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Rex wrote on January 10, 2021
Hey hey! I've watched your stuff for the better part of 6 years, and have loved every minute!
Ethan wrote on January 10, 2021
hey Ian just wanted to thank you for making some of the best, coziest, youtube videos 🙂
HKMG wrote on January 9, 2021
I don’t know how I ended up here. Who is Ian and why does he look so damn tasty?
J Whittles wrote on January 9, 2021
Hey there, Ian!

I just wanted to pop by and say hello, and thank you for all the amazing content you've given us throughout the years. While I am a relatively new subscriber (YT recommended me your food vids, as well as a restaurant game review you did) I have absolutely loved your content since, and always look forward to the next video, whether on your main channel or on moose2.
It's always such a joy, and you make it feel like I'm just hanging out with you while you talk about what you're currently passionate about/ interested in. (Can one be passionate about or interested in assembling a Thanksgiving meal from frozen foods? Maybe...)
But I just wanted to give a big thank you for all you do and lots of love to you and yours, and hope you have a happy new year!
Sarah Jay wrote on January 9, 2021
I drew some fanart from your newest mystery tapes video! I hope you like it. Keep up the awesome work, me and my partner love your videos and find them so so relaxing and comforting 💞

Link: https://i.imgur.com/96Pbkjk.jpg
Admin Reply by: ian
Oh my god I love it! My hair is so long and flowy!
Thanks so much Sarah!
Savvy wrote on January 8, 2021
Hey Ian. I’m not much of a cook, and I grew up in a home where eating home cooked meals was rare. I moved out on my own during the pandemic, and I saw your wing video. Recently, I finally decided to try and cook- and I made the best thing I’ve ever done by myself. I cried. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and humor- it helped me overcome my biggest insecurity, and now I officially have wing night!
David wrote on January 8, 2021
Hi Ian ... just wanted to let you know that you have gotten me hooked on American Truck Simulator. It looks boring, but is both fun and very relaxing. 🙂
Walt wrote on January 8, 2021
Hey! I'm following your Spotify page (dont remember how i found it, prob from your stream) and i see you've been listening to Bossa nova (my favorite genre) hope you find it as relaxing as i have! Love your vids!
Admin Reply by: ian
Haha yes! I was listening to some Bossa nova, recently, I wanted to feel like I was in a shopping mall! Very relaxing.
Ty wrote on January 7, 2021
Hey Ian and friends,
I’ve really been enjoying the Mystery Tapes videos, and for whatever serendipitous reason, this old George Foreman ad crossed my twitter timeline, and I wanted to share it here for the many other fans of these charming old commercials.
I hope links are okay here: https://adland.tv/adnews/george-foreman-grill-colors-2001-030-usa

Anyhow, I hope you have been safe and well coming into the new year, and I’m just as excited as anyone else here to see what you’ve got in store for us in the future.
Much love, Ty.
Roberto Q wrote on January 7, 2021
Hello Ian! I loved your last mystery tapes videos and have always liked that series on your YouTube channel! Such weird stuff is out there and you do a great job of presenting the tapes in a comedic yet informative way. Thanks for that! The last video reminded me that I have bunch of mystery tapes myself that I’d love to send your way. Message me on Instagram @vhs_stacks if you’d like to figure something out in that regard. I couldn’t find your social media pages but hopefully insta works alright for you. In any case have a great day and thanks for all you do!
Viktor wrote on January 6, 2021
food review wrote on January 6, 2021
make food review
DJ wrote on January 6, 2021
Yo, your videos and content are some of the best. Your voice and demeanor make everything better, so please keep up the good work and never stop! Take care and be safe!

Much love from Texas
Enormous Phallus James wrote on January 5, 2021
This isn't nearly Geocities enough. Where's the banners? Or the "Page Under Construction" gif? And I see no Unique Viewers counter either, mister!

Jokes aside, I appreciate the videos you make, man. Congrats on your growth, and your survival of the dumpster fire of a year that was 2020. Looking forward to more content. Stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask.
Colton wrote on January 5, 2021
Thanks for making wonderful content that helped us all get through a chaotic year! Cheers to a better year filled with great videos 🙂
Max wrote on January 5, 2021
Hey Ian, thanks for the Mystery Tapes vids. They're always a fun time! Hope you're having a great winter, eat some nice food for me (like chocolate).
Quinn wrote on January 5, 2021
Big fan for a long time, love everything from the foods to the games to the random VHS tapes. Keep up the good stuff!
real cows wrote on January 5, 2021
woof woof im an ACTUAL COW
Dan Cummings wrote on January 5, 2021
Hi Ian!

I love your content. Its a refreshing change of scenery from the regular stuff I watch on YouTube! I very much relate to your off kilter sense of humor. Keep it up! We need more youtubers like you seriously! BTW I have boxes and boxes of old VHS tapes some labeled some not if you are ever interested I can send you some.

Travis wrote on January 5, 2021
happy poo year