website refresh! new videos loom! a third thing!

meowdy everybody! it’s been a little while but i’m here with an update post.

website refresh

i have returned to work on my website once more. inspired by my playing through of Hypnospace Outlaw with brutalbf (we’re really enjoying the game), as well as my recent friend Bryce’s new website, i have started to refresh the visuals and features of my website. please excuse any broken website things as i change it up.

is my site missing anything that you’d like to see? let me know!

new videos loom

a new Mystery Tapes will release this week! most likely tomorrow, but there’s an outside chance that it’ll be tuesday. it’s been a while since last i uploaded which is unfortunate, but i think this is a solid entry in the series. although it’s not filmed on VHS this time, unfortunately. i’m hoping it won’t be a huge deal to people, but if it takes away from the show significantly i’ll try to go back to filming on tape. i’ve been trying some different video production strategies lately, and tape-filming wasn’t really realistic this time around.

along with this new Mystery Tapes entry I’ve also got a new brutalmalls video in the editing stage, and a collab movie review with Yungtown set to be filmed tomorrow. it feels good to be spinning multiple plates at once! this way if i’m not really feeling a video for whatever reason, i can take a break to work on something else. hopefully this means videos more frequently for you, the viewer.

a third thing

i’m really trying to get my Twitch stream rolling lately! definitely not streaming as much as in my peak just yet, but we’ve got fanmail rolling again, and i’ve done some classic streams like Coin Game, chillTruck, and chillScape recently. i’ve also done some VHS watching streams, which have been lots of fun. be sure to drop by if you like chill streams! would love to see you there.

bye bye

that’s all for now! i hope you enjoy the new Mystery Tapes video. i’ll try to start posting here a bit more often.


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Great update! Looking forward to the multiple new videos, each one sounds super exciting! I personally don’t mind if the videos continue to be filmed in VHS quality exclusively; I think it’s a fun experiment to have seen what it looks like, but I admit my eyes enjoy the normal/higher resolution better.


all exciting news!! can’t wait for the new mystery tapes, I’ve been re-watching the past ones in preparation

did i just leave a comment hell yes i did

everythings looking real spiffy mooseman!


The website update looks so good!!! I really love the space theme!! Honestly, the fact that you have a personal website was one of the inspirations for me to actually finally put effort into the one I have 😛

I can’t wait to see the new Mystery Tapes! ^_^ That’s always been my favorite series!! (Also Hypnospace Outlaw is great, and I’m glad that you’re enjoying it :D)


A Mystery Tape, Movie review collab, and a mall video coming! Thats all of my favorite stuff. Any news on doing a movie collab with chadtronic again?

Teenage Mutant VHS

Just saw the Mystery Tapes and it was great to finally have some kid shows, I remember my parents recording the Rankin Bass Rudolph and Frusty specials and when we lost that tape renting Rudolph from Blockbuster didn’t feel the same without the Holiday 7-Up commercials

These are some excellent 1s and 0s


Really dig the website update, man I yearn for this era of internet.

Wiggity Wizard

World Wide Web 4 life!


website looks amazing, moose! using your website as inspiration while working on coding my own 🙂


tbh…i was a little disappointed when i noticed you didn’t use the vhs camera for mystery tapes this time around. but if it gets in the way of production i guess i won’t miss it that much.

A commenter

This website look straight out of the 90s. Damn. Good stuff


Love the new work you’ve done on the website!! Maybe a music player would be a good addition?


I love your website <3

Hopkins von Sagittarius

Have you personally considered making a forum and a YouTube-esque video sharing platform, much less a “video laboratory,” to upload all of ur videos and new ones that can’t go on other social media or YouTube due to guidelines, or maybe even videos that get taken down get reuploaded on here? Just saying.

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  1. the study song // brutalmoose ft. EXOBASE 2:38
  2. YES // brutalmoose 2:19
  3. song for electric keyboard // brutalmoose 2:17
  4. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40
  5. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  6. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. buried in the backyard // EXOBASE 2:05
  9. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  10. distress signal // EXOBASE 3:51
  11. gone // brutalmoose 2:41