Novemberween Project Updates

Hey there! I vanished for a couple of weeks, so it seems like now would be a good time to post another little update on what I’ve been up to.

So initially I came into the month thinking I would be streaming a lot, but that hasn’t happened yet. Kind of a combination of two factors, really. Firstly, I really started avoiding the internet when the election got closer, and it’s kind of kept me from wanting to stream very much. I don’t like talking politics, so I’ve just been waiting for things to cool off a little bit so I don’t have to worry as much about stumbling into an unwanted discussion. But I’m getting eager to play some more Illbleed, so I’m hoping to stream again some time soon.

The second reason is more fun, though, I’ve honestly had a hard time focusing on other projects the past couple of weeks because I’ve been having a great time learning Blender and Unity. I’ve been waking up and immediately thinking about learning how to make games, it’s just been consuming my focus in a really exciting way. In the past couple of weeks I’ve learned how to texture things with nodes in Blender, how to bake those textures and get the models into Unity, how to rig characters for animation, and just last night I started learning how to do interactions in Unity. I made a door that opens and closes when you click on it! Very basic gameplay, I know, but a huge achievement for me personally haha. I’m not sure when I’ll be up for sharing specifically what I’m working on, just because of how basic everything is right now and how I know my plans will likely change as I learn, but I really hope some day I could release something playable. Realistically that’s a ways away, but still. Fun to think about.

Video-wise, I just started production on a new brutalfoods! It will be a food video like none other, hopefully. It’s not a frozen meal review or anything like that, it’s more like a… something else. You know? It’s more of a something else. After such a long break from food videos it’s actually really nice to feel interested in making them again. I think I ended up burning out on the Big Video, which made my other formats seem more appealing. I’m looking forward to re-engaging with the Big Video, I’m hoping to take another crack at it with fresh eyes in January. Maybe a little sooner if it calls to me.

That’s about it, I think! That’s my exciting life. Avoiding the internet a little bit lately and kind of enjoying it. Learning game development in the meantime. Expect a food video this month, and I’ll also be back on stream to play more Illbleed too, I’m eager to find out what the next episode will be!

On a more casual note, how have you guys been? I just now (like literally just now) started watching Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. No idea what to expect, really, but I like chess. So far… well, there’s not much chess. I also just broke out my PSP Go the other day, I’ve been playing Madden on it. Because I’m cool. (The chess has shown up in Queen’s Gambit, by the way.)

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I’m happy that you’re having fun learning new cool things. I tried Blender forever ago and was too intimated by it, so you’re braver than me haha! I can’t blame you about delaying streams because of the election. We were all on edge. I’m glad you’re making brutalfoods cause you actually want to. Sometimes a little time away is a good refresher. I’m also trying to be more productive in making new, fun projects for myself. Overall I’m doing alright 🙂 Thanks for the update Ian!


Hey Ian, so glad to read this post. I was legitimately getting worried about you! Relieved to learn that you’re laying low for good reasons. I taught myself blender a couple years ago and found it to be a very satisfying experience. I can’t wait to see what you’re making! Here’s to new skills and unplugging from unnecessary stressors.


i’m interested to see how your game project turns out ! i would never have the patience to make games but the idea has always intrigued me. is there a certain type of game you’re learning to make? or is that a secret (o:


It’s always great when you enjoy what you make! Definitely can’t wait to catch another one of your streams.

nn rodroid

After learning modeling and rigging, next is introducing FMV, right? Right?


Excited to see the new vid and cool 3d stuff if you share any :o)
I thought Queen’s Gambit was alright, the sets and design were my favorite parts. Hallmark movies have been my jam lately.
Cheers and thanks for the update!

Austin. A

Hey IAN I just want to say that I love you, and think you have come so far and done such great things. my first vid I watched was LEGO CITY and I’ve been subbed ever since! my 2020 has really sucked but you and your awesome streams and vids helped me get through it.

Stay Amazing.


Glad you’re still doing well and enjoying what you’re doing. Having a project you’re excited to wake up and work on is so satisfying.

I’m up in Canada so it’s been slightly less stressful for me, but still enough American friends and being close to the border to make me worried for you guys.

Otherwise I’m doing pretty okay. Working on improving and reminding myself that progress isn’t always linear.


Congrats on making a working door! That’s awesome! Your excitement is always so contagious and puts a big ole smile on my face. 🙂

My newest endeavor (other than watching you play Shenmue) is cross-stitching. I found a meetup I can attend virtually with some chill and supportive people, and so far it’s going really well.

Thanks for the update, and hope to see you soon!


I’m working on a gradient mountain/sunset scene, which means my goal is to fill up the entire circle with stitches… so it’s gonna take awhile. But I’m really enjoying it, and it’s a great activity to keep me occupied when there’s nowhere to go!


Great to hear that you’re doing well Ian. Congrats on getting through both node shaders and rigging. Those can melt your brain on a bad day. I’ve been doing random projects in Blender and Unity for a while too but I’ve definitely only scratched the surface

This is the last semester of my computer science degree though and I hope that I’ll have more energy for creative stuff after I survive December. I’ve been in “school mode” so long I’m not sure what I’m going to do every day once it’s over haha.

Stay cool!


Would you recommend learning Unity? I’m really interested in dabbling with game design, but with 0 startup knowledge, I wasn’t sure if Unity would be the best place to get started. Do you have to know 3D software to work with it?
Also, big mood on skipping election talk. I hope you’re staying and feeling well!


Here’s a site that has some suggestions on getting into making games. Hope it helps!

