episode guide update!

Did you know that there are over 100 “brutalmoose Originals” videos? Recently I’ve been working on categorizing my videos a bit better, and although my efforts are still in-progress, the new episode guide is live! (Click on “videos” to get there.)

This was a really fun project, I basically got to break down every brutalmoose video I’ve ever made and place them into different categories and seasons. On YouTube it can feel like you’re just endlessly tossing videos out into the void, so getting to structure them like this really makes me proud of the effort I’ve put into my videos over the years.

It was also really fun getting to break up my videos into seasons. I don’t really pre-plan seasons or anything, but as I look back on my work I find it pretty easy to spot when I’ve turned a creative corner. It was a little sad at times too, like when I realized how far in the past the “Hidden Block Golden Age” was. Emotions!

I’m still finishing off the guide, but overall I really like it. I love seeing my videos broken up this way and it makes me feel accomplished. And old. Old and accomplished.

Let me know if there’s anything I could do to make the video guide easier to use, or maybe more informative/fun? Otherwise thanks for checking out the website!



  1. Love the way you organized those, looks really sleek! You’re doing a great job with everything you’re adding to this website. Small heads up though, it looks like you might’ve made a typo in labeling the most recent brutalmoose Original episode as E113, it looks like it’s supposed to be E131 maybe?

    1. Hey thanks Matthew!! Let me know if you notice anything else out of place, letters/numbers aren’t exactly my strong suit haha

  2. I love seeing everything broken down into seasons and evolving over the years. Real excited that the past episode is the start of brand new season!

  3. I find it very enjoyable watching your older videos and seeing how your style has changed over the years. Keep up the great work Ian and I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for the future!

  4. I really like when people organize their videos with playlists. It makes it feel more organized and accessible, so I really appreciate your efforts 🙂

  5. Oh! By the way, on your Originals page, you say “Not quite reviews, not quite vlogs.” and then later you have “They’re not quite reviews, but they’re not quite vlogs, either.”

    You maybe just want one of those.

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