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Ian is… feeling jolly and watching 90 Day Fiancé.

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Hey guys! A new brutalmalls will be hitting your YouTube subscription box tomorrow, but today I’m here with some website updates. I’m feeling really motivated to work on this place lately. Since I usually produce content for other platforms, I’m trying to come up with ways to make my website a place worth visiting every now and again. It’s nice having your own corner of the internet, I think, I just need to make mine interesting.

the jukebox

You’ll notice at the bottom of the screen that there’s a fancy schmancy new jukebox of sorts! It features some of my own music, as well as other offerings like a couple of tracks from my good friend Yungtown. I’m hoping to expand the playlist whenever possible, whether it be with my own music or more songs provided by talented friends.

The neat thing about this jukebox is that the music should follow you around the site and pick up where you left off on the previous page. I’ve been testing it out and it seems to work pretty well! As long as you stay away from your browser’s back button, that is. I hope you enjoy the tunes!

e-mail alerts

On the homepage of this site – directly under the list of recent posts – you’ll notice a place to subscribe to email alerts for In theory, you’ll receive an email each time a post is posted to the posts section. I say that it’s a theory because I actually haven’t tested it yet. This post is will serve as a trial run, I’m hoping to receive an email about it shortly after I submit it to the site.

If it doesn’t work, I’m sure I’ll scramble to delete the post, or at least edit it to say that it’s still under construction. I think that it should work though. This is a huge step forward for RSS is the past, electronic mail is the future.

The RSS feed isn’t going anywhere, though, so feel free to still subscribe to that.


That’s it for today! Like I said, a new brutalmalls video will be up tomorrow. It’s ready and waiting in the wings as I type. Hope you guys enjoy it! I’m thinking I might do the Uncle Nick-a-thon tomorrow as well… so look out for that over on Twitch, as well.

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Can’t wait!

(P.S Your status made me ROFL lol)


I’m surprised to say the jukebox works on my ancient RSS client, Opera ver 12.18. It doesn’t like your status notification near the top or the home.gif or ability to leave a comment but everything else is working on a browser engine a decade out of date.


Epic webpage man

The Dudes

The Jukebox blocks out the scratching in the walls. Thanks Moose…
-The Dudes


The jukebox is a really fun and nostalgic addition! Very much enjoying this.

Good work on the email sub thing! I’m happily using RSS, but I’m sure more people are down for email than a feed, ha ha.


I love all of the new changes,especially the jukebox !


really cool to see the work on the website, keep it up!

Aesthetic Streak

The new editions to the website are so cute! Glad to see youre doing more work on it


love the web page!

Mr French

Your music slaps my guy


Cheesy has no right to go this hard

Me :>

Looks great ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40