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Ohio Yum Yum wrote on November 25, 2020:
Hi Ian!
I really enjoy all of your content! From Brutalfoods, Televoid!, all the way to the Arcade series.
I have a few questions though. Will we ever get more installments of Brutalmews? I really enjoyed the laid back videos of you hanging out with MJ, it felt so relatable to a cat owner, like myself. And, I hate to ask, but where do you find all of these strange VHSes (is that right?)? I’m not talking about the “sold-as-blanks” moreso things like Invisible Dad and Dream Bunny.
Thank you so much, and every time a new video comes out, it instantly lifts my day! 🙂
worm wrote on November 25, 2020:
Hey Ian I really love you videos! I hope you're having a good day 🙂
Thom(as) wrote on November 25, 2020:
Hello Ian! Just wanted to say I love what you've done with this website. Having it bookmarked and checking in every so often (vs. checking social media constantly) is very nostalgic, and it brings me joy every time. Keep doing what you do!
Parker wrote on November 24, 2020:
Stopping by to find me some ChillTruck 🙂
John wrote on November 24, 2020:
Hi moose! Been loving your stuff lately, from brutalfoods to old streams. After checking out a Hweel stream I downloaded the 2003 Wheel of Fortune game and have been playing it with my wife. We both love it and love yelling at Vanna.

Also been watching some NEXT on PlutoTV's MTV Dating channel. If you love MTV 90s trashy dating programs I highly recommend it.

Thanks for all the good times!
Nick wrote on November 24, 2020:
Hey Ian, hope you’re well and all your endeavours are going smoothly. Looking forward to whatever you do next! Your creativity and humour never fail to put a smile on my face. Make sure to look after yourself!
noah wrote on November 24, 2020:
hi ian! i've watched for who knows how long, and i've loved your videos, but i've really loved all of the brutalfoods videos. thank you always lifting me up with your videos, keep goin :).
Patrick wrote on November 23, 2020:
Wow check it out, I signed the guestbook. They said it was impossible, but I showed 'em alright!!
Oxton and Gabs wrote on November 23, 2020:
We're two friends who actually bonded over a mutual interest in your videos! We've watched every new release (and stream) together since, probably for about three years at this point. Love your channel and hope you keep having fun making videos 😀
Sean wrote on November 23, 2020:
Moose! My 6 year old and I love your food videos, and love making all the recipes you showcase. Thank you for bringing Texas Yum Yum into our lives, and hope the Big Video continues to bring you creative joy.
kyle wrote on November 23, 2020:
my favorite channel on YouTube since the lego island days! televoid is one of the most innovative pieces of web media I’ve ever seen btw
emma:) wrote on November 23, 2020:
this is so cool!!! hi ian i like your website
Lolo.mp3 wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hey there Ian, I've been watching your content on and off since the early game reviews, I've watched and rewatched your Brutalfoods and Mystery tapes videos countless times (so rewatchable!) , but just now got into the streams.

I've been watching the VoDs while I draw and I specially like when you play I Spy. That being said watching your vibe and content change throughout the years has been enjoyable and has teached me that things change, but you can always make it better with a good and positive outlook.

I hope I hop in to one of the future streams while it's live and hang out. Also love your art and can't wait for "the big video"!
orbital wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hey Ian! Been watching some VODs and was reminded that at once time you had an interest in streaming hypnospace outlaw!

I picked it up for the switch recently and it REALLY strikes me as exactly the kind of game I'd love to watch you play, so I hope you get the chance to check it out.

Hope you're well, and staying safe!
Anonymous wrote on November 22, 2020:
I've decided to leave everything behind and move across the country. I don't want anyone to know and try to stop me, I've just decided that my life has no meaning and this is the only way to fix anything. I wanted to let you know that your videos have always been one of the few things that brought a smile to my face, and I'll continue to watch them for as long as I can. Thanks for all the laughs, Ian. Goop goop.
Travis wrote on November 22, 2020:
i have a question: Is episode still on the streaming table? just wondering since it was my favorite series of streams. love your videos.
Admin Reply by: ian
Absolutely! I know it's been ages, but I'd definitely be up for another at some point. Just have to get in the Episode mood.

Thanks Travis!
V wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hey Ian just wanted to say that I love your content and always look forward to watching it!
Richard A. wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hi Ian,

best of luck with all the videos, game design and all other amazing stuff that you do. Keep it up. If you need an idea for a Christmas vid. I would stoked for some more movie reviews.

Keep safe and have a wonderful holiday,
GerbertLover69 wrote on November 22, 2020:
Hello Ian, I have enjoyed you videos for quiet some time; I know you said you didn't think frozen food videos were the future of youtube. I have to respectfully disagree, with videos laden with comedy like yours, just about any format or topic can work.

Thanks for the laughs, GerbertLover69
John jay rambo wrote on November 21, 2020:
Love your brutalfoods videos! My favorite stuff to watch when I feel like cooking lol