Late January Project Updates

Hey hey, I’m here with a few project updates! Lately I have been very video-focused in my efforts, so I don’t have a lot of updates in any other areas really.

next up: New brutalmoose video!
I’m currently editing a brutalmoose video that I’m really excited about, because I think it’s got more of a ‘classic brutalmoose’ vibe than some of my more recent installments. I think this is the first time in a while that I’ve just sat down and roasted something stupid, and I had a lot of fun doing it. I’ve still got a few shots that need filming and I also need to edit it, but I’m hoping it’ll all come together nicely (and quickly!)

mid-february: New brutalfoods episode!
I have acquired the food for this video (it’ll be another taste-test-review-type-deal), and I’m pretty excited to film here in the next day or two! It might end up spawning a recurring segment for brutalfoods videos, we’ll just have to see how people like it. But I’ve already signed up for a brand deal for this video so I’m pretty positive that you can expect this one on-time.

down the line: Big Video!
The Big Video has resumed production! I’m going to try and keep working on it every now and again so it doesn’t fall by the wayside again, or it’ll never get done. I did get burned out and have to shelve it for a while, but coming back to it with fresh eyes and I’m really stoked to chip away at it some more. I just finished up the rough edit of all of the footage I’ve filmed so far, so now… it’s time to film some more footage. No idea when this one will be done, the only thing I can promise is that it’s going to be very long.

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good with my work right now! No surprise, but pulling away from Twitter some more has made it way easier for me to relax and get into a creative groove. I’ve also tried to be more active in my Twitch Discord lately, and it’s been a great place to connect with people and chat for a bit without all the internet noise. So overall, things are moving smoothly and I’m excited to start uploading some more videos soon! Obviously I still have my other projects on my mind – streaming, drawing, blender, music – but right now I’m chasing some YouTube inspiration because it can be rare for me to have any of that lately haha. In my free time I’m mainly still thinking about my game project, but I’ve hit a bit of a wall there so right now it’s mostly just brainstorming.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I hope to be back soon with a video for viewing. Have you guys been working on anything cool lately? I’d love to hear about it.

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V <3

Am excited to see your content when you post!


Yo, you really got to tell us WTF the big video is. We all gonna die of corona before we find out.


Is it Televoid 7?

Julia B

Hell yes, classic Brutalmoose is exactly what I need after the stress of applying to college haha.

Thanks for the update!!!


Hey Ian, gald to hear about the upcoming videos. By the way, is MJ short for Moose Jr? My girlfriend and I were curious.

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I always figured that she was named after the Spider-Man character, and never payed it a second thought. Interesting.


I though MJ was short for Michael Jackson and I assumed Ian was a big Michael Jackson fan. Lmao


Love your content and all your vods Ian. It’s really nice watching them all the time, I feel like we are friends and it’s nice. I love your personality and me and my family watch your food videos together. Tonight we watched hungry man part two while eating Chinese food hehe.


Also, I may have it wrong but the way I see it from your Minecraft vods you have a public server going? If that’s true could you please point me in the right direction so I could join the server? Thank Ian! It’s nice having a content creator that interacts with their fans as much as you do.


It would be SO MUCH FUN


Excited for upcoming videos! Have you thought of splitting Big Video up into episodes or would that kill the pacing?

I’m still hoping it will be a Brutalmoose version of Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels.

Maxime Lemieux

No need to publish is when “part 1 is done”. Like if it really does end in a 6 hours video, you could have daily 30 min videos for 2 weeks once all the editing is done.


I can’t imagine trying to focus while day 3 is happening. It was so unnerving when I watched it.

The potato scene on day 2, meatloaf scene, and elevator sequences still crop up in my thoughts when I least expect them.


I didn’t expect to get French movie recommendations when I check this post but I’m glad I did! Thanks Ben!


Looking forward to the video! Also just gotta say (since I haven’t commented on here before) I really truly love this website. Everyone should get off Twitter and do announcements and updates like this. Really great to hear its been working out for you aswell!

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I’m stoked to read this and see your excitement show through your words. I was just watching a VOD where you mentioned maybe revisiting a classic brutalmoose styled video. Burn out is definitely rough but I’m glad you were about to come back around with a fresh look! I’ve been having to do that recently with some of my artwork, but in the end it’s worth the little longer wait to finish. I myself have been doing a lot more physical art lately, compared to my normal digital arts. Having a lot of fun using my hands more and having… Read more »


Excited for the new videos when they come out! My wife and I always set aside time to watch them together like an actual feature presentation on the TV lol. I’ve been job-searching for a while (new grad) and still haven’t gotten anywhere, so in the meantime I’ve dived into learning game making with Unity. So far I’ve made a basic shooting space 2D game with UI and everything to get the fundamentals, but boy is it hard. It’s really discouraging at first when you’re learning a new skill/hobby but I think given enough time and patience, it’ll all be… Read more »


A modern but classic style brutal moose episode sounds great!

Most of my energy has gone into moving, but I have been working on a small village with friends in MC that I’m fairly proud of!

Hope the big video is still fun to work on!


