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wow gerbert is such a pushover

average nerd gerbert easily gives into peer pressure while us strong willed vanilla muchers go against the grain and continue to enjoy our tasty nilla treat

What a lil’ bitch. Vanilla is supreme

Poor Gerbert, I bet she won’t even let him drink Diet Coke and yurt it up unless that was her favorite too.

Let gerbert like vanilla like the plain, good little christian chicken nugget he is!

When is the PO Box gonna happen?

I eat wimps like Gerbert for breakfast.

Gerbert is my favorite nugget

My favorite ice cream is good to eat; vanilla ice cream can’t be beat!

“And I took that personally”

Stick to your guns, Gerbert! Vanilla is a legit flavor

Wow she sounds like a bitch. I hope Ian tears into her flawed character

i feel so bad towards gerbert :((

To be fair, chocolate is 10x better than vanilla.



I hope you stream Betrayal At Club Low soon. I don’t play those games but I love watching you stream Cosmo D’s games.

That’s great to hear! I loved watching your play through of Tales of off peak city, it had so much character and charm! Your voice overs made it even better! Sadly I don’t have a pc so I can’t play it myself so you’ve been my go to guy for that and the coin game. I also don’t have a twitch so apologies I can’t give you anymore support than a hearty best wishes!


Hyped to see the video. might watch some older ones to get my body ready for Christ /s

im excited for the gerb release

Yessss can’t wait