I was quiet last month but here I am! Still here. Patreon Pals, I just a heads up that I did not charge for April. I thought I was going to have a main channel upload last month, but the idea didn’t really pan out so I ended up spending more time chipping away at my Big Video, instead. I’m still really determined to get that done at some point, it just sucks not having anything to upload after working on it for so long. But that’s fine, I’ll get there eventually.

As for this month, though, April will see an exciting new entry in the brutalfoods series. It could end up going very poorly, but I’ve decided to get a little creative with this one, so… idk I guess we’ll see how it goes! I’ve got a brand deal on this one, so for sure new video in April. It’s kind of nice being contractually obligated to finish a video, I work quickly under that kind of pressure.

I’ve still been working a lot in Unity. Game development is definitely where I’ve been most inspired lately. Just recently I’ve achieved my first functional gameplay elements in the form of a bowling mini game! It’s honestly super, super, basic, but I am also super proud of it. It registers when you’ve thrown a ball, it keeps track of which pins have been knocked over, it moves from frame to frame. It even has a (usually) functional ball return and whatnot!

If I can finish out the rest of the building (the bowling alley is only half of it), I’m considering doing a little moose2 video showing it off and talking about how I did it. I think some people might be surprised to see how accessible visual scripting can make game development. Something about it just really clicks in my brain, it’s almost like a puzzle. I haven’t written a single line of code myself and it doesn’t seem like I’ll need to, which is neat because I really don’t want to have to learn how to code. Anyway, that’s how my game dev journeys are going these days. I’m trying to build some interesting looking buildings and create some interesting mini games, and then just see where that takes me. I’ve gone through a ton of Unity files while learning how to do all this shit, but this one feels like it might actually yield something shareable one day. We’ll see!

I also have music and streaming on the mind lately. I don’t know where I’m going to find the time for those, but I’d like to some time soon. I would love to muster the courage to stream some Unity work honestly. As much fun as the game-playing streams are, I’m really becoming obsessed with the idea of getting to create something new rather than creating content based around other people’s things. Not just in streams, but videos too. That’s probably why I feel driven to take some more chances with brutalfoods. I love to share my opinion on things, but I want to do more than just opinionize about things. If that makes sense.

That’s all that’s new over here, really. I become eligible for vaccination next month, which I’m stoked about. Brutalbf and I just watched Death Note again, which was great as usual. We also watched the Netflix live action Death Note movie for the first time, and it was just… awful. Hilariously bad, it was quite a ride. I love that they turned Light from like a smart, cunning sneaky guy into just a whiny little bitch. Comedic genius.

What are you guys up to these days?

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Sean Stevens

I got my vaccine earlier this month thanks to my job, and it was great! It’s liberating going places (still masked) and not feeling worried all the time!! I just finished Persona 5 Royal. Did you see Brutalbf beat it yet? Ps, I’m SeanDiesAtTheEnd on chess.com, so I’ve been playing chess with you, too, I guess lol.


I had the second Moderna shot last week. The side effects didn’t really hit until the next day, and they included fatigue, overall muscle soreness, slight dizziness, and chills. I just ended up spending the day in bed and felt 70% better by the next day, and completely better the day after. Taking some Aleve helped a lot on the first day. Having had Covid last year, I’d take the shot over getting it again.

Sean Stevens

It wasn’t as bad as I feared. I was drowsy and a little sore. Nothing too bad, honestly. It sure beat the hell outta catching The Rona. And P5R really only made the bosses 10x as annoying, and added an epilogue. If you dug the story, they made it into an anime that I hear went well!!


While I haven’t gotten the vaccine yet, I’ve heard from several people who’ve gotten it, and it seems like the second shot gives just a day or two of arm pain and feeling kinda crappy, but not super duper bad.


That was shot 1. Shot 2 for me was legitimately debilitating. It put me out for an entire day. I’ve not felt that bad in years. It felt legitimately like I had the flu.

That being said worth it. Would do it again. Everyone get vaccinated.


I’m planning to take two days of work. It stinks because I’m in the interview process so it’s all awkward now. First shot was arm swelling and a bit of brain fog (I was on a Zoom call and thought geez I feel dumb … like stoned dumb. It was amusing). 2nd shot is supposed to be worse. I’m prepared for lie in bed fever for a day or two. I kind of enjoy that though since it makes me feel okay about sitting on my ass and watching TV all day. And all that means is that it’s working.… Read more »


Getting some major The Coin Game and Norwood Suite vibes from your bowling screenshot. I love it!

And I just became eligible and am getting the vaccine Friday. So, so excited for the possibilities opening up afterwards.

Looking forward to whatever you put out next – and I’m enjoying our chess games!