Ooh absolutely cannot wait for your upcoming vids!! Hope you’re doing well as staying warm


I have been meaning to say this on a moosepost for a few months now, let me finally do it! It’s long but I like saying everything in one shot. I’m embarking on a huge project and have never done anything as focused despite how many unwritten stories occupy my head all day and night. I can’t wait to see it exist outside of myself. It’s motivated me to continue through a few rough patches. The only problem is, since covid hit last year, I’ve been working 60+ hrs at my job, and away from home for longer if my… Read more »


Awesome story! You got this! We believe in you!

Bodacious Bear

Yay! I love when Ian is doing well! I would love to join the discord if it’s open! How would one get into that?

me too!


It’s for Twitch subs only as of now (but with Prime you can get a free sub!)


I just saw you paused your Patreon and I got worried! Hope everything’s okay!!!

Chris W

Have you considered doing something in a similar vein to creators like Ssethtzeentach where patrons pay on a per video basis? People can still support you on Patreon and they’ll only be charged when you produced something, if that happens to be a thing that’s weighing heavily on your mind. Might be worth considering in your re-think of the previous re-think.


Glad to hear it! Sounds like everything is coming together!


Happy to hear you’re in a creative groove. I agree, the less distractions you have, the better you can concentrate on what you really wanna do. I’m currently learning/doing more figure drawings. I really want to draw more character designs and I’m super rusty in drawing people. Excited to see all your videos!


Glad to hear you’re doing okay Moosen

Got worried when I couldn’t find much of your presence online and wondered if something have happened, was very happy to find you hiding here in this cozy corner

Keep doing your thing, you beautiful elk

nn rodroid

iAN! Random question, but what do you think of the Coen Brothers? Took a class on them last month and their style is kinda like YTP before YTP was a thing.

Also gotta agree with rosa below. I made a blog inspired by yours and it’s a lot more fun posting art and other stuff that way.


I am new Nintendo Direct levels of excited for what’s to come as outlined in this post, and sure that this new classic-style brutalmoose episode is going to be amazing~

I’ve been working on trying to draw more art commissions to make some extra money for my girlfriend’s respective birthday’s coming up~


so hyped for this new video. Good luck Ian, and because you asked so nicely, I have been also working on a video but mostly putting it off and watching your videos, which are endlessly rewatchable, and Twin Peaks. But mostly your videos.


Hey Ian, I’ve really been enjoying reading your posts on here lately. I’m glad to hear that you’re keeping busy and have lots of projects in the works. Your work has given me a lot of laughs and entertainment over the years and I’m sure I’m not alone when I share my gratefulness and appreciation for your continued effort. I’ve been trying to stay busy myself. I have a small recording studio that I’ve been writing and producing a punk album out of for the past year and things have been taking a more cohesive form with that lately. I’m… Read more »


Hey Ian! Glad to hear we’ll be getting some new vids in the near future. I was wondering if you ever considered doing a video on MST3K? you’re clearly a big fan, and some of my favourite videos of yours are when you just talk about something you love or are interested in, like the arcade/coin game videos and the farmers market one. Obviously you can’t make videos on EVERYTHING you like, but I can imagine you sitting down and talking about what made you fall in love with the show in the first place and maybe your thoughts on… Read more »


Hey Ian! I was just watching my other favorite streamer play a new update to the Coin Game and noticed that you can now have TV dinners. I thought it might be a nod to your videos, since an obvious one for me is “Kitchen Kid, Salisbury Steak” and I immediately thought of you.

Tymbers Phon

Good to hear you’re feeling good.


Sometimes when I feel down (which is exceedingly often these days, who can blame me really), I binge some of your videos. Somehow they never lose that essence that makes me come back to them again and again. You really have got something special.

Looking forward to Brutalmoose’s 2021 – you will make this year a whole lot more bearable for many of us! 🙂

Pinata time

Really exciting stuff! I’ve just been working on animations that I usually do.

Maisy L

Hey Ian, I’m new to you content and really looking forward to the next projects. I’m so glad you can work on them without creative stress, it really seems like you love what you do.

Cake Problems

Hey, Ian! I’m a big fan of all your work, from movie reviews to brutalfoods. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling good in your work. First time I’ve checked out the website, and I love it! Recently, I’ve been doing a ton of baking, so I guess that’s something cool I’ve been working on. Currently watching one of your Nance streams while I clean up my apartment though.

Matthew Dimuantes

Just something random I’ve come across concerning Pope Sylvester II ( – formerly known as Gerbert! There’s a legend about him selling his soul to the Devil, and I just thought it was kind of odd that there’s a show starring a certain creepy Christian puppet who has the same name. Surely they knew what they were doing, right? Maybe? I always enjoy your content, whether it be an amazing BrutalFoods episode, or a Mystery Tapes! I do especially enjoy the more random ones like the Cosmic Crisp Apple Hunt, or the video of the move. You do good work!… Read more »


I’m really late to the party, but thanks for the update! It’s always fascinating that you kept your creativity up for so long, at a constant high level. So I totally understand that you need a change every now and then, to “fill up your creativity”, so to say. Stay awesome, Ian! 🙂

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  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40