Dead Thing

It’s good to hear that you’ve been doing well!! I’m excited for more content, but also can relate to needing to take a bit of a step back with everything. I guess I’m a newish fan, so hi there!! 🙂

Sean Stevens

Bro! Madden on PSP Go is amazing! I thought no one else appreciated that series of systems enough, so i love seeing it receive love!!!

Sean Stevens

I know BrutalBoyfriend played Persona 5, and Persona 3 has a PSP remake that is pretty good if you’re into that. Gitaroo Man is a strange rhythym game with a lot of cult following. With your tastes, it might be up your alley, tbh. It’s pretty tough, though, lol.


Hi Ian! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, creatively and otherwise! I look forward to your next stream, whenever that happens to be; the Illbleed VODS have been a great stress reliever. I saw a preview for Queens Gambit and have considered watching it, but haven’t gotten to it yet. I just watched Rivers Edge with Keanu Reeves and Crispin Glover, which was a bonkers wild ride that I found very entertaining. Anyways, glad you’re well! Baked potato!


I’m happy to hear you’ve been enjoying yourself! 3D game stuff sounds super fun, but challenging, lol. I’m still figuring how to make a minecraft mod and even then I have to take big breaks… I’ve also gotten into a game called Genshin Impact, it’s pretty fun. I stumbled across this anime boy with long white hair called Razor, I think you’d like him lmao. Good luck this month! 💚


Glad to hear you’re doing well! I’ve been continuing my weight loss journey, lol. Since April I’ve lost 61 pounds, and I plan on keeping it going! I haven’t been watching much, just started Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and been having a lot of fun there! Can’t wait for the Illbleed stream!


It took me until I was nearly 30, but I finally found a use for being hard-headed, lol. Thanks for the kind words!


Always wonderful to get updates from you! You’re one of my favorite creators, and I’m always excited to see what you end up making! Been wanting to watch your streams of Illbleed, since I’ve known about it since I was in like middle school, but that game gives me such viscerally strong, uncanny-valley feelings that I get too scared to even watch gameplay of it! Finals are rolling up personally, which in art school terms just means a LOT of non-stop work and requirement to be on your A-game, but putting your stuff on in the background is always a… Read more »

Jason / Lavarinth

Yo, yo, yo, big B, keep up that self-motivation. I know it’s a rough go to get it kickstarted but you seem to be rolling through it like
Sisyphus’ boulder in hell. (I’ve been playing too much Hades.) Rock on, bud, always happy to wait on your literal art, as a fellow media creationist (but mine is more corporate, boo). That’s how the Adobe Max suggestion came up a while ago during a stream. (Some good Premiere stuff in there, too! But my love for After Effects won me over in the end.)


Good to see a that everything is good Ian. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can’t wait to see whats next in Illbleed. Oh yeah and “I’m RAAANDY FAIRBANKS”


I’m so excited that you’re having a good time with new stuff! It makes a big difference when a creator is really invested in what they’re doing, and honestly, I’m always excited for whatever you create. I watch your stuff for the you, not for a specific video topic, so you do you, man!


Great Post Ian! You talking about Blender and Unity is inspiring me to get back to work on my own Unity project. Happy to see you are just chasing the fun instead of forcing yourself to finish projects. Looking forward to your next video/stream/whatever!


Hey Moose, got a little worried about you, haven’t seen much, so glad I found this website! It was refreshing to hear what you’ve been up to. Glad to hear you have been enjoying yourself on blender, look forward to whatever you have in the works, because I know its going to be awesome! Hope you’re having fun and taking care of yourself!

Julia B

Miss you but I’m happy you’re getting into game development, it’s super fun! Um you actually kinddd of are the one who got me into game development when I started making a Televoid 7 fan game.

Speaking of……..when I’m done would you like to see it? Like idk if you’ll see this ever but I’m throwing it out there cause i think it’s pretty neat and i’ve worked hard on it haha. Thanks!

Julia B


Hey Ian! Glad to hear you are still doing things. Good job on learning Unity and Blender! I downloaded Blender, and intend to learn how to use it, but have never been a huge fan of online video courses for programs like that. Happy to hear you’re enjoying it! And i’m very excited to learn that a new brutalfoods is coming! It’s been interesting to see your style change as you’ve become more laid-back. Love your videos Ian, keep providing us viewers with those laughs!

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Hi Ian! Glad youre doin alright, and thats SO exciting to hear about you learning gamedev!! I’m a gamedev also (3d artist/generalist!!) so if you need any pointers or would even like to collaborate sometime that would be so cool. :o) I’ve actually been watching your minecraft vods while doing some 3D art myself, its been really relaxing to focus on while I mindlessly push verts haha. I hope you have a nice thanksgiving and enjoy some yummy foods!! Give MJ a pat on the butt for me.


Future projects are super exciting – what sort of styles of games have you been considering working on or look most appealing to you? Definitely taking breaks from big projects is good too, give yourself some space to take time for yourself and decompress from everything!! World’s stressful as hell rn so don’t push yourself too hard ^^ I’m doing well, just plugging away at my PhD and slowly collecting old railroad VHS tapes to do retrospective vids on once I get on break in December. I was actually wondering – what’s your workflow for digitizing VHS tapes, both ones… Read more »


I’m just watching your I Spy stream from a month ago and just found out about your site. I love it!

I hope you’re doing well Ian. You are always my go to tuber for my morning coffee or a relaxing moment in the evening. Everything you do is so chill.

Is it weird that I’m more hyped for your Big Video than I am for Cyberpunk 2077 or the PS5?

  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
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  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
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  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40