bookmark_borderstuck in my head

i just watched my boyfriend play through Kings Quest VI, and one of the songs from the OST will just not get out of my head.

i can’t stop listening to it.

it’s a short, simple, somber song, and the fact that it was hard to track down and seems to be all but forgotten to time got me thinking about how creative works can fall out of being relevant so quickly. i hope there’s always going to be people who like to dig around for the obscure stuff.

anyway, i just had to bring at least a little attention back to this haunting tune.

bookmark_borderback on Twitter

After taking a long break, I finally feel refreshed and ready to Tweet again. I really enjoyed my time away – un-plugging from socials was great rest for my mind grapes and I highly recommend it. Now that I feel like I’ve got my head back on straight, though, I really miss farting around over there! So that’s what I’ll be doing. Lots of flatulence.

Other than that, I’m really just trying to get all the plates spinning again! I’m feeling really good and really motivated video-wise, I think that 2022 is going to bring in some high quality brutalmoose & brutalfoods videos. I hope you guys have enjoyed my latest 3 videos in particular. I really feel like something clicked in my brain meats while I was working on the Arcade video & Twilight review, and suddenly I found myself back on track. Really happy with those videos, and really excited for my future ones!

I need to figure out Twitch, too, because I want to stream more regularly but (clearly) have had a hard time getting in the groove and making it work since dialing up my video-making process. No excuses for this, I just need to start experimenting and find out what works for me. I’ve been watching more streams just in general lately to try and stoke those inspiration flames, and I think it’s working! So hopefully only a matter of time.

Hope you guys have been doing rad lately! In non-work news, I’ve been playing a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel and Shenmue in my free time. I’m running a Gravekeeper’s deck in Master Duel, and I just made it to Kowloon in Shenmue II last night. Trying to mentally decide if Myst or Shenmue is my favorite video game series, now. It’s a real tough choice.

bookmark_bordernew video this weekend

Hey guys!

So a new movie review was supposed to go up on Dec 31st to close out the year, but I’ve hit some massive snags with YouTube’s copyright ID system. I’m assuming it’s because I decided to talk about a well known film rather than something obscure, but it’s been a real pain. So much so that I actually think the video will end up on moose2 rather than my main channel, even though it’s main channel quality. Kind of a bummer, but at this point I just want the video out so that people can watch it. Expect it this weekend! I think it’s one of my best media reviews in a while, actually.

After that, I’ll have another main channel video on the 15th. No extra details to provide here, but I think it’ll be a real crowd pleaser.

That’s all the updates for now! I haven’t streamed in a little bit but I think once I get this Jan15th video done I should have some room. I’m not sure if we’ll do Polar Express this year, I honestly think that I might finally be done with our good boy Heraldo. I feel like we should start a new tradition with Christmas 2022, because I’ve come to kind of dread this one. It’s just not a very fun game lmfao

Hope everyone had a great christmas and new years! Santa brought me an Elgato green screen this year and I’m freakin’ pumped for you to never see it (because it will be keyed out). I’m feeling super good about 2022, I actually feel like I’ve got my brain in the right place to make some top-notch stuff.

Also, big thanks to everyone who gave me vlog topics on my last post! I’ll be using them soon so I can post something besides project updates, because i’m trying to work on keeping my lips zipped.

You guys do anything wild over the holidays? I took 2 whole days off. It was pretty insane.

bookmark_borderPause on streaming while I finish this video

Hey guys! Short update post today because I have not been sleeping well lately and my brain is all blaehlehbflhfbblh

The video I am currently working on (halloween-themed movie review collab) has faced a couple of really big setbacks. I’m still super stoked for it, I think it’s going to be a great video, but I must admit that I planned for it to be done by last weekend and I’m only just now starting the editing process. I haven’t done a collab video in literally years, and my rustiness led to me make some critical mistakes while my collaborator and I were collaborating that really set me back. Not exciting mistakes, more like “the camera didn’t record” kind of mistakes. The end result is that I’ve spent all month working on a video that I chose to make specifically because the format seemed like it offered a simple, quick, yet high-quality turnaround. I still think it’ll be a high-quality video, but it has been anything but quick.

This video has to be posted by next week, so I need to direct all of my attention towards it. Unfortunately that means I have to take a break from the M/W/F streaming schedule I’ve been trying to stick to. I toughed it out during my last stream, but honestly when I get behind on a video like this and start nearing the end of the month, it’s all I can think about. I really don’t want to be distracted by that while I’m ripping into Ripper, I don’t think it’d be fun for me or those watching.

So my plan is to hunker in the editing bunker and just chop away until this video is done, and then I’ll return to stream with a clear head for Ripper. Despite the setbacks I’m still planning on starting the stream series this month! I hope to only miss 2-3 streams and then be back for some timely Ripping and Haunted Gingerhouse making.

Also after this video is done I’ll start working on new Mystery Tapes, as well as the new format that I’m dying to try.

In conclusion: Still really stoked about all of the stuff I talked about in my last update, it’s just taking way longer to get this collab done than it should have, which has both gummed up the works, and bummed out the me. Streams are on a brief hold, but I’ll be returning for Ripper once this video is done.

So that’s the plan. I’m sorry for the delay, but rest assured that it is only a delay! I’ll return with video and streams very soon.

bookmark_borderUpdates! Stream Schedule, Mystery Tapes, & more!

Sorry for the slight crunch to the audio, my mic was a bit hot* when I recorded this.


  • Stream: Trying out a new stream schedule starting next week! Mon/Wed/Fri, no set start time. Scary games, scary streams, scary ian. Not sure if the schedule will stick or not, this is just a test as I try to figure out what kind of streaming schedule works best for me!
  • Mystery Tapes: New case of tapes acquired! No episode in production currently, but I’m hoping to be on the road to new entries soon.
  • Movie Reviews: New collab movie review(s) inbound! I’ll have a Halloween themed collab this month, and I’m really hoping to do more of them going forward.
  • New Show? Still in development, still being vague about it, but I’m hoping to have something to show either this month or next!