stuck in my head

i just watched my boyfriend play through Kings Quest VI, and one of the songs from the OST will just not get out of my head.

i can’t stop listening to it.

it’s a short, simple, somber song, and the fact that it was hard to track down and seems to be all but forgotten to time got me thinking about how creative works can fall out of being relevant so quickly. i hope there’s always going to be people who like to dig around for the obscure stuff.

anyway, i just had to bring at least a little attention back to this haunting tune.

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It is a pretty good song thanks for sharing.

Anyway remembering 2019’s Birthday Stream and how much fun it was watching you open presents at regular intervels that’s how I learned about Working Woman Barbie found a Let’s Play and when showing that Let’s PLay to one of my life coaches she reaveled she actually had that game when she was a kid

That is a really pretty song. It has a spooky, melancholy vibe to it. I like it! I can’t stand the the word ‘relevant’. It gets tossed around too much these days. You like what you like! I always love finding things that not too many people know about. Its like my own little secret. Plus discovering something that you never knew would inspire you in some way is always a joy šŸ™‚

So ghostly! Love this kinda music in games *_*

perfect to play in the bathroom at my next halloween party