The RSS Feed is back!

When I first made this website (in January 2020), I was running away from social media and wanted this to be a place where I could post without sending out notifications to anybody, so I disabled the RSS feed.

Well, I’m currently trying to un-hide myself after my long hibernation, and in the spirit of letting people actually follow what I’m doing I’ve re-enabled the RSS Feed! So if you’re a grandpa or grandma who still uses RSS technology, you can now follow my site for new post notifications! Isn’t that neat?

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Thanks! I’m one of the mid-20ies grandpas that still use RSS!

SO neat. I am also a hermit who shies away from the dreaded SOCIAL MEDIA so I like old-fashioned notifs.

I’m proud of you for coming out of hibernation! Maybe I’ll do that someday too