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Glad you’re doing well!


Hey Ian, great to hear from you. Its always fun to read up on what you’re up to. Your game work is inspiring to me as someone trying to find their own time to work on there own projects. What visual scripting program are you using? Is there anything else you use to streamline the game making progress? Looking forward to see your next project!


Thank you for spending the time to write a long answer! I will look into both of those tools!


Hey Ian! After seeing your Diet Coke for millennials video, I was wondering if you’ve heard of coca-cola’s “OK Soda” from 1993. It was another attempt at appealing to a young, cynical, and apathetic market, even more hilarious and weird than the marketing campaign you discussed. Ultimately it failed but I thought you might find it interesting!


The beach is a great place to drink a soda.



The bowling alley looks awesome! I love the lighting and the brick walls. Yeah sharing your game-making progress would be so interesting to learn about. Glad to hear you’re going to get vaccinated soon. Both my parents got vaccinated and its such a huge relief. I’ve been working on a new idea for drawing, but it involves clothing that’s kinda complex, so I’m trying to break it down into simpler designs.

Beth T

Hey Ian! Really nice to see some of your Unity work, I would personally love to see a walkthrough of all your game dev stuff. Especially if it doesn’t involve much to any coding. I just got back into the Fruits Basket remake. Season 2 is surprisingly dark and delves a lot into characters motivations and past trauma. Season 3 (last season) starts today and it looks equally messy (in the best of ways).
Also! I’ll be adopting my first cat next month, any tips?


I could use some new moose content man, I need my fix! In all seriousness though, you take all the time you need to be happy with it, I know it’ll show! I’ve honestly just been having a super tough past month and have been finding some small solace in being emotionally vulnerable with strangers on the internet. I guess the anonymity, or at least perceived anonymity makes it feel kind of cathartic. Even if it floats away and disappears into the emotional ether with the trillions of other posts also bemoaning the human condition, it still feels nice in… Read more »

Charlotte Spidereyes

Super excited for the upcoming vid! I’m trying to finish a highly edited video too. I don’t know how you do it, Mr. Moose, always able to actually finish videos, haha. You’re an inspiration, and thank you for always being so cool!

Plop Enthusiast

Hey Ian!  That bowling ally looks SO good! I would honestly buy it and play it on switch as is, no joke! I’d love to hear you talk about how you made it! Videos like your camera tour one are one of my favorites because its fasinating hearing the specifics of what you use, how you work around their flaws and why you use them. All of your videos are so relaxing, well paced and very funny. Moose2 vids were one of the things keeping me sane in 2020 and watching them got me through shoulder pain I had then.… Read more »

nn rodroid

Hey, Moose! Your game’s looking good! I don’t know if visual scripting is a recent thing, but it sounds like something I could’ve used back in my “I’m gonna make a game!” phase. However, I’ve been learning how to code in one of my classes. Even the simple stuff is tough, but that feeling once you code something that works AND works exactly as you wanted it to without help is cathartic. I won’t be taking any more coding classes after this one, but I hope that with enough practice, I can apply this knowledge somewhere, somehow. Hmm… Anyway, I… Read more »

Julia B

getting vaccinated tomorrow :’) Also, I have to like commit to college this month um haha. Your mini-game looks so rad I’ve wanted to start game developing!! I’d love to see a stream of you talking about your process!! Thanks for the update 🙂


Congratulations on the advancements in Unity; that still of the bowling alley looks amazing! It gives me Off Peak vibes; I love it! I know you’ve said in past streams that you’ve wanted to work on game design for a while, so I think it’s really awesome that you’re getting into it and doing so awesome with it!

As for myself, I’m getting my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, so I’m kind of nervous about that, but I’m looking forward to watching some VODs while I recover!

Glad to hear you’re well!


Loving this extra beefy Brutalmoose post. So cool to hear about you getting into Unity. Reminds me of LGR getting into analog synths. Sometimes you need a new hobby/passion to respark yourself, especially in quarantine. Glad to hear you found an outlet for your creativity and would love to hear more about it.

Hope your vaccination goes well. I’m getting my 2nd dose next week (here in Texas).

Kirstyn Oaks

Oh gosh the Death Note movie is so bad lmao. I watched it with my brother and his girlfriend around when it originally came out, and we had a grand time trashing on it. Made me and my brother get into a Death Note kick and we rewatched the anime, watched the Japanese live action movies, and watched the Japanese stage musical. They’re all a trip because have they have such different takes from the source material.


Your game looks awesome – I’m seriously inspired, especially with what you said about low-coding requirements. I coded a bit in high school, back in like 2009, but that’s pretty much irrelevant. Excited for whatever you create, man, be it videos, or games. Hope you’re doing well!


