Is anyone else playing chess? My friend from back home recently started challenging me to online chess matches and now I’m pretty hooked. My record against him is 2-18, so I’ve been trying to improve my game because I refused to be humiliated like this forever. I’ve been sucked into the blossoming chess scene on YouTube, watching match breakdowns and strategy videos. I bought a chess book. TWO chess books. One is way too hard for me, the other is basically just a chess puzzle book. I like that one. I already saw Queen’s Gambit so I didn’t watch that, but needless to say I have been really into chess. I’ve been obchessed.

If you play on you should challenge me. (Actually now that I’m looking at it I have no idea how to challenge someone. Hopefully that’s something you can do? I think it is? If you know let me know. If you have to add me as a friend to challenge me that’s cool too!) I like playing the 1 day correspondence games. The shorter timed matches seem super intimidating, I need time to think! I am currently rated 1399 in Daily but I have a hard time imagining that’s very accurate. I’ve only played 6 games and a couple of those have been won by time out.

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I used to play with a friend in high school during study hall about a year or two ago. Don’t think I ever won a game haha. I’m just a bit too impatient so I always end up making dumb decisions. Chess definitely seems to have had a revival of some sort on the internet these days


My grandpa taught me chess when I was 4, to have somebody to play with (I guess grandma wasn’t too keen on chess herself). I quickly caught on, and started to follow chess games in the paper, one move at a time. Sadly my interest faded some 15 years ago. Super happy that you are enjoying it, though! One of the world’s ancient but still popular games. Do you think you’ll do a video on chess games in the future, or maybe board games in a broader sense? There is no shortage of board game videogames out there 🙂 Your… Read more »


Hi! I really enjoy chess as well. Not great at it, but haven’t played super often. I will have to make an account and challenge you sometime. I will see you on the board of the interwebs!


Oh man, I love a good game of chess. I used to play a lot with my friend but it’s been a long while. I’ve been playing some easy matches against the computer lately but I’m super out of practice and not very good. Would love to play a match against you sometime!


Love the bio


Hello! I’ve sent you a friend request since my rank is apparently too low to challenge you. Feel free to challenge me, though. I was president of my school’s chess club, but I haven’t played in three years or so.

jess g

I used to be in the chess club in elementary school, but I honestly was never very good. I was obsessed with playing this chess game on my old PC though, I think it was called Combat Chess? I was too nervous playing against other people but playing against a computer was fun haha.


I think you undersold your chess ability! Good game, I’m looking forward to playing with you more. And man, I can see this becoming my main distraction at work. Something about the back and forth of Chess is addicting. Thanks for playing!


I have been playing a friend of mine once a weekend since last March. When we started playing, we were fairly even. I used to play in my high school chess club, so I had more experience. Now, he pretty much always beats me. I started learning an opening for white and black, and trying to push myself to get better. It is really fun! In addition to, take a look at It has a bunch of tutorials that walk you through various tactics. I use the app on my phone to play puzzles. I think puzzles… Read more »


At least turn on chat for chess! Was fun playing against you and I’d like it more with some back and forth, or at least some reasoning on my sudden loss.

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This seems like classic Ian passion-chasing. Which is good! It’s great to get totally into something you’re interested in like this. I’m trying to picture what a BrutalChess video would be like…


I love chess.


If you have not seen this yet I would highly recommend Fredrik Knudsen’s down the rabbit hole on Deep Blue chess computer.
Hell I would recommend all his videos but this is his latest and is quite the fascinating watch!

  1. cheesy // brutalmoose 2:17
  2. gone // brutalmoose 2:41
  3. buried in the backyard // 3X0BAS3 2:05
  4. Late Night Thoughts // Yungtown feat. J Gill 6:01
  5. door // brutalmoose 3:46
  6. distress signal // 3X0BAS3 3:51
  7. Jimmy Bully Hopkins // Yungtown 1:17
  8. goodnight forever // brutalmoose 2:40