i was on a Goosebumps podcast!

I joined some pals on their hit podcast Goosebuds to talk about the book “Return to Horrorland”! It was a ton of fun, and a pretty new experience for me. I’d never read a Goosebumps book before, and I rarely go on podcasts, so hopefully I did alright!

Here’s where you can find the episode:


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jess g

oh shit!! that’s dope!! I’ve been working my way through the goosebuds past eps so I’m stoked to get to yours!

joseph b

ian! i got my hands on a copy of nancy drew message in a haunted mansion from a thrift store and can mail it to you once your po box is set up if you havent gotten a copy yet


Woo hoo! That sounds really fun (O: I hope it was a good experience for you