bookmark_borderUpdates! Stream Schedule, Mystery Tapes, & more!

Sorry for the slight crunch to the audio, my mic was a bit hot* when I recorded this.


  • Stream: Trying out a new stream schedule starting next week! Mon/Wed/Fri, no set start time. Scary games, scary streams, scary ian. Not sure if the schedule will stick or not, this is just a test as I try to figure out what kind of streaming schedule works best for me!
  • Mystery Tapes: New case of tapes acquired! No episode in production currently, but I’m hoping to be on the road to new entries soon.
  • Movie Reviews: New collab movie review(s) inbound! I’ll have a Halloween themed collab this month, and I’m really hoping to do more of them going forward.
  • New Show? Still in development, still being vague about it, but I’m hoping to have something to show either this month or next!