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Anonymous wrote on November 22, 2020:
I've decided to leave everything behind and move across the country. I don't want anyone to know and try to stop me, I've just decided that my life has no meaning and this is the only way to fix anything. I wanted to let you know that your videos have always been one of the few things that brought a smile to my face, and I'll continue to watch them for as long as I can. Thanks for all the laughs, Ian. Goop goop.
Travis wrote on November 22, 2020:
i have a question: Is episode still on the streaming table? just wondering since it was my favorite series of streams. love your videos.
Admin Reply by: ian
Absolutely! I know it's been ages, but I'd definitely be up for another at some point. Just have to get in the Episode mood.

Thanks Travis!
V wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hey Ian just wanted to say that I love your content and always look forward to watching it!
Richard A. wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hi Ian,

best of luck with all the videos, game design and all other amazing stuff that you do. Keep it up. If you need an idea for a Christmas vid. I would stoked for some more movie reviews.

Keep safe and have a wonderful holiday,
GerbertLover69 wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hello Ian, I have enjoyed you videos for quiet some time; I know you said you didn't think frozen food videos were the future of youtube. I have to respectfully disagree, with videos laden with comedy like yours, just about any format or topic can work.

Thanks for the laughs, GerbertLover69
John jay rambo wrote on November 21, 2020:
Love your brutalfoods videos! My favorite stuff to watch when I feel like cooking lol
ethel galvez wrote on November 21, 2020:
hi ian! hope you are doing good and everyone else
Christian wrote on November 21, 2020:
Hi Ian! And everyone! Just wanted to pop in and say that I love this community, and for the chill and inviting place you all have made it. I love just hanging out, even if I don't always actively engage with streams and VODs and stuff. Just wanna say thanks!
catalystl wrote on November 20, 2020:
I've been watching your channel since 2016. Your videos have made me laugh a lot over the years. Your Gamebox 1.0 and Tasty Texas Treats videos are my favorites.
Admin Reply by: ian
Gamebox 1.0 is one of my favorites, too!
JakesterBOI2020 wrote on November 20, 2020:
Hi Ian, love your vids! my favourites tho have got to be brutalfoods, easily! i think i discovered your channel beause of brutalfoods. question: if you were to play some popular games on your channel, what would you play out of these 3? 1. minecraft, 2. roblox, or 3. Five Nights At Freddys?
Admin Reply by: ian
Thanks, Jakester!
I've actually already streamed Minecraft and Roblox before, if that counts? I'm not really a Five Nights fan, but Minecraft is tons of fun and Roblox is also pretty silly and fun to play. I think if I were to a video out of any of the three, I'd probably lean towards Roblox.
Jonathan wrote on November 20, 2020:
You know, this Guestbook looks like a good resting place
Arikel wrote on November 20, 2020:
Hey Ian! Nice to see you working on the site n' all. I've been a fan of yours since the Isle of the Dead. Which is, in fact, quite a long time. Can't wait for that extremely long video you've been teasing for some time now. No pressure, of course. Can't be good if you're stressing about it, take your time.

Have a good one, and stay safe. Who else is going to feed my brutalvod addiction?
Daniel wrote on November 20, 2020:
having a great birthday today. thought to check brutalmoose.com and noticed a new guestbook. just wanted to post an entry to say i thoroughly enjoy everything you've put out. you're doing amazing work and deserve loads more recognition. keep up the great work! i know you will.
NewtrlThoughts wrote on November 20, 2020:
Oh my, I am sooo hungry for candy right now...fortunately there is no good/sugary stuff here, so I'm munching on 80%/99% dark choclate. You have to try it!
Admin Reply by: ian
I'm pretty well acquainted with dark chocolate these days actually! I used to not be so much of a fan, but now I'm into it. Yum!
Sheldon wrote on November 20, 2020:
Brutalmoose is one of my favorite YouTube channels to watch. Thanks Ian. I love revisiting some of my favorite childhood games and watching some frozen food reviews. Again, thanks Ian for the comfortable place to rest my brain and ears.
Matt E. wrote on November 20, 2020:
Hey Ian! I hope all is well! I just want to thank you for the effort and time you put into your content. It's become a wonderful part of my day to day. It makes a genuine difference in my life as I can always count on it to cheer me up! I don't know if you do it all alone but if you do, man that must be a lot of work! The quality certainly shows! Anyways, thanks again! Cool site
Travis Neo wrote on November 19, 2020:
This guy changed my life. Thank you for the content it is : Superb.
Sara wrote on November 19, 2020:
You sure it was an accident?
sarah wrote on November 19, 2020:
hello (: thought i would check out the guest book.. i really enjoy this site. it has a vibe. been watching your videos i want to say since 2013? my friends and i always look forward to new videos from you. just wanted to say thanks. hope all is well.
Layton Davis wrote on November 19, 2020:
Hello! This is really neat.

I have 2 questions: You can answer whichever one you want.

Firstly: Is Televoid over? I know you must be tired of being asked about it, but it's probably my favorite thing you've ever done. The ending of the 6th episode could be an ending, but it is very open-ended.

2nd, What's your favorite Tally Hall song? Thank you!
Admin Reply by: ian
Man, tough questions, Layton! Tally Hall is one of those bands that just has too many great songs for me to pick one, they're just so good! I do really like the song Light And Night, though, I'll single that one out if for no other than that it's not on Spotify.