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I’m not going to be very active on Twitter anymore, hopefully. I’ve known for a long time that it’s hot garbage, but I think I’ve finally woken up to the fact that I’m addicted to it and also that it’s making me miserable. On top of all that, it’s soaking up a lot of time that I could be using to make more rad shit.

So this is just a heads up that I’m going to be avoiding Twitter for the foreseeable future, I’ll probably try and get back on to tweet if I have a new video but that might be it. Just wanted it to be known that nothing horrible happened, I’m just trying to better myself!

If you want to connect with me, I’m streaming every wednesday and saturday this month, and I’d love for you to drop by! I’m also working on setting up a way for you to send me messages and submit fanart here on my website. Just because I don’t want to be on a social network right now doesn’t mean I want to be totally isolated.

Take it easy, everybody!

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Hey man. Long time listener, first time poster. I deleted my Facebook weeks ago for the same reason. Social media is horrible right now and I’ve been much happier since leaving. Love your content man. Be well. Do good.


*insert clapping emoji here* Good on you for knowing what you need and taking it. Thanks for sharing your streaming schedule. Maybe I can actually drop into one of those instead of VOD watching all the time! πŸ™‚


Hey congrats!!! Twitter sucks ass! Good for you, my dude. Love catching your weekly streams and I can’t wait to catch your upcoming content. Stay healthy!!


i just found out about your website from watching a VOD and honestly it seems like a better way to centralize all of your content without relying on social media. <3 looking forward to seeing your future projects!


Good for you Ian. Glad to hear you’re doing what you’ve found is best for you. I’m about 6 years twitter free and never had a Facebook. Couldn’t be happier about it. Last social media I was avidly involved in (other than reddit) was myspace.

Looking forward all the awesome stuff you’ve got in the pipeline! Hoping for some Mario Party streams as well.


Glad to hear you won’t be as active on Twitter anymore. Its amazing how much checking up on social media pages can put such a drain on your mental health and well-being. Having your own web site is a lot more inclusive and welcoming. I always look forward to your Twitch streams πŸ™‚


Twitter stinks, I wish I had your commitment. Maybe I’d be creative too, who knows lol.

Keep grooving, my dude.



Hi Ian, A new but avid lock down-era viewer of yours here (almost finished watching your entire main YT channel). Jon recommended your content to me, and I got hooked on your tasteful humor and editing. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate how you don’t polarize or alienate viewers by making divisive political statements, unlike so many nowadays. Thank you for keeping your private life and personal convictions out of your videos, and letting the quality of your content speak for itself! Enjoy being away from the toxic dumpster fire that is Twitter, and take good care… Read more »


Hi! Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Your videos have been such a source of calm and fun for me lately; thanks for all the positivity. And also good job on keeping up on your stream schedule. I’ve been too busy to make it, but I’m excited for you!


Hiya Ian, just found out that you have a website!
Giving up on social media can be very difficult and i’m so proud of you!
I’ve quit so many social media platforms and honestly it’s such a relief to be by yourself and to let yourself breathe.
I don’t really know what else to say so uh Yeah keep up the great work<3

Lucille Gruyere

I love you. Marry me.

Blake Metz

Hey I can’t believe I’m just discovering this website, this shit is awesome I love the old school feel of the website. I’m also glad to see a lot more variety of your other talents from just seeing your YouTube vids years ago around 2013 till now. I was completely unaware of your other artistic expressions. It’s great to see the level of creativity and other talents you have, keep up the good work man!


I deleted my twitter around the beginning of the year and ive been alot happier since. The twitter community just wont let you enjoy anything, its super toxic and almost always devolves into gatekeeping or politics where it doesnt even belong. I truly believe its the worst of the internet.


Hi! I discovered a VHS that may be a cool video, it is related to cats so yours can feature in it! How can I send it to you? Do you have an email to communicate?
I added the email and link for my fiance and I’s YouTube.


I definitely agree! I’ve been avoiding twitter for as long as I’ve been active on any form of social media and the few times I’ve gone there to catch up on something I’ve heard someone else talking about I’ve rarely come away from it happy, so I understand where you’re coming from and I think this website is a really cool idea πŸ™‚


I recently stopped going on twitter too, it just made me sad everyday. is a better social network anyway.

Beck the Wolf

Yeah, I feel you. It’s the internet’s cesspool, not gonna lie. You’re constantly fed politics and news, and the drama on there kinda broke me, I ended up deactivating my account a month or two ago. On Twitter no one gives a crap about anyone but themselves. Honestly seeing you leave might have helped me be okay with leaving it too.


I love you. sorry for being so forward

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