you always seem to bring a comforting presence into our home through the screen, and a smile on our faces from all the laughs. Can’t wait for your next video.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks Emily and Daniel! Happy Minnesota!
Mysterious Guest wrote on September 19, 2022
Hey Ian.I own a sealed copy of a Mindscape 16 CD-ROM pack and I was wondering if you want it.It has some great games like Commander Blood and Megarace but it also has terrible games like dragon lore which has the worst 3d animation I’ve seen in a game. I can at least say that all the games have awesome OSTs.If you want it then let me know.
Admin Reply by: ian
That sounds pretty rad, actually. I'd check it out!
The PO Box will be open very, very, very soon....
Gryph wrote on September 17, 2022
Hey Ian! I stumbled upon your videos when I was home with COVID and now I've watched every one. They bring me so much joy and your editing style just tickles my brain. Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment!
PS. Say hi to your cat for me
PPS. Please make more food videos<3
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you Gryph! More food videos are surely to happen down the line.
MJ says hello!
Joel wrote on September 16, 2022
Hi Ian,
I was curious, what tools are you using to make this website and how is it being hosted? mega inspired
Mahalo plenty
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm just using good ol' Wordpress! It feels old and janky in all the right ways.
Panta Lone wrote on September 16, 2022
You are amazing, thanks for the plops <3
Admin Reply by: ian
Tuesday wrote on September 14, 2022
hey ian! its been a few months since ive checked the site but i love the changes they look great!! your videos and stream vods (havent bothered to try to figure out twitch yet LOL) are such a huge source of comfort for me!! one of my main interests is arcades and i remember being absolutely mindblown when you reviewed the coin game for the first time,, anyway i dont have much else to say but i hope you and mj and the boyfriend are happy, safe and healthy!!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks so much Tuesday! We're all happy safe and healthy over here, I hope you can say the same!
Garadares wrote on September 12, 2022
Hello, Brutalmoose! I saw that you are still interested in older games since I stumbled upon your Barbie Explorer stream and your Pijama Sam YouTube video. I was wondering if you ever heard of Captain Claw? Would you like to check it out at some point? It's a 2D side-scroller platformer starring a pirate cat made by Monolith Productions in 1997 for PC only. It's abandonware but still being kept alive by The Claw Recluse community and this month it had its 25th anniversary. 🙂 This game still holds up well today imo and I personally have a soft spot for it since it was among my first PC games ever played.
Admin Reply by: ian
I actually have heard of Captain Claw! I'll have to keep an eye out for it while thrifting... thanks Garadares!
Jon wrote on September 10, 2022
I just wanted to say I've been watching your videos back before you hit 5k (I think the first one I saw was the Facade video.), along with the old hidden block crew. I always figured you would end up as one of those hidden gem channels that would have a dedicated fanbase but not reach the triple digits. (glad to see I was wrong.) I've been going through your old videos and watching them all in order and they still hold up, even without nostalgia as a factor. It's good to see you're still going strong after all these years, and it's interesting to see how your content has evolved. Best of luck in the future and fingers crossed 1 million is the milestone for this year.
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh hey thank you so much Jon! Not sure we'll hit the 1 mil this year, but I'll get there! Sloooowly but surely!
DrewB wrote on September 8, 2022
Ian! Did you do anything special to learn your editing? Thinking about going to school for such a thing to help me get more motivated and learn better skills. Keep on moosing on.
Admin Reply by: ian
No special secrets or anything, I've just been doing it for a really long time! I started editing video in Jr High... maybe even earlier? But I've just been figuring it out as I go. I did end up going to college for film, but didn't learn all too much about editing while I was there. Nowadays there's a ton of tutorials online if you ever want to start learning now!
Good luck, Drew!
Roasted Broccoli wrote on September 8, 2022
Hey Ian, I'm a fan of your videos. This is my first time on your website. It's so neat! Thank you for being you.
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks, broc!
Brandon wrote on September 7, 2022
Hello from the Mountain State, West Virginia!

Hey! I wish I would have found your website and other stuff sooner than this but I didn't sadly, but hey, now i'm here! :D! I must say I love your music, and your art, it's all very good and I wish I had even half of the skills you did. Keep up the good work!

P.S. I left a message on your cool BMBS phone so uhh yep
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much Brandon!
Jack wrote on September 5, 2022
Hi Ian!

hope you're doing well. whats the best place to buy large amounts of food for the cheapest price?

Admin Reply by: ian
I can't say that I have that answer, I tend to buy my food in small amounts.
Lane wrote on September 4, 2022
Huge fan of your content, i love your arcade and mall videos and the old Pajama Sam videos are so nostalgic for me. The big move video you made showing hotels and restuarants is probably the most enjoyable vibe of a video I've ever watched. My favorite Youtuber by far and i would love for some merch to buy in the future to support you even more. Keep up the fantastic work!
Admin Reply by: ian
Thank you so much Lane!
Mysterious Guest wrote on September 4, 2022
Have you ever thought of using a dvd camera? The quality looks same as MiniDV but instead of using tape, it uses mini dvd discs which would help with artifacting. They only cost 10-30 bucks so I would recommend getting it if you want the look of MiniDV without using tape.
P.S Have you ever shot with Film? I just wondering.
Admin Reply by: ian
A DVD camera is an interesting idea! I hadn't thought about that before. I certainly have enough blank DVDs for it.

Never done film, no! I almost did in college but they phased out that part of the class before I got to it.
Jeleel wrote on September 2, 2022
hello ian! huge fan of your videos, been watching for... whatever many years now. i don't have to say, but i was wondering what microphone you use in your videos? particularly the long, RODE one.
Admin Reply by: ian
You're looking at the Rode Reporter! Possibly my favorite mic.
Dear_anonymous wrote on August 30, 2022
Dear Ian Or Brutalmoose Or Hellodicus Fresh Or Captain Chef Ian Brutalmoose (Etc)

How did you make your website give us as much of a detailed response as you can.

With much love from Washington (more specifically sosio fruit & produce) we miss you ian.

Admin Reply by: ian
I found this website on the side of the road and decided to bring it home and raise it as my own.