And I had that second booster shot about two weeks ago – it was nothing to write home about. I had the chills for a day or two, but I was totally fine. I had Moderna, if that makes any difference.


I would love to see a video about this if you decided to make it. I’ve messed with gamedev off and on for a while and I love seeing people get into it and express themselves through games!

Cake Problems

I just got my second dose yesterday! I had to miss class because the vaccine site was kind of far away. Also, it’s funny you should bring up bowling. Bowling is something I really want to get good at. I’m trying to rent a lane for myself to practice one every now and then. I’ve been buying lots of used dvds at antique stores and flea markets and watching movies and tv shows I never found the time for before.


This is unrelated but I just tried cosmic crisp apples and wow they really are good


Hi Ian, Happy to read that you’re having fun making video game, I really like the atmosphere in that bowling alley ! Last month, I started a new job in web developpement, I don’t like it too much but I need the money to move out of my parent’s placeHi Ian, Happy to read that you’re having fun making video game, I really like the atmosphere in that bowling alley ! Last month, I started a new job in web developpement, I don’t like it too much but I need the money to move out of my parent’s place. I’ve… Read more »


Hi Ian! I am so happy to hear you are working on new brutal foods videos. They are my absolute favorite. Honestly, I live for them. I sometimes don’t watch them as soon as they come out: no, it has to be the *perfect* moment to watch them. Snuggled up in bed or on the couch and just chilling. They make me so happy inside. Dont get me wrong, I love all of your content, but I wouldn’t be the slightest bit angry if we only got brutal foods and nothing else. Something about them are so relaxing and comforting.… Read more »


I am watching all your Nancy Drew play throughs right now. I’ve never yelled at my TV so much in my entire life.

Tom Pritchard

Just a thought, I’m a software engineer by trade and I feel exactly the same way about writing ‘real’ code as you do visual scripting: It’s just a puzzle. People love to get high-and-mighty about what constitutes ‘proper’ programming ,but the simple fact of the matter is that it’s just a tool, and the results are what matters. There is no difference between visual scripting and writing code. I mean that in two ways: If you don’t feel like you need to, by all means never write a single line of code in your life. You’re solving problems by writing… Read more »


Thought to myself today, “I miss Brutalmoose’s content”, came to your website and delighted to hear you’re still creating and working on big things. The game dev stuff sounds really exciting, I would definitely love to see some of that streamed. Best of luck with your projects this month, thanks for the update!


I’m going through the discography of an ambient electronic artist, Tim Hecker. He’s really good! 6 albums in and 6 left lol. If ur interested id recommend haunt me, its really chill. also ravedeath,1972, its very grand and cool.


Couldn’t agree more on the US live action death note. Just terrible. Check the Japanese movies, the whole series is split into 2 movies. Wayyyyyy better. Glad your well and keeping on!

jess g

I’d love to see a moose2 vid on the bowling alley/other game dev stuff, if you make it. looks super cool!

good luck with the vaccine, hope you’re able to get an appointment quickly! I’m getting the j&j one this monday since WA finally opened it up for food service workers haha. I’m glad it’s only one shot but I’m still a bit nervous about the side effects the day after!


Hi Ian, I’m glad your game development is going well. I also have been feeling the need to create things- especially a game. I don’t have any game development experience either so I picked up the free trial of GameMaker Studio and was having fun messing around and trying to put something together. I would love videos or a stream of your process working through what your making, even if it’s with a totally different program. Hearing about your continuing progress is really inspiring and motivating.


Hi Ian! No idea if you’ll read this, but just wanted to reach out and thank you for all of the entertainment and genuine laughs you’ve provided during a pretty shit time in my life. I recently came across your channel while looking up the fever dream that was The Town With No Name and have since binged your content from the old stuff to new as chill background noise. Love your vibe, sense of humor, and editing style. Remember to make content that makes you happy to avoid that creator burn out, take care of yourself, and keep bein… Read more »


Howdy! My gf and I have just started watching your stuff and it’s been a blast. I’m a game developer by trade and I love seeing people get into it and use accessible tools like visual scripting! Anyone who says that visual scripting “isn’t really code” is lying; the syntax of written languages is just another way of expressing the same things that those visual nodes do!
I’m excited to see where your journey takes you, and I hope you have fun making things.


hey ian i just really wanted to say that your content kept me company in this quarantine. i just moved to a new place a few weeks ago and been binging brutalfoods and having it on repeat for quite some time. I have been enlisted for the vaccine but i pretty much wont get it until a few months from now. situation’s has been pretty dire in my country. started also to have therapy sessions online with my school’s councelor, so far so good 🙂 anyways please take care ian! i’m glad you’ve got into game dev and having having… Read more »


As someone who has to learn some rudimentary coding for her degree, I 100% understand not wanting to learn code. I’m not motivated for it and honestly that makes it all worse, haha. Unity stream or moose2 video would be so cool!

Good luck with the brand deal video and the Big Video from chilly old Norway!


Just finished up with my vaccine and I’m so happy to feel like I’m getting back to a new normal. Glad you’re still working on the big video I’m looking forward to it no matter when it comes out. Interested in how working with unity weekend.


Hey Ian! Thank you so much for the amazing content! I was introduced to it right before the pandemic began, and it’s been a pretty great distraction and comfort for the past year and a half. I received the first shot of Moderna this month and it kind of kicked my ass the first day haha. Not so bad after that. Glad you’re well! Looking forward to brutalfoods 🙂


Just wanted to say I love these catch up blogs! Cool to hear about creative stuff you’ve been working on behind the scenes. Glad to hear you’re well, and looking forward to future videos and the Big Video tm, as always.

rfg rgeg


Mikey Mass

Very excited for the big video! Bowling game looks very cool by the way good job with that.

Got my 2nd shot of Moderna, I got mine earlier since I’m a school sub but I will say I had a 100 fever and sorness next day but after that single day I was completely okay.

Good luck and read the Death Note Manga it’s soooo good if you’re obsessed like I am with that show.

Chicken Man

I had a chuckle at work while watching training videos at my new job. One of the smooth jazz songs they use is definitely one you’ve used at some point.

Just thought I would share.

Love your stuff, Moose!

Katie Schroeder

I’ve been super lucky and initially was able to get my first shot as an educator since I work at a university. However, right about that time in Savannah, they discovered that they had a lot more supply than demand from those that were currently eligible so it became open to everyone over 18 which was wonderful. Getting to see my RAs be able to get it and want to get it was great. I know that’s not the case everywhere. My mom still hasn’t gotten her second shot in Cali and acquaintances being on waitlists. I got Pfizer, the… Read more »


Nice bowling alley


I bought a cool old truck and I got my drivers license not too long ago. I’m back in school part time now going only about 12 hours per week and I just got a new job too at a local Jiffy Lube. Been missing the moose vids and stream content to go to sleep to lol. I’ve been playing classic WoW waiting for TBC to get re-released again sometime this year and also for the Diablo 2 remake to get released also. Btw, if you find the time to get into classic WoW you could make a guild and… Read more »


Awesome to hear there is more and more progress on the Big Video. Looking forward to that. Glad to see yah still ticking over. This past year and beyond has been a bugger on the creative juices for many people. If you get round to more puzzle games like Myst and others I’d suggest Qube. its colourful and might be up your alley.

Lilah C

Ive tried picking up game creation during my forever lockdown and its way harder than I thought it would be– trying to make a game where you have to lure my very difficult cat our from under the bed using various toys, trash you find in room (she prefers it anyway) and the occasional found treat. I cant get the AI right cause its either too easy or too hard. MJ gives me serious Squeak (my cat) energy. Theyd be cat friends irl. Your game looks good so far, Id play it and Im interested to hear more of your… Read more »


Been meaning to post a comment on here, and because it’s like 3 am where i live, my brain went ehh why not, so here I am, basically making a blog post about my thoughts at the moment. I’ll be turning 18 at the end of June, which I am definitely not ready for yet, but still I can’t wait for it. Now that everyone 12 & over are eligible for a vaccine in my state, some of my family members tell me to go get it, which I refuse to, the whole thing sets off some red flags that… Read more »


Wow, I’m late to the party. I’m mostly trying to find ways to kill time, like hanging around the Lost Media Wiki forums. I’m also trying to stop procrastinating with getting what I need to rip some old VHS tapes I have before they completely rot away. It sounds fun and nerve wracking at the same time. I’m not sure how you and others do it without getting paranoid that you might tape over something. I hope you, BrutalBF, and MJ are doing well! I hope I can make it to your stream next time you’re live since I don’t… Read more »


I noticed vaccines were being discussed so I thought I’d jump in. I recently got the first round of Moderna about a week ago. I had a pretty scary reaction to it unfortunately. The shot itself wasn’t that bad at all, but I was told to stay in the store for 15 min to be monitored. I wasn’t even sitting down for more than a minute or so before I woke up on the floor… my wife told me that she looked down at her phone, heard a loud crash and looked over. I had fallen out of my chair,… Read more »

Jake L

Hope everything’s okay with you, Ian! I know we’re all missing you. Any insights on the big video? I haven’t been this excited for something in a long time

Eli J Neman

So is the big video ready?

  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40