MJ Update

Meowdy folks!

I’m happy to report that everything went smoothly and MJ is home safe and sound from her surgery! The vet let us look at the stone that they removed, and geez it was huge! Glad she won’t have to deal with that anymore. She’ll be on a special diet to prevent future ones so hopefully this was a one and done deal. Recovery is 2 weeks, with the worst of it over in a week it looks like.

Thanks for all the supportive messages! MJ is too tired to read them right now but I told her all about them.

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Glad to hear everything went well!

Eli J Neman

Thank goodness, can’t wait to see the sonic blind boxes!!!


Yay! Glad she’s home safe and sound!


Happy to hear everything went well. I wish MJ a speedy recovery!


I’m glad MJ is okay!! Sending internet pets her way!!

Sean Stevens

Good to hear!!! Those can be so painful!


We love you MJ

Samantha Koeberle


So glad to hear she’s okay and healing.

Doryen Chin

Oh thank god. Tell MJ we’re so proud of her and we love her. Also we’re proud of you too, Ian! AND we love you!


YAY! That just made me so happy! <3

Jason (Lavarinth)

MJ!!!! Can’t wait for her to be all recovered up and streaming again! Wait..


Great to hear!


Glad to hear MJ is okay!!


Moose, so glad to hear she is doing well. I have had a lot of cat medical issues experience and it never gets less stressful. Glad it can ease your mind now that she’s home.

Also, skittles is coming out with an all lime pack apparently. So that can maybe be a nice comfort snack while you recover with her.

Best ,


Aw, so glad to hear everything went well! I hope she has a speedy recovery❤️‍🩹


Hooray for MJ


So glad the kitty is well! Hopefully this will help with the worrying of her cat-dad, too.

jess g

YA MADE IT MJ! surgery sucks!


So glad to hear MJ is doing well! I just rewatched the Fling-ama-String video the other day. >^..^


Glad to hear! Cats luckily tend to be simple in that, diet can fix a lot of things. My old boy had urinary problems and once he stayed on the right food, never had problems again. Happy she is okay. I hope she knows how much we love her 🙂


Make sure MJ (and you!) get lots of water, I’ve heard that helps with bladder stones. We fill our every morning before breakfast b/c one of them yells at the water until they get fresh stuff lol


MJ is so cute! I’m glad she’s ok.


glad everything went smoothly. i meant to say this a few days ago but didnt get the chance. my dog went in for surgery last year to remove a couple lumps of cancer and boy was i nervous. she recovered better than i could have imagined and she is doing so well now i dont see her as a old sick dog. she still looks and acts like a well behaved puppy. i hope MJ will always have a fighting spirit to stay healthy and young! such a pretty little thing


So glad MJ is doing ok. She’s the star of the show.

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