bookmark_borderThe RSS Feed is back!

When I first made this website (in January 2020), I was running away from social media and wanted this to be a place where I could post without sending out notifications to anybody, so I disabled the RSS feed.

Well, I’m currently trying to un-hide myself after my long hibernation, and in the spirit of letting people actually follow what I’m doing I’ve re-enabled the RSS Feed! So if you’re a grandpa or grandma who still uses RSS technology, you can now follow my site for new post notifications! Isn’t that neat?

bookmark_borderleave me a voicemail!

This is an idea I’ve had for a while and I’m slowly rolling it out! The BrutalMoose Broadcast System now has an official phone number and voice mailbox. Give it a call and you can leave me a voice message, like it’s the 90’s again! I’m hoping to get some interesting messages, questions, or ideas that I can make video responses to, but you can also just call and say hey if you want!

(or 1-800-808-4268)

I’ll Tweet/Stream this info eventually, but I want to test it out on just my website right now until I’m sure that it works. Then it can go out to the masses.


click here for bad handwriting translation

hey guys!

i am so stoked for this month. the past few months i’ve felt a little off creatively, but as i leave july behind me i feel renewed and ready to do cool shit. here is whats on my mind.

  • old video formats: i’ve been stuck in a bit of a food loop lately, and i’m looking to break the streak.
  • streams: i have been wanting to stream more regularly for a while, but video deadlines always de-rail me. not this month.
  • p.o. box 4 fan mail
  • brutalfoods refresh: while taking a food video break, i want to brainstorm some new ideas so i can return with something fun-‘n-different.
  • dance moms: i love this stupid show. i’m on the last season and then i’ll have to find more trash to watch.
  • steam deck: this thing is dope.

okay well i guess i’m out of room to write so i gotta go. why did i start in the middle of the page? dumb.


bookmark_borderstuck in my head

i just watched my boyfriend play through Kings Quest VI, and one of the songs from the OST will just not get out of my head.

i can’t stop listening to it.

it’s a short, simple, somber song, and the fact that it was hard to track down and seems to be all but forgotten to time got me thinking about how creative works can fall out of being relevant so quickly. i hope there’s always going to be people who like to dig around for the obscure stuff.

anyway, i just had to bring at least a little attention back to this haunting tune.