Cat Surgery

Meow news, everybody.

So, everything has happened very quickly the past week or so, but my cat MJ is going in for surgery in just a couple of days to remove a bladder stone that the vet said was too large to dissolve. It sounds like it’s supposed to be a pretty straightforward procedure that shouldn’t be risky or anything like that, but that hasn’t stopped me from worrying endlessly about it. I thought that I might want to stream between now and then to get my mind off of it, but I think I’d just end up spending the whole time talking about how stressed I am because it’s kind of consuming my brain at the moment. But I know MJ has a lot of fans, so I wanted to keep you all in the loop! I’ll post another blog once she’s back home safe and sound, and then after that I plan on returning to open those Sonic blindboxes I teased at the end of last stream.

Not much other news to report right now. I am currently working on a vloggy-ish video that I filmed at the zoo a couple(?) of weeks ago, but it’s not really shaping up how I wanted so I’m re-thinking my approach. I also plan on filming a new entry in the Arcade Series this month, but first things first I have to get MJ healthy again.

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Hope MJ’s surgery goes well! I’d be right in the same boat if my cat Slinky had to get any kind of operation. Looking forward to whatever you do next.


I’m sure MJ will be a-ok, but I can definitely understand worrying. I’m always a mess when one of my pets had to go in for anything.


Awww, I’m sorry to hear about MJ needing a surgery. It sounds like the vet has everything under control, but I know as an anxious pet parent, you can’t help but worry! Give her extra snuggles from all of us, and take some time for yourself to process and relax!


Hope MJ feels better soon! Give her extra love when she gets home!


I’m so sorry to hear that. Poor MJ 🙁 Yes your cat’s health comes first. Sending good vibes and well wishes MJ’s way.

jess g

aw feel better soon MJ!!

Eli J Neman

So the next video is gonna be sonic blind boxes…sweet!!! Also I hope MJ gets better.


I hope MJ’s surgery goes well and that she recovers swiftly. I’ve also heard that surgery is pretty straightforward. My cat had kidney crystals when he was younger. Thankfully he didn’t need surgery and he has been healthy with no reoccurrence for 7 years.

laurie damrose

Please give MJ a hug and a kiss from me. I’m sure God will guide the vet’s capable hands and she will be as good as new. So stop stressing and everything will be fine.See yuo soon.

Sean Stevens

Good luck, Man! I’m sure MJ will be fine, but worrying is normal, so don’t sweat it!!


I hope that everything goes smoothly with MJs surgery and that she feels better soon!

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Good luck to MJ!! ❤


Poor lil’ MJ! Let us know how it all works out. Hope to see you both soon again!


Aw, so sorry to hear that… wishing the very best for MJ – and you in the midst of it. Pet health is never a fun thing to have to worry about.


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