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hey guys!

i am so stoked for this month. the past few months i’ve felt a little off creatively, but as i leave july behind me i feel renewed and ready to do cool shit. here is whats on my mind.

  • old video formats: i’ve been stuck in a bit of a food loop lately, and i’m looking to break the streak.
  • streams: i have been wanting to stream more regularly for a while, but video deadlines always de-rail me. not this month.
  • p.o. box 4 fan mail
  • brutalfoods refresh: while taking a food video break, i want to brainstorm some new ideas so i can return with something fun-‘n-different.
  • dance moms: i love this stupid show. i’m on the last season and then i’ll have to find more trash to watch.
  • steam deck: this thing is dope.

okay well i guess i’m out of room to write so i gotta go. why did i start in the middle of the page? dumb.


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Hopefully one of those things is a Mystery Tape, I may have mentioned it before, but I use your Mystery Tapes as inspiration, I try to imagine what kind of cute cartoon animal person would have that mystery tape and use that character to fill out my fictional world. Also I was just wondering if among that big collection of old game CDs you got if one of them was Broderbund’s The Treehouse, apparently there are two versions of this game one for little kids featuring two possums for main characters and the first one that I had aimed at… Read more »

Excited for anything you do moose! Keep on moosin’

The Rehearsal is so great; it’s like the best parts of Nathan For You but even more raw and unhinged, I love it. The second episode with that whole detour to the dates’ house and the fight with the roommate was chef’s kiss perfection, I watched it like three times. I’m excited to see what else is in store. Also looking forward to more streams!

Not looking forward to starting at a new school, but watching your videos makes even the crappiest of the crappiest so much more tolerable. Cool art, BTW!

Dude your kitchen looks different did you move again?

I too, love dance moms.

hey!! very weird question but do you have any raw musicless snippet of the time you say “butt” in the chicken wings video? i think about it more than i’d like to admit lol and i’d love to have just the word by itself for hilarious comedy purposes

You know we’ll watch whatever you make 😀 Have you thought about doing any vids on the shows you like? You might not consider it a match for your audience, but despite not watching the shows myself I do have to sit through things like 90 day fiance with the wife so I can definitely still relate and appreciate that style of thing, and I’m sure a lot of others can too 🙂

love the change of heart card up in the top

I would love to see you explore the idea of going to a local fair or visit Texas for an event.