Early October Project Updates / Stream Schedule

Hey guys!

So, I haven’t uploaded a video in months now and I’m officially freaking out about it. I’ve put so much effort into the Big Video these past few months, and it’s still nowhere near being done. Honestly that’s tough for me, it’s hard to put so much work into something that’s still incomplete and under wraps.

So I’m taking a little break from that and I’ve turned my attention to smaller (or, regular-sized, I guess) video projects for the time being. I plan to tackle the remaining chunks of Big Video in between my more regular formats, but I can’t really justify spending another solid month in a row working on it because I’m still not 100% sure that’s enough time to get it done.

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a regular video, which has been really refreshing. It’s nice to be able to say to yourself “yeah, I can get this done before I die” and actually believe it. I’ll have 2 videos out this month, though I’d love to get 3 out if I can really hit my stride.

The bad news is that while I’m very motivated to work on videos right now, that means my streaming schedule is feeling like a burden to me as it interrupts my video work flow. If you haven’t caught on by now, this is a constant tug of war that I go through: videos vs streaming (vs music vs drawing vs 3d modeling…). Can’t be passionate about everything all at once, unfortunately, there’s just not enough time.

I’m still streaming this mont though! Streaming is not the burden, it’s just having to do it at a specific time. So, for the month of October – no set streaming schedule. I’m still planning on streaming spooky games this month! I just don’t know when it will be.

I’ll do my best to keep you guys updated through the announcement ticker on my homepage, my Discord, and sometimes on Twitter. I’m using Twitter for some updates again, as long as I don’t scroll.

Anyway I hope this all made some sense! I’m really frustrated with myself for having to bail on the stream schedule this month, but I suppose the whole reason I’m doing the month-by-month thing is because I know how fluid my focus can be. It’s never in the same place for long.

In conclusion, I’ll phrase all of this in a more positive light to make myself feel better about it: October is going to be filled with new videos and new streams! Just not sure when all of that is going to happen. Think of it like a spooky surprise.

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is there a place to find a link to the discord? i didn’t know you had one O:


ah, i understand. thanks!


IAN! It’s so good to hear from you and know you’re doing alright; thanks for the update. It sounds like you’re in a really good flow for those smaller videos, so stick with it! The Big Video will be really cool, and we all will wait patiently for its arrival. It’s an ambitious project and your first time tackling something of that size, so it’s expected that it will take awhile to get it done.

Be sure to give yourself credit for everything you’ve learned and accomplished with it so far! And keep finding that positive spin! You’ve got this!


As long as you’re doing alright mentally, physically and emotionally. It’s great to know that you’re pulling through so far!


I really like checking your website to see what’s up with you, and excited for the streams, and videos. Don’t beat yourself up too much!

Sean Stevens

Bro, i cannot wait for any video you put out. As long as you’re enjoying, we will, too.


Thanks for the update Ian! I know what you mean about juggling many different passions at once. There really isn’t enough time to do it all, but you’re making it work for yourself and giving us updates here really helps 🙂 Can’t wait for the next video and Twitch stream!

MJ (Human)

“That was a very helpful statement to make, ian” In all seriousness, I wish for you nothing but the best. I know I don’t speak for everybody, but I always find a lot of joy in your videos. I discovered your stuff in college, and really I was hooked from your Yu-Gi-Oh unboxing vids. Now I think I’ve seen them all about six times (thanks lockdown). I can’t wait to see all the great stuff you’re brewing up. Please don’t burn yourself out. Peace and love 🙂


Hello Ian pls shout me out in the next video



As someone who tried to break into the world of art, animation, writing, music, streaming, podcasting, game development, and 3D modeling all at once and ultimately gave up on trying to succeed in any of those, stuck with my job at the local H-E-B and moved into a dingy old house with my gay best friend and the occasional stray dog, I can understand how the jack-of-all-trades lifestyle can get ya down, lol. Seeing you do any ol thing gives me hope that maybe I can pick up one of those passion projects again some day. I also want the… Read more »


Oop, been meaning to subscribe for a long while anyways, haha. Thanks for the heads up!

Scuzzy Beta

Just came home and saw the Hungry man video upload, what a perfect way to cap off a really good day. Im really excited for the big video™️ but definitely don’t wear yourself out on it! We are patient children 😌


Which handheld camera were you using for the product shots in the newest Hungry-Man 2 video?
Glad to see you’re back and hope you’re doing well.

Sarah Jay

No need to worry, we all need a change of pace/project sometimes, otherwise you’ll burnout! I’m super excited for your new videos, and I hope you’re doing well!


How’s it going Ian (long time listener first time caller). Its crazy to me that I’ve been watching your content for nearly 8 years now and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you do. You have not only given me content to laugh and enjoy but you have actually made a positive impact on my life. After watching brutal foods episodes, I started cooking for myself, idk what it was about your videos but it made cooking look fun and accessible, and I’m so glad because its showed me how enjoyable cooking can be.… Read more »


Hey Ian, hope you have a great October. I definitely understand how you feel about splitting your time up between different things but I’ll keep up with your content no matter how long it takes. Right now I’m watching your Ispy spooky mansion and heard you talk about kinda rare or lost media when you brought up buying the king of the hill DVDs. That brought back a memory of a TV show I watched growing up and its very fitting for October and I wanted to see if you had heard of it. It’s called Bone Chillers and it… Read more »


Glad you are doing well ian! Best wishes for your motivation and well-being this month and for Big Video. Stay cool 🙂


hi ian! i hope you get to read this, i was so excited when i saw a new upload from you i was hootin and hollerin through the house, it was an absolute delight and made me laugh a LOT. im terrible at keeping up with twitch streams but i adore watching the vods, i was so happy seeing you get to do a full play of secret agent barbie it was so nostalgic for me it was one of my favorite games as a kid and seeing one of my favorite streamers play it was amazing to see and… Read more »


Happy Spooktober!! Really loved the new hungry man video!! Super jazzed to see what else you’ve got stewing for this month. Best of luck and don’t worry about streaming less!

Michael & Emma

Hello Ian!
Just wanted to say thank you for all your content! We have been looking through all your videos on YouTube. Really love what you do, the mystery tapes, TV-dinner reviews and Ian cooking is hilarious, and the road trip videos and footage filmed from around USA and in thrift stores, and also the hunt for Cosmic Crisp was really interesting to see for someone not living in the US.

Thank you, best regards, Michael and Emma from Sweden


Ian, I was so happy to see your new video! Glad you’re doing well. I hope you can find time to enjoy all your interests! You should join Cameo! I would definitely buy a video for my bf! We are both huge fans.

Cameron M Potash

Yo! In the Pike Place video you walked past GameWorks. Is that the same one from back in 2002? Haven’t lived in Seattle in about 20 years, but my little mind was always blown away every time we went there.


Hey, where is your old brutalmoose moose icon that you used on moose2 for the longest. I need it to draw some fanarts.
(P.S. Sorry I don’t want to add in my real name)


Great to hear you’re working on stuff! Just remember, you don’t owe us anything. We love your content, but if you need a break, take it! Just work when you want to work, not because you have a deadline. Take breaks, don’t overwork yourself, and just stay happy! Can’t wait to see what comes.

worried citizen

hey, the /science link is down 🙁 now how am I going to know which sound i’m hearing is the scariest???

  1. the study song // brutalmoose ft. EXOBASE 2:38
  2. YES // brutalmoose 2:19
  3. song for electric keyboard // brutalmoose 2:17
  4. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40
  5. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  6. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. buried in the backyard // EXOBASE 2:05
  9. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  10. distress signal // EXOBASE 3:51
  11. gone // brutalmoose 2:41