New Movie Review Very Soon!

I was hoping to have it out today, honestly, but exporting this video has been a bit of a hootenanny. I filmed my live segments with a GoPro this time, which I’ve never done before for a sit-down review, and it’s yielded mixed results. I chose it for the super wide angle lens that it has, and I really like the composition of the shot that I got. But the footage also came out super grainy, most likely because of my lighting (or lack thereof). Lighting is so tough, man. Looks good on the preview monitor, but turns out grainy every time. The good news is that I think I have my audio under control for this episode, which is kind of a rarity for me.

Anyway, I just have to get this video to export and look decent, then once it’s encoded I have to thumbnail it and upload it, and then you watch it. So it’s at the goal line. Almost there.

I’m really excited about this video, though! At one point movie reviews were my absolute favorite thing to produce, but once my food videos really set sail, the film reviews kind of fell off by the wayside. On top of not having to jump through Content ID hoops, Brutalfoods just fit the current state of YouTube way better than my movie reviews did, and I convinced myself that the film reviews weren’t worth the effort anymore. Mystery Tapes showed up as a format to kind of fill in the gaps, but it’s definitely not the same.

I’m excited to bring back the movie reviews though, because I think they’re a blast. They also let me get a little bit roastier than I do on my food videos. I feel like the food videos are way heavier on style, while the movie/VHS reviews have the substance. The food videos have gags, but the media reviews actually have jokes. Though I will say that my last food video was pretty heavily orchestrated, and it looks like my next one will be too (albeit with much less chroma key), so we’ll see where that takes us.

Am I rambling? I’m just sitting here watching this video export, hoping for the best. I’m having to export in 2k for the first time ever. 2k is way too big for a video file, we don’t need that many k’s. You guys don’t need that many pixels of my face.

Anyway, after this movie review comes a food video right behind it. I’m hoping to keep this next brutalfoods a little shorter just to see how that goes view-wise? My videos have grown so long, which I honestly really prefer, but it does make them daunting at times. I wouldn’t mind a shorter video now and again. Don’t even get me started on the Big boy, he’s still hibernating right now.

The Fatty Bear stream will not be on my birthday, I’m actually going to go do celebratory things that day. My guess is that the birthday stream will close out the month for me, somewhere along the very tail end. And then in July we’ll start our first stream series in like half a year! Geez. Sorry for the wait.

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Ann F.

I’m excited for your new video! A movie review followed up with a brutalfoods feels like and extra treat. Regardless of how long they take to make, they’re always worth the wait!


I love your movie reviews! I’m excited to watch it. You know I never differentiated your movie reviews from the food reviews, but how you described them kinda makes sense. I remember you said in one of your earlier posts that you weren’t into playing games on Twitch while learning how to make games in your free time (at the time) and that’s completely understandable. I’d rather you concentrate on something that gets you excited creatively than having to juggle more than you have to. As long as you want to do it, that’s what matters. On that note, I’m… Read more »


So excited things are gearing back up for your channel and Twitch. You have such a creative style and the effort you put into your work really shows. Hope you have a good birthday and are able to enjoy being with people again now that the world is opening up a little more!

jess g


zee t

happy early birthday! except you got a present for me because your movie reviews are my favorite 🙂 thanks for all the hard work you do x


Happy early birthday Ian! Hope you have a great day! Thank you for all of the great chill times. Excited for Fatty Bear!


I’m super excited for these upcoming videos!! And have a very Happy Birthday!!!! Cannot wait for streams again


So excited for the upcoming movie review and brutalfoods, as well as future streams. So much to look forward to!


so proud of you ian! you constantly go above and beyond with everything you create, and it really feels like you care about us as an audience. take some time to yourself for your birthday, we are spoiled enough with these videos 🙂


Ahhhh I cant wait! So much happened and your VODs were a vital companion <3 thanks for the great work, iAN


Keen as always for more moose! You sound really passionate about what’s to come so I am really excited 🙂


My god was that movie a pile of shit. I feel like you really took one for the team especially given its 94 minute run time, I’m sure half of which was just recycled footage. Did you count how many montages there were? I’m guessing there must have been at least a dozen. Great job as always! I don’t know how you find these things but I’m glad you do.


I basically like all the types of vids you do, but yeah you do make a tons of different types of vids. Excited to see more streams soon.

Do you think you’ll open your PO box again? With covid I totally get if you dont. I do have some cool (in my opinion) unopened card packs I wanted to send and some pretty cool VHS tapes. I’ve had them for you since you mentioned wanting to do more card openings on stream so that was forever ago haha, oh well 🙂

Happy B-day!!!

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as much as i adore brutalfoods, i was kinda missing the movie reviews as of late tbh. worth the wait though! i always love your vids

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  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40