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Ben and Austin wrote on February 24, 2021:
Ben - Big Fan. Austin, you should check them out.

Austin - Yeah, I'll check them out.

Ben- he's pretty good.

Austin - hey, you know what? he kinda sounds like Weird Al.

Ben - I don't think so.

Austin - No, like a really toned down version of Weird Al.

Ben - *watches some comedy bang bang*
- you know what? maybe, idk.
Cryptkicker_5 wrote on February 24, 2021:
Stumbled upon your channel and all your videos are gems. I especially love the arcade trips and coin games, etc. Just great choices regarding PC games, bizarre movies, pop food.
Grant wrote on February 23, 2021:
I used to work in a retail warehouse where I was known as the "Hungry Man" guy. My Hungry Man lunch holster was always loaded with a boneless pork rib dinner. It felt good to do MAN WORK and be HUNGRY for whatever slop got plopped in the MAN TROUGH. Anyways, thanks for the videos, they're one of the few forms of entertainment that make me laugh these days.
CatCrazyGirl wrote on February 22, 2021:
Hey ☺️ love your videos. Love from Kentucky.
Angel wrote on February 22, 2021:
Do you like any video games? If you do what are your favorite games from each system if that's possible. 🙂
Stromblongst wrote on February 21, 2021:
Thanks for the laughs, mate.
Robin Magpie wrote on February 21, 2021:

Just wanted to stop by and leave a message with lots of hugs and love to you and yours. Thanks for all of the wonderful content, for the many laughs and companionship during lonely times. Excited to watch your new food episode!

Wishing you endless creativity and wellness during these strange times.

Big hugs!!!
Herring wrote on February 21, 2021:
Hi Moose!
I have recently started a new and stressful job. Your videos have been so great to wind down to. Thanks for the chill vibes. Keep it up 🙂
Summer Dye wrote on February 20, 2021:
Hey Ian! I have been a big fan since about 2017. I went through a weird period in life where my anxiety went off the walls and I had a rough few years. I was going to school full time on scholarship and working as a zookeeper...and dying. So every time I got to come home and see a new upload from my favorite channel while I was smoking & unwinding from the day was invaluable. Then after last year, well, whose life isn’t wrecked lol. I love how your channel is a quick escape from the hot dumpster fire of the world right now. Post pandemic I live an extremely isolated life and your video style can make it feel like I’m just hanging out with a friend again. Putting your streams on in the background helped a ton with loneliness last year. Your content is always fun and unique compared to everything else on my recommended page. Not that it matters but for your own research purposes here are my top 3 BM videos: Hungry Man, The Oregon Trail, and Prison Tycoon. If I have a super bad day I know I can count on those for a laugh! Please give MJ an extra pat from me & I truly hope you and your loved ones and friends are handling everything alright. ☺️
sam wrote on February 20, 2021:
this website is so cute
Anthony wrote on February 20, 2021:
Oh god, I haven't seen a guestbook since 2004. Hahaha. Wow.

I love the style of editing. It has a tim & eric aftertaste with a slight dash of chaos. Which is weird to say because I only started watching your channel because of the coin pusher/arcane video.
Matthias wrote on February 19, 2021:
Hey Ian!! I was wondering if you have played the game hypospace (available on PC and switch and probably other places)
i cant really describe it more than youre in a fictional late 90s internet and its funny and immersive and just man
bunnie wrote on February 18, 2021:
hey ian! love your streams & your whole vibe! my partner & i have been big fans since we stumbled upon you one fateful night in 2018. you really get us through these strange times with your stellar videos & chill vods. hope you’re doing well & give MJ a lil cuddle for us <3
V <3 wrote on February 18, 2021:
Hey Ian I'm wondering on what's your thoughts on the latest Nintendo Direct, any games you are excited for?
V <3
Linda wrote on February 12, 2021:
Just wanted to say hey, and that I of course love your content. I've been a fan for a while and I've never seen a creator who hits so spot on with all my interests like you do. Hope everything is going well and can't want to see what you come up with next! Thank you
Albi wrote on February 9, 2021:
Hey Ian,
since I noticed that I haven't heard from you on twitter for a while I decided to check up on you. I didn't find much, but I found this 1990-looking website. Love it. Really hope you are doing well, even if things suck for good old earth right now. Can't even begin to describe how much you impacted my life, so I won't. See ya.
Jeff wrote on February 7, 2021:
Hey Ian! Been a fan since your Sim Town video, love all the stuff you've been doing! It's always a treat when content creators try new things, and explore new avenues for creativity! I am glad you discovered the world of blank VHS tapes!
Anthony wrote on February 7, 2021:
You almost singlehandedly made me take on both video editing, and my (dangerous) habit of buying VHS cameras and sold as blank tapes. You're a huge inspiration bud!
CaptainFrenchToast wrote on February 6, 2021:
Hey, Ian.

I forgot you had a site, so finding this again was a joy. I've been on a spree revisiting your older stuff and it's hard to believe I've been subbed to you for just about five years now. Time is weird, dude. I hope 2021 goes well for you since last year has been a rough ride for a lot of us. I hope I can make it to more of your streams too since I haven't made it to many since early last year maybe. 😎